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Chapter 3: Start


The ground beneath Sasuke shook violently, nearly costing him his footing; he was weary, running low on both stamina and chakra. Step by step, he walked forward; his blade drawn out cautiously. His musings went back to the violent tremors that plagued the tower he was present in. What was causing it?...or rather, from his experiences...he wondered who exactly was causing it.

His eyes widened, an opening...he thought, finally he had found out what exactly was happening below him. He stopped, his back bent ever so slightly and the light from below shone onto his face, cries...screams and curses. It was all that he could hear. And slowly he tried focusing his vision onto the scene below him.

A rebellion?...he questioned himself in surprise, from his view point; all he could see was an ocean of blood. Bodies lay scattered on the ground beneath him, dust and ash mixed and carelessly levitated in the air. He stepped aside with haste, a guard had moved to strike him down from his blind side...tripping him, Sasuke got a hold of the man's collar and hung him precariously over the edge. The fall was deep and the guard screamed, crying out to the avenger.

"N-No...please! please! I'm s-sorry! we crossed y-you before! please forgive me! I don't want to die!"

"Where is the door that leads to the outside?" Sasuke questioned, anger evident in his voice.

"It's down there! where t-the slaves are f-fighting! it's over there!" he pointed out, Sasuke followed his gaze and looked to see a large dungeon door blocking present on the wall adjacent to him.

Finally...he mused, his gaze returned to the guard who pleaded and begged for Sasuke to release him. "Pl-please! I pro-promise! I w-won't get in your way!" he shouted.

With his strength, Sasuke threw the mage backwards to the dust laden floor beneath him; he watched as the guard rolled over from the force of the throw and hit the wall, he staggered and let out a groan of pain. Sparing him a glance, Sasuke's gaze then slowly rested on the door that awaited him. And yet again, much to his displeasure, the guard that Sasuke had spared...moved to attack him once more; Sasuke dodged and with a swipe of his leg tripped the guard, sending him falling to his demise with an agonised cry.


His gaze slowly went back and rested on the gate before him. He knew there was no other way, and so slowly finding his footing...he jumped down onto the cragged patches of rock. Jumping from crack to crack, he slowly made his way to the ground where the rebellion took place.

He stopped and watched as the prisoners retreated from their battle, they were losing...it wasn't surprising. But what caught his attention however was...Erza? she stood on the battlefield, a small quantity of prisoners stood behind her. He watched as a young boy a little taller than her, stood conversing with her on the...battlefield, no less. It was careless and in a moment, Sasuke's thoughts were confirmed true.

A colossal blast of energy sent the young boy flying away from Erza, dust and smoke embedded onto the field below Sasuke and momentarily...he was blinded and was unable to see the chaos that ensued below. His eyes frantically searched the field for any sign of the defiant little girl. The dust cleared and Erza knelt down on the ground, an expression of shock and surprise...she was blank.

She's going to die...a voice played at the back of his head, his eyes widened ever so slightly; he knew the voice. It was haunting. It repeated itself again..They're going to die...it slowly drove him to an edge and he shuddered. Of all the times...why now? he hesitated, and his mind set itself ablaze from the voice that constantly repeated itself in the back of his head. He gritted his teeth, in irritation.

You're dead!...he exclaimed, desperation and anger etched into his own thoughts The voice ignored his own thoughts and it played once more. A sudden mist of darkness covered him and infront of him, crows...black ravens called out to him; his eyes widened ever so slightly.

Am I Sasuke?

Get out!...his expression scurried from fear into rage. You're dead! so stay dead!

An illusion of his elder brother stood before him, dawned in his akatsuki robe. Sasuke watched as his beloved brother's lips twirled into a fine line, and slowly disappeared from his view but not without a final warning, More than enough blood has been shead, don't...become me.

"I'm nothing like you!"

He shouted, and in an instant...electricity crackled in his right arm; he clenched and released it sending a thin line of blue electricity to the illusion of his brother, it flowed down, through the hallucination...without stopping and much to Sasuke's surprise. It hit the wall from where the blasts had originated and expanded, the prisoners watched in awe as the wall adjacent to them sparkled with blue electricity and then it slowly faded.


He coughed up blood, and his knees hit the crevice on which he stood upon; panting...slowly, his head raised itself up and his eyes widened ever so slightly at the sound of a scream, a pink circle of light emerged from the battlefield and in it's centre...stood Erza. The avenger's eyes widened ever so slightly as her scream tore through the very confines of the tower, next to her lay a body of an old man...he wasn't moving and Sasuke knew that he was the trigger but to his shock, he had not seen such power before. Weapons scattered on the battlefield all levitated in the air and slowly lined up behind and above Erza.

What kind...of jutsu?...this power...Sasuke's thoughts ran rampart, and he stood in amazement as the weapons, swords, axes, spears and a myriad of different weapons all moved forward, with force and speed, impaling all who stood in oppositon to her. Dust and ash melded together once more and in it's centre, once again stood Erza.

Much to Sasuke's surprise, the door that lead to his exit was now destroyed as well. His gaze rested on the small defiant girl who stood in the centre of all the chaos and his mind drew out questions which he knew to which he would never receive answers.

What is...she?..He rested on the crevice for a moment and watched as the fight began again, he wasn't needed nor did he want to indulge himself in the carnage. He had enough...all he needed now was to escape and then...

Konoha...the village, everything will end by...my hand. His gaze remained on Erza as she lead the charge against the remainder of the guards, he knew at this moment, that the prisoners would win their freedom. Sparing her one last glance, he utilised the small amount of chakra that he had and shunshined to the exit of the tower. Battle cries rang through out the tower and Sasuke shut it all out from his mind.

With a slash, Erza cut down a guard that stood in her way; she however, made sure that she had not killed the guard, but as she had struck down the guard; a fleeting image was caught in her sight; her eyes widened ever so slightly as Sasuke appeared before the exit of the tower...panting and bleeding.

"Nii-san!" she called out.

Swiftly, she moved to reach the avenger; however...one more guard appeared before her aiming to strike her down. Blocking the strike with her own sword, she glanced and called out to him once more. It worked...and Sasuke's gaze slowly fell on her. He stopped, but Erza's concentration on him had cost her. "D-die! you w-worm!" The guard pushed her back and moved to strike her down. Feeling fear overwhelm her, she brought up her right hand and braced herself for the strike. But it never came; what came...however was:


Erza's eyes slowly opened to see blood dripping down from the chest of the guard infront of her, she lay motionless and paralysed. The guard's chest began bleeding furiously and the cause?..

"W-why...d-did yo-u?!" Erza began, slow pained murmurs ran from her mouth.

Sasuke didn't answer rather with a swift motion; he pulled out his arm from the body of the guard, his right arm slowly crackled with electricity from his chidori, and it faded. His gaze followed the cold dead body of the guard as it hit the ground. Erza's eyes slowly locked with the coal black eyes of her supposed savior; they remained silent and all that Erza could see in the avenger's eyes was...emptiness.

"Hmph..." with a grunt, Sasuke turned around and began walking towards the exit of the tower.

"W-wait!" she called out.


Erza, now momentarily distracted turned to find another boy running up to her; her gaze faltered and in the next instant, she turned to look to Sasuke once more, her eyes widened however to see no trace of the avenger.

"W-where did he go!?"

Outside the tower, Sasuke collapsed onto the sandy beach that circled itself around the base of the tower. Blood flowed down from his mouth and onto the sand below him, he raised his head up slowly to the vast expanse of water that separated him from the mainland. Gritting his teeth, he grew irritated. Where e-exactly am I?...he mused and picked himself up. Limping and with the small amount of chakra that he had left, he began scouring for an easier way to travel.

A picture of a boat came to his mind, and slowly he scoured the island with his limited vision; searching for any kind of transportation. He didn't find one and so with the only option he had. His gaze settled onto the vast waterbody infront of him. Grunting, he began walking on the water by sending his chakra to the soles of his feet.

He half expected Tobi to appear next to him through his ninjutsu and transport him to somewhere else. He let out a small smirk, the very thought was absurd, he didn't need help...he didn't want help. The thought of his former comrade came back to him. Karin...he had sacrificed her to reach his goal. He had no regrets. Such a useless tool...he mused.

That's what shinobi are...just tools.

His eyes widened ever so slightly, and the sound of ravens littered his auditory senses. He slowlt gritted his teeth in anger once more. What do you...want from me!? you're not Itachi! he's dead! so just stay away!"

My foolish little brother...what could I possibly want from you? I'm not Itachi...true, just an image conjured up from your fleeting emotions. The voice spoke out once more driving Sasuke to an edge of anger and rage.

"I don't want any part of you! just stay away!" Sasuke shouted, and in an instant; he blinked in surprise to find nothing but the large expanse of water infront of him. Shaking his head, he looked back to the tower of heaven once more; sparing it a glance...he walked forward to the mainland that awaited him. He noted himself to reach land as soon as possible; slowly from limping, he began a fast paced walk.

Seven minutes and he had reached his supposed destination. Without another word or another thought, he collapsed onto the sandy beach beneath him.

Tower of heaven.

"Jellal! just like you said! we all stood up and fight!"

Erza's cry of happiness echoed throughout the walls of the prison that confinedher beloved friend, kneeling down; she slowly helped the boy up, blood marred his whole body and flowed down like river onto the jagged cracks of rock beneath him. Erza, however...continued her statements with happiness.

"Simon is hurt badly and Rob ojii-san protected me! many others sacrificed themselves..." she continued and then with a shout of joy, she proclaimed "But we won! we're all free!"...Erza's gaze mirrored her joy and she watched as Jellal slowly got up, using her as a support.

"Come on, let's go...let's leave!"

"Er...za" he whispered. A moment of silence erupted between them, and Erza felt a sense of dread cover her.

"We don't need to run... any more, true...freedom is right here" a devilish smirk embedded itself on his face much to Erza's surprise. "I've finally realized that we don't...need fleeting freedom"..

"Jellal?" Erza whispered, a question...yet filled with dread.

He turned around an grinned at her "True freedom lies in Zeref's world!" he walked away from her to a guard who desperately crawled away from the two of them, Erza stood confused and dazed; unable to comprehend what exactly her friend spoke about.

"I...I don't understand.." she whispered.

Jellal ignored her, rather looked to the guard who crawled away from his feet "This tower..." he said, slowly placing his right foot on the head of the guard below "Is mine...I will be the one to complete the R system." and with force, he pushed his foot onto the head of the guard, Erza's eyes widened and immedeatly her mind went back to Sasuke, when he had saved her by using his chidori.

"Y-you...you're j-just like hi-" she did not finish her statement,

"Erza..." he began, a sickening grin crawling onto his face "Let's finish the R syste-"

"Stop speaking such nonsense!" she protested in anger "We're leaving this island!". Jellal's eyes widened and then slowly narrowed at the statement that arose from her mouth. Wihtout another word, Jellal raised his right arm towards her and with a blast of magic sent her sprawling away through a door. She landed down in the middle of a small mining area, with a grunt of pain; she looked up to see Jellal looking down upon her "Fine..."

"If you want to leave so badly, then go...by yourself.." he stated.

"By..." Erza whispered, and her body shook with fear "myself?"

"The others all belong to me, I need sufficient manpower to complete the tower of heaven..." slowly, step by step; he walked down to meet Erza, "I don't need you anymore, so leave..."

"Jellal...please, don't do thi-urrgh!"

With a flick of his wrist, Jellal's magic came into play; two arms caught ahold of Erza's neck and began choking her. Jellal however let out a chuckle and then tilted his head to the right "I think you understand that what happened here...is not to be spoken off to anyone, if the government catches a hold of this..the rare oppurtunity will be ruined and we can't have that...can we?...if by some means, we are found out...then I will have to destroy the evidence; destroying the tower and everyone in it...also I forbid you from coming to this place, If I see you here...I will start killing them immedeatly...and I'll start with Shou and the others."

"Jell-llal?..." she gasped out, slowly tears formed in her lone eye and flowed down her face.

"That's the price of your precious 'freedom'...go and live while carrying the lives of your friend's on your back!" and with the last of his screams. Erza's lone eye closed.

The next time it opened however was to the sound of the crackling of branches and a voice she all knew too well.

"You're awake huh?"

Her lone eye widened immedaeatly and she awoke to find herself covered by a black cloaks with red clouds. The light of the fire infront of her burned with intensity and her gaze fell onto a figure who sat to her side, his back lay against the trunk of a tree. His left leg was stretched out and his right leg was folded. One of his arms rested on top of his folded right leg.


Sasuke didn't look at her, rather her gaze lay on the fire that burned infront of them. "I'm not...your brother." he stated, his coal black eyes holding nothing but emptiness. She flinched as his gaze slowly fell upon her. Silence protruded between them and Erza's gaze slowly fell down to the ground unable to reply to his claim.

"You don't know how to swim..." he stated, he had originally intended it to be a question, but it turned out to be an accusation. Erza fidgeted under his cold gaze and then she lifted her lone eye towards him.

"I...no, I didn't..." she murmurmed.

"Where are the others?" he questioned, curiosity etched into his cold voice.

She blinked in surprise, and turned over to look at him "I...they're-" she hesitated, Sasuke could hear that, but the question was why? they sat in silence, it was a long way to dawn, Sasuke knew that. Erza's mind however flashed with the words that Jellal had beaten into her.

With a flick of his wrist, Jellal's magic came into play; two arms caught ahold of Erza's neck and began choking her. Jellal however let out a chuckle and then tilted his head to the right "I think you understand that what happened here...is not to be spoken off to anyone, if the government catches a hold of this..the rare oppurtunity will be ruined and we can't have that...can we?...if by some means, we are found out...then I will have to destroy the evidence; destroying the tower and everyone in it...also I forbid you from coming to this place, If I see you here...I will start killing them immedeatly...and I'll start with Shou and the others."

Her lone eye squeezed shut in pain at the recollection of the memory, Sasuke's gaze stayed on her, the silence was drowning at least to Erza. he waited a few moments for an answer before he decided to leave the matter entirely.

"T-they...d-didn't want to leave...they said that since they took control of the tower; t-they wanted to stay there..." she murmurmed, hoping the avenger would buy her explanation.

He didn't.

"I'm tired of lies..." he murmured Erza's lone eye widened as she looked into the avenger's coal black eyes, his tone dropped to frustration as he looked back to her "Why are you lying? tell me the truth..." he questioned. His tone forceful and that of anger.

"I-I'm...not!" she protested, at that moment; she could see anger lighting up in Sasuke's eyes, Calm down...she's just a child. His anger slowly subsided and he let out an audible sigh. Without another word, he looked back to the fire that burned infront of them. Another tense moment of silence passed by before Erza looked to him once again.

"Nii-san..."she whispered "how did you...find me? I-"

"Go to sleep" he commanded and Erza's line of questioning was cut. Her lone eye however gazed upon him and saw blood flowing down from his side, his face was marred with dry blood which he had not washed off.

"Your...y-your hurt!" she cried.

Sasuke blinked, and his gaze settled on her once more and Erza's lone eye widened ever so slightly as his eyes turned from coal black to blood red and with another word from his mouth, he ushered her a command.


Erza didn't know what came over but in the next moment, she felt drowsy and without a single word; she fell onto the ground beneath her. Sasuke slowly touched the black cloak that covered her body and made sure it covered her whole body up to her neck. With another glance, he turned his gaze back onto the fire before him. Thoughts of confusion and anger flowing through his head about where exactly he was and the power that the little girl he had saved possessed.

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