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He crawled, a sadistic grin embedded on his face...he was hurting; but it felt so good; blood dripped down onto the cold rugged ground. A shore, he could tell...he was on a shore; the cold waves of water dashed against his feet. His appearance was ragged and his right hand was drenched in the blood of his enemy.

Danzo...greet my brother in the next world.

But Danzo had struck the final blow. The reverse tetragram seal...it had caught him in the blast sending him to oblivion along with the eyes of his brother, hidden in his cloak. His blade lay across him, sheathed; his ninja tools to his side; his hair was mangled and his blood mixed with the cold waves of water that hit his body. The last chidori had suck up the last of his chakra, his gaze slowly turned upwards...a tower. Of magnificent sight; stood before him, surrounded by the ocean on all sides. With one last glance to the black tower that stood before him; his eyelids closed and his face buried itself into the sand; exhausted and without chakra.

"Huh? hey! look over here! looks' like we got a strangler!"

Footsteps hit the sand, their prints firmly sealed on the shore; three to four men; dressed in a purple guard uniform; a hood over their head. They kicked his body, one nudged it with his foot...the other poked the back side of his spear onto his body, questioning his companions.

"Is he alive?"

"Doesn't matter...in this place; all of them are dead anyway"

"You got that right..."

"Looks like he was packing some weapons.."

"Confiscate everything and keep them in the cell block door...pick him up; we can use another extra slave...Lord Zeref's awakening can be sped up with even one of them..."

They picked up the fallen individual and dragged him across the shore and into the tower. his eyes were heavy, and he could not open them; the sound of a creaking rusted door tore through the tower and then his body was tossed inside the chamber.

"You sure it's alright?"

"Keeping him in here with that girl?"

"Heh...they're both bleeding aren't they?...I'd say they belong together, just look at that..."

"Your right, both their eyes are bleeding...heh, whatever let's get back there; I want to check out the blade"

And they left. Two individuals lay in the chamber; one a sixteen year old boy; another a eleven year old child. Scarlet hair adorned the girl and black raven hair adorned the boy's. Their blood flowed down onto the cold floor below them; mixing into one...it flowed out of the chamber and into a crevice, a small opening outside their chamber. Out of the two; the girl panted hard in weariness and pain. Her small short breaths hit the face of the avenger. He could feel it and his eyelids slowly opened. Blurriness...as it cleared; the sight before him was not one could stomach but had seen worse.

What is this?...is this...her blood?

Without warning, he dragged his right arm to the girl's face and brushed her red hair aside, her blood attached itself to his hand, as if flowing onto it...his mind screamed in anger and then his arm twitched as the girl regained consciousness her lone eye's gaze fell onto him. His gaze fell and he drew short breaths. She smiled and his breath hitched.

"C-can you...help...m-me, nii-san...my e-eye; it h-hurts..."

His heart bled...

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