After the surgery to repair Shawn's trachea worked, he stayed in the hospital for another two weeks. They wanted him to regain some of his strength before they let him go. When he was released he was, badly scared, walking with the aide of crutches and he had a pacemaker. But he was alive and every one was so excited to see him finally leave the hospital.

Henry was prepared to house his son for the foreseeable future. The Doctor gave Henry a portable defibulater to have at the house, just in case his heart ever stopped again.

Shawn was so excited to be out of the hospital and living again. He tried to bounce around like he did before his attack, but he soon realized that even if he was out of the hospital he still had a long road of healing.

Three months later, Shawn had strengthened his legs enough to only need a cane to walk with, and his stamina improved. He could go for three or four hours now without having to stop and rest.

One Day at breakfast Henry asked Shawn what he wanted to do today. Shawn looked at his Dad and said, "I think I am ready to visit the station."

Henry looked at Shawn horrified, "I am sorry son, but you are not, I repeat NOT ready to work a case yet."

Shawn chuckled, "Chill your Jets Big D, I know I am not ready to work yet but I really miss my friends, I would like to go and visit." Henry looked at his son not really believing that was all he wanted, but agreed to take him after breakfast.

Henry and Shawn went out of the house and headed for the truck. Shawn's cane slipped on the gravel and that made Shawn slip and fall face first on the ground.

His Dad, in a panic, rushed to his side and helped him to his feet. The color went out of Henry's face when he saw that Shawn had busted his lip and his lip was pouring blood. Henry handed him his cane and put his arm around him and ushered him right back inside.

The station visit did not happen for another week. The day they set out for the station happened to be the 6-month anniversary of his capture. That wasn't a memory that should be celebrated but him being alive 6 months later was most definitely a reason to celebrate.

Shawn stood at the doors of the SBPD and his Dad noticed that he was actually worried about going in. His Dad patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go on Son, it is time." Shawn looked at his Dad and smiled and took a deep breath before he busted into the station loudly announcing his triumphant arrival back!

Shawn was greeted with everyone grouped together as he walked in. They station was decorated with dozens of pineapple balloons and a table full of everything pineppley. Over the table had a hung a huge sign that said,


Shawn just stood there smiling and then looked at his Dad, "You knew about this didn't you?" His Dad smiled, "Guilty as Charged."

The Fake Psychic loved all the well wishes and hugs he got from his coworkers. Chief went to the middle of the crowed and got everyone's attention, "Shawn, I want to welcome you back to the SBPD, I know you aren't here to work and that is okay, whenever you are, I will have plenty of work for you to do. Until then I hope you will come by and 'bug' us. We have missed your smiling face. I think I speak for us all when I say, I am so glad you are alive. We love you Shawn."

It was another 6 months before Shawn felt ready to go on the field again to work a case. He took things very slow. But eventually the only evidence that he was ever attacked and injured were the scars that dotted his body.

It took over a year but eventually Shawn Spencer was back as Santa Barbara Police Departments Head Psychic. Everyone, even Lassiter was happy to have Shawn, the crazy, pain in the ass, psychic back.

The end

Thank you again for sticking with me through whump and heavy emotions. You guys are amazing.