Lost in Time

Chapter One – Letters

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(Deliver on July 25, 1997 to Weasley Family, The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England)

September 1, 1832


Okay, so I know this is going to sound extremely strange but hear me out. I was hanging out on the dock by the pond on your yesterday (don't worry, that will make sense later) minding my own business and reading a book I found stashed away in the library at Number 12. As you know, I've been trying to learn Latin and that's what this book was written in, however, I'm not very good yet so I was reading it out loud to myself. I realize now just how completely and utterly STUPID that was.

The passage I was reading was talking about the relativity of time and I got to a part that, had I been paying attention, I would have noticed was a spell and I wouldn't have said it but, as I stated above, I was stupid. Idiotic in fact. Next thing I knew, I was soaking wet and trying to swim in my clothes (which is extremely difficult, I might add) and the dock was GONE! I had been dumped in the pond! But the pond wasn't the pond, it was the Black Lake! At HOGWARTS!

I climbed out (cursing Latin) and tried to figure out what the hell had happened. Long story short, three hours later I was in the headmaster's office, not Dumbledore's office, the headmaster's office. Headmaster PICKLESTON'S office (funny name right? I think it must be a requirement for the position).

Yes, that's right, I'm currently enjoying life in the past, it's great. NOT! I arrived on the 31st of August, 1832 (I don't know what happened to the days between July 24 and Aug 31 but that's the least of my worries) and as far as I can tell, everyone here is a chauvinistic bastard. I'm seriously considering dressing up as a guy if the next place I land is anything like this one. Thank Merlin that it's not permanent. As soon as I realized I was in the past (and had finished answering a bunch a pointless, rude and patronizing questions asked by the lovely Headmaster Pickleston), I translated the rest of the book.

Turns out, some history buff wanted to travel in time to view all his favorite historic events and write about them. Unfortunately, he couldn't figure out a way to time his "jumps" and ended up bouncing around in time like a yo yo, in a completely random non-pattern. According to the book, you end up jumping anywhere in time, back or forward from wherever you last landed, the only constraint is that you can't go any further forward than your age would be when you got there had you been counting from your personal date of birth. So if I came back and was twenty years old, I couldn't be any later than July 24, 2001. So I guess that's a relief. I hope that made sense, if not, it doesn't really matter, I'm still stuck in the past.

However, I could be jumping around in time for the rest of my life. The good thing is that there isn't a maximum amount of time you can stay in one time. So say I really liked the 1500s (unlikely), I could live out my life there. One of many bad things: I can't 'jump' more than once a year so it will probably take me an extremely long time to get back. Or maybe not. I have absolutely no idea. It really is completely random.

Anyway, I'm really just writing to say that I'm fine (for the time being) and I'll be home when I can. If I manage to land near to your time but not quite I might just decide to stick around until I have already left...if that makes sense. My point is, I will probably be much older when you next see me. Or maybe you'll see me tomorrow...whatever.

I had to take my OWLS again because I don't have my results with me and I can't exactly use them seeing as their from the 20th century. I've enrolled in Hogwarts for my sixth year and will attend for the year of 1832-1833 before high-tailing it out of here. It should be interesting to say the least.

One last thing, the book came with me so there's no chance of having someone else get stuck floating around in time, and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing because admit it, it was stupid, reckless and dangerous. In fact, I think I'm going to burn this asap.

All my love,

Ginny (aka Ginevra Williams because it doesn't seem smart to use my real name)

September 17, 1365

People in their normal time,

I hope you found this letter okay, I'm quite proud of myself for thinking of this actually. I wrote it, waterproofed it, wrapped it in cloth, sealed it in the stone, and then buried it where I knew the back yard of the Burrow will be in a couple hundred years time. Anyway, if you found it, which you must have it you're reading this letter, you will have noticed the impressive explosion followed by a high-pitched siren, I thought it would sufficiently attract your attention. (You can thank the twins for teaching me that charm by the way, blame them if you lose your hearing.)

I made it out of the 1830s alive, I left as soon as my year was up because I really didn't want to stick around any longer than absolutely necessary.

While I was there people seemed to think I needed a husband. It took some convincing (four months of it) but I finally got the guys to leave me alone. In the end, I just castrated (sorry boys) this one guy who would not take no for an answer. Ever. For anything. After that no one bothered me, something about the danger factor being too high. I did get to see the Muggle government pass the Slavery Abolition Act which was nice...now, if only they could get a move on women's rights...

This time, I am making good on my threat to leave my femininity behind. I landed in 1365 (August 14th, to be precise, I missed my birthday in transit so I guess I'm sixteen now...happy birthday to me) anyway, unmarried women over the age of fifteen are considered uncouth and will be married off to the first guy who asks.

Apparently the current headmaster has the right to offer any unwed orphan girls (of which I am...basically), "for the good of the school". Hence, the creation of Gerard Wicart, a young peasant boy with a fiery disposition and an independent streak a mile wide. I do bemoan the loss of my hair, but that is what magic is for. That, and shrinking certain parts of my anatomy (but they won't go away entirely so I still have to be careful).

Oh yeah, I found out that the time spell doesn't dump you where you started, it's completely random as well. This time I landed in a tree, not very comfortable. I just hope I don't end up somewhere embarrassing or dangerous or gross or whatever.

I'm going into my seventh year here and hope that I can understand the material alright because it is so far out of my own time. Also, I found a spell in the book that allows me to speak, hear, and write in the local dialect so I shouldn't have too much of a miscommunication problem. Maybe. I hope. I don't know. Oh this is going to fun (note the sarcasm).

Now male,

Ginny (aka Gerard Wicart)

August 15, 1366

Everyone who is their proper gender (as far as I know),

I've decided to add another letter to the rock which I've set to explode. Since I'm still in the 1360s I figure I might as well use the same delivery system. From now on, I'm going to try to space the letters out so that you get one every few days, don't bother trying to figure out where I put them, it will be different every time (except this once). Enough of that, on with the letter!

Life here is going a lot better than I expected, then again, after last time I didn't exactly have very high expectations. Fitting in with the guys is actually pretty easy (thank you, oh brothers of mine), it's fending off the girls that's getting difficult. Apparently girls in this time like a "delicate man" and have decided that Gerard would make a fantastic husband...I tend to disagree. I am continually being ribbed by the guys who think that I should pick a pretty one and bed her asap, for fairly obvious reasons that idea disturbs me greatly. (Not that I have a problem with a girl who wouldn't mind that, it's just not for me.)

Even though the Muggle world has started to move towards guns as weapons, the boys in the wizarding world still learn to fight the traditional way. Officially, we learn the sword and longbow, but a few of the guys (cough*Thoma*cough) who took me under their wing also taught me hand-to-hand and how to properly participate in a pub brawl. If anyone wants lessons when I get back, I'll be happy to give them. If you mess with me though...I'll throw you into a wall, no joke.

For example, we went to The Pub a few nights back (it doesn't have a name, it's just "The Pub") and someone insulted someone else's mother and then all hell broke loose. I have a massive bruise on my arm and some cracked knuckles but I'm pretty sure I crushed two noses, broke a couple arms and knocked a few guys out, so I'm not too bothered. It was BRILLIANT!

Okay, wow, I just read that last bit over again, I think I've been spending too much time with the guys... But whatever, it was fun. Well, the brawl was fun, the hangover not so much. Still, I think it was worth it and my roommates agree.

In other news (but keeping with the pub theme) I have found that I am magnificently good at poker. I was roped into a game a few months ago and I started with five sickles and ended with seven galleons. In case you were wondering, that is a LOT of money here. I have won a total of fifty-three galleons and lost six. I know Mum is probably upset that her baby girl is gambling but remember, I'm not a girl right now! Also, I always quit while I'm ahead, I don't see the point of pushing your luck, that's just stupid and I filled my stupid quota when I read that spell aloud.

I will be leaving this time soon and I hope to get to sometime that is a bit more civilized than the 1300s, I may be having fun but I do miss hot showers and proper toilets...and toothbrushes. I really miss toothbrushes. Tooth freshening charms are all well and good (even though they haven't been invented yet) but I want a real scrub with a real brush and real paste (conjured toothpaste is disgusting).

Anyway, aside from a few bruises from brawls, cuts from sword fighting (because I'm still learning I'm not as good as the others yet and they never let me forget it), and a pretty serious concussion (all I will say is that it involved a teacup, rope, a pigeon and pudding), I'm still in perfect health. In fact, I'm extremely fit, I guess that's what I get for being a guy. Depending on when I end up this time, I may or may not go back to being a girl, I want to, but if it's anything like it is here or the 1830s, I'm avoiding femininity like the plague.

Oh yeah, my eighteenth birthday (which was last weekend...relatively speaking) was celebrated by taking a trip into London with the guys, they certainly know how to party in this time...well, the boys do. The girls that were there (and I'm still not sure where they came from or how they got there) all ended up in a different room doing Merlin knows what, whatever it was, it was quite and sounded boring. The rest of us had a grand old time and I only remember half of it! (Sorry, Mum...)

Moving on tomorrow,

Ginny (aka Gerard Wicart)

P.S. Mum, Dad, you'll be proud to hear that I now have five 'O' NEWTS and four 'E' ones. My Os are Defense, Dueling, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes and Potions. The Es are Charms, Arithmancy, Astronomy and Swordplay. Heh, I think I did better than all my fellow brothers! Mind you, these are from 1366...I'm not sure if they count in the future.

June 11, 910

All you back home,

My wish for civilization has been denied. I've been in my new time for a week and so far...well, suffice it to say, the years are measured in triple digits. I landed in 910. Can't I go forward for once? I mean really, would that be too much to ask? Also, because I'm changing DAYS as well as years, I'm starting to get confused...especially about my age, this time it's especially weird. So, to help me straighten my thoughts out, and help you keep up to date (pun intended), I'm writing it out here.

My birthday is August 11, 1981

left 1997 on July 24 (age 15)

arrived 1832 on August 31 (age 16 - managed to skip my birthday)

left 1833 on August 31 (now 17)

arrived 1365 on August 14 (still 17)

left 1366 on August 16 (now 18 - amazing birthday celebration)

arrived 910 on JUNE 2 (...um? Almost 19?)

It's extremely confusing.

Anyway, enough about my messed up age and timeline. I'm in 910 now and I've decided to stay as a guy, I don't want to get married to some thousand year old idiot and I have a feeling that's what would end up happening. After snooping around (Thoma from 1382/83 taught me some very interesting things), I decided to have the name Gavin Wynne. Gavin is a common first name and Wynne sounds realistic enough but I'm almost positive that it's not used by anyone right now.

When I arrived, I really didn't know where to start since I'd finished school, so I just decided to head to Hogsmeade. Imagine my surprise when I find that Hogwarts is very small and under construction! Maybe I should have paid attention in History of Magic...

I went up to the castle (which doesn't look much like a castle right now) a few days ago and found out that the school offers internships (something between regular school and an apprenticeship) for anyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty who can impress two professors (you can be asked back for an apprenticeship at twenty). Those two will then teach the student in a few different areas, you also have to help them out with their classes. Since I really don't have anything ELSE I can do while I'm in this time, I decided to try to get an internship...I know, me, willingly doing more school. But really, what am I supposed to do while I'm stuck in the tenth century for at least a year?

Speaking of not paying attention in History of Magic, I nearly had a heart attack when I went to apply for an internship, the FOUNDERS are teaching here! And Gryffindor isn't the headmaster, I always thought he was. Again, I need to pay attention in that class or possibly read Hermione's favorite book. The headmaster is a crotchety old man who frowns a lot and is a bit of a sexist (he makes two exceptions: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff) so I'm glad that I decided to stay as a guy.

The tests for my internship were interesting, I didn't get to pick who I wanted to teach me or what I wanted to study, it was more like an all-purpose tryout. There weren't many written tests (just Arithmany and Runes), everything else was practical (you can't do History as an internship) and all the professors watched. When I was done, they just sent me out of the room and told me to come back the next day. I was really worried that I wouldn't get in and I would have to figure something else out for my time here, even though I thought I did really well.

When I arrived the next morning, I walked in on a massive argument. Ravenclaw (who teaches advanced arithmancy and runes), Gryffindor (dueling and advanced defense/attack), Slytherin (advanced potions and swordplay), and Fairbairn (advanced transfiguration) were having a massive argument and the headmaster, Hufflepuff and a couple other professors were unsuccessfully trying to mediate. As soon as they noticed I was standing there, they all went silent and stared, it felt like they were dissecting me.

Turns out, Fairbairn wanted me because I was "a prodigy, that boy is a natural at transfiguration." Gryffindor argued that he'd "never seen young man wield a wand with such accuracy." Ravenclaw insisted that I was "perfectly suited for the intricate art of warding." (That's a combination of runes and arithmancy.) And Slytherin said "that lad has more potential with the sword than anyone I've ever met and has the hands of a potions master, a rarer combination has not been seen in year." They were arguing about ME! The founders of Hogwarts (and another professor) all wanted me to intern with them!

After four hours of negotiations they agreed to share me; I would spend Monday with Fairbairn, Tuesday with Ravenclaw, Wednesday with Gryffindor, and Thursday and Friday with Slytherin. The others were extremely pissed that Slytherin got two days but he argued that he was teaching me the sword AND potions her was therefore entitled to the extra time. I'd like to point out that Gavin (me) had absolutely no say in any of this.

I'm stoked that I get to learn from three of the four founders but until now, the most subjects an intern has studied is THREE, I have FIVE! This year will either be heaven or hell, I don't think there's anything in between. Anyway, I have three more months of freedom before I start my internships. Wish me luck (not that you can because by the time you read this it will all be over...I think...now I'm confused again).

Hoping you're all well,

Ginny (aka Gavin Wynne)

P.S. I don't know how I managed it, but everyone, including the founders, still think I'm a guy...they're either oblivious or I'm just that good.

P.P.S. Did you like how this one arrived? I thought an explosion in the middle of Diagon Alley would be interesting! (Sorry if you got in trouble for that...)

P.P.P.S Money is worth SO much here that I am basically a millionaire, a nice change.

December 15, 910

Those who still have control over their lives (and even those who don't),

First, I feel like the walking dead. The professors are under the impression that I can devote all my time and energy to each and every one of them. Surprisingly, Slytherin is the nicest, at least during my swordsmanship lessons. I think it might have something to do with the fact that he said I had "potential" and started slow before picking up the pace, he's even making me use my left hand as well so that he can teach me the double swords later. What I learned in 1365/66 was nothing compared to this, I am a new definition of toned...it's actually kinda impressive.

Everyone is a bit confused about how I keep getting better, stronger, and am filling out a bit (all muscle, thank you very much), but am not getting super buff. I do have enough muscle to be able to wear sleeveless tunics though, my arms aren't so decidedly feminine and skinny anymore. My charm to flatten my chest is working well, but it's not perfect so I still have to keep my shirt on...not that I'd take it off anyway. Anyway, I looked at myself (my real self) in the mirror the other day and I have to say, I look good. Not too muscled but obviously extremely strong (which I am!).

My skill with the sword has progressed to the point where I can best most of the other students and even some of Slytherin's other interns (there's six, all guys - we've had some brilliant times together). I'm looking forward to next week, Slytherin's oldest intern, Raghnall (he's going to become his apprentice next year, we're sure of it), is going to teach me, and a guy only one year older than me, how to throw knives. In return, I'm teaching them a few tricks I know from when I learned to brawl in 1365/66. It's going to be great!

During our potions lessons Slytherin is patient and explains everything, but that is probably because with some of the stuff we're working on all it takes is one mistake and we all go 'boom' (along with a good portion of the dungeons). Still, even though he's nice I think my hands are about to go on strike; not only do I abuse them during swordplay but then I require them to perform the small, precise, repetitive movements used in potions, I'm pretty sure I'm getting tendentious. Oh yeah, and then there's the multiple times a day that Slytherin grabs them; he's either correcting my grip (sword, knife and stirring rod) or stopping me from adding an ingredient. But I think it's worth it.

Gryffindor on the other hand, he seems bound and determined to run me into the ground. By the end of every Wednesday I am completely and utterly exhausted, my magic is drained and I feel like someone has run over me with a train. Still, I am learning tons, all about dueling and defense and attack. There are something like 12 different types of duel; personal honor duels, family honor duels, sport duels (three kinds), proxy duels and I can't remember the others right now. Also, defense and attack are different from dueling, they're basically any type of magical fighting that isn't officially sanctioned.

When we found a boggart, I found that mine has changed...it's now an hourglass that has a hole in the bottom and has run out. It wasn't very scary and mostly just confused me, no one else understood but then, they don't know that I'm a time bouncer (cause I think this is a bit beyond just traveling). Anyway, I just changed it into a bouncy ball.

My first official magical duel was with Simeon (he's a great guy), Gryffindor's only other intern, last week. I barely won and you know what my reward was? I had to teach the first and second years for a week, not what I consider a reward. I found myself empathizing with Snape (NEVER a good thing), some of those kids really are dunderheads. I can see how the professors like having interns and apprentices, we aren't idiots (most of the time).

Moving on. I'm convinced that warding, for which I have to first master both arithmancy and runes, is impossible. Ravenclaw assures me that I will get it eventually but in the meantime, she just shoves information at me in quantities that even Hermione would be hard pressed to keep up with. Sure, it's interesting, fascinating even, but there's just SO MUCH of it! I find it extremely frustrating that Bethia and Maeve (Ravenclaw's other interns) aren't having much difficulty. Mind you, they are a year ahead of me...

It doesn't help that Bethia has made it her mission in life to marry me. Stop laughing, people, it's really not funny. Most of the other interns and apprentices (and even some students) are betrothed and will marry when they finish their education, the fact that I'm not engaged and that I'm "oh so very handsome" and "the smartest man around", seem to make me an extremely eligible bachelor and on the menu. I'M NOT! And they are very persistent. I've enlisted my fellow Slytherin interns to help me escape and hide me. They think it's hilarious. I disagree.

Fairbairn is actually a pretty good teacher, ruthless, but good. However, he is of the same mindset as many of the girls and thinks it is high time I get engaged, it's hard to keep him off my back. I think I might have to go away for the holidays so I can pretend to get engaged... I just don't see any other way to get them to leave me alone. I am working on the animagus transformation with him but all I know so far is that I am a big cat.

In other news, something extremely unexpected has started happening...I (as Gavin Wynne) have been gaining a bit of a reputation. A good one. I was in Diagon Alley with Simeon the other day and this guy heard him call me Wynne. The guy came up and asked if I was Gavin Wynne and when I said I was, he offered me a job for when I finished my internship...it was really weird. Simeon just laughed at my confusion and asked me why I was so surprised. I told him that I honestly had no idea that people had heard of me, he said that rumors travel fast in the wizarding community and that the students, interns and apprentices had been writing home about me. Apparently word of my eclectic talents got out ages ago and people are interested. I have to say, it explains why the girls are so insistent.

I'm not sure how to say this next part, because I don't want you to get upset, but I'm seriously considering spending more than one year here. The internships are two years long and I think it would be really good to complete mine. I still want to get back to my own time, but there is SO much I can learn here that I don't think I could leave in only six more months.

Hoping not to get married,

Ginny (still Gavin Wynne)

P.S. I turned nineteen over the summer. And it hit me the other day, I've been gone for two and a half years but have had four birthdays (even though I missed one and skipped a few months in transit). Weird.

May 27, 911

Ye who are not being forced into matrimony (real or otherwise),

I'm engaged...to a figment of my imagination (thank Merlin she doesn't actually exist). Her name is Ceana, shes seventeen and very shy but extremely beautiful, my aunt forced her on me and I don't want to talk about it. People won't be seeing her...EVER! The girls are putout and the guys think it's hilarious that I spent so much time and energy avoiding a betrothal, only to end up with one anyway. I'm just glad they'll be leaving me alone.

Over the holidays I used a whole fifteen galleons (a fortune here) to purchase a large piece of land and another ten to build a medium-sized mansion, really just a big fancy house. It cost so much because I had the builders use the best stone available and charm every single stone with a preservation charm and an unbreakable charm. I want this thing to be around for whatever time I end up in next (assuming it's in the future, which I sincerely hope it is). I then spent a whole one galleon to have the goblins (who are actually quite nice these days, rebellions haven't started yet) ward it to hell and back.

My fiancée and her mother have moved to the Wynne Estate which is unplottable and under the fiedlus charm (I'm secret keeper) and they like it so much they won't be leaving. Somehow people now think I'm a rich pureblood who also happens to be a normal person...I haven't bothered correcting them, especially since no one had asked me about my family's blood history before. I mean, I AM a pureblood and in this time, I AM rich, so I guess it is true.

Continuing with that thought, the newly formed Ministry of Magic is creating a records department so everyone has to register. They have this blood test that evaluates your blood status and then every head of house (me, by default) has to do this magic ritual thing which connects the blood of the family with the last name. I'd always wondered what they used as a template to figure out who was related to who and now I know! They just had random people come in and tell them. Very anticlimactic.

When I was forced to register I was really worried that they would be able to tell I was a girl but apparently they couldn't be bothered to test for gender, which I think is strange, but I'm not going to complain because it works out brilliantly for me. I did some research and I'm sure that if any of you (in my family of course, sorry Harry and Hermione) went to take the test, it would show you all as members of the Wynne family as well as Weasley and Prewett 'cause you all share at least a bit of my blood. Cool, eh?

Moving on. My lessons are going great, I've finally stopped feeling like I'll pass out and/or accidentally explode something. I've finally gotten my head around advanced arithmancy and have memorized 1,673 runes in various ancient languages. My brain wants to explode but I'm pretty sure Ravenclaw would kill me if that happened so it will just have to deal.

I mastered the throwing dagger and can hit a target with my eyes shut. I'm quite proud. I can also hold my own in a knife fight despite my severe size disadvantage. Even though I've grown and would be considered quite tall for a girl if I was one (I am now 5ft 8in), I am still shorter than the average guy around here. Although, according to the others, I make up for it with energy, dedication, and pure skill, that last one makes me happy.

Slytherin has added the double swords to my training and I'm happy that he insisted I learn the sword with both arms right from the beginning, it makes things a lot easier now. It also means that I'm not lopsided, if you only train with one arm you end up with more muscles on one side than the other...which looks a bit odd. He says I'm doing really well and is continually boasting to the other professors that he was right when he spotted my potential. The others reply that I'm doing just as well in their lessons so he has no reason to think he's any better than them. I'm just glad I'm still functioning and my gender is safe.

The more time I spent with Slytherin and his students and interns, the more I wondered how on earth he got the reputation that he has in our time. I found the answer out about a month ago when I met his wife. Her picture should be next to the word BITCH in the dictionary, I don't think I've ever met a more disagreeable woman in my life. For weeks after her visit, Slytherin was in a terrible mood, turns out it was an arranged marriage. According to Slytherin, he didn't object to the marriage because she was an okay girl when he first met her, but then after a month she just went nuts and he has avoided her ever since.

The other professors did their best to take his mind off things and we (the other interns and I) just suffered through his bad moods and stayed out of his way when he got really mad and/or depressed. I feel really sorry for the guy. I ended up spending a lot of time working on my transfiguration with Fairbairn when Slytherin wasn't in the mood to teach me personally. I've actually surprised myself on that front, I never really thought of myself as much of a transfiguration person but Fairbairn is impressed and I'm getting really good, if I do say so myself.

I completed my animagus transformation, I'm an Amur leopard (the orange really stands out and matches my hair), when I finally transformed I nearly freaked out because for fairly obvious reasons it was a female leopard. Thankfully, Fairbairn really doesn't know anything about leopards and didn't think to check the gender. I think everyone else is so impressed that I managed the transformation in less than a year that they aren't paying attention to the specifics either. Still, I'm not going to use my form very often, no need to tempt fate.

Gryffindor actually knocked me over with just words the other day, I literally sat on the floor when he said I was going to learn to duel with two wands. Yes, that's right, I'm getting a second wand. He says that he talked with Slytherin about me being able to wield two swords and thinks I can handle two wands as well. He sent me to Hufflepuff for her to help me make my own. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I get to use TWO, everyone thinks my reaction is hilarious and can't stop laughing. People seem to do that a lot around me...usually after they compliment me too...something about that just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I have to go, my review is coming up (basically exams) and I have to do well so I can continue my internship next year. Which I want to. But after that, I'll be jumping again, hopefully closer to my own time but who knows.

Learning lots,

Ginny (THE Gavin Wynne)

July 30, 912

People who aren't learning from the founders,

Well, my time here in 911 is coming to an end, I'm nearly finished with my internship and it is time for me to dive back into time and see where I end up next.

Slytherin says he has taught me as much about the sword that he can and the rest is practice and developing my personal style, though he says I already have plenty of that due to my size disadvantage (which I have turned into an advantage). He's started introducing me as "My boy Garvin", I'm inordinately pleased about that. He even gave me my own set of blades, I have a longsword, two double swords, two long knives and a set of four daggers, it is the kind of gift you give a son or a graduating apprentice, not an intern...but I'm not going to complain.

In potions, I have learned so much, and not just how to brew them. Sure, I've memorized hundreds, maybe thousands, of recipes and instructions, but I've also learned how to predict how different combinations of ingredients will react, how to determine what movement to make to get a certain result, how to choose which cauldron to use...basically, I know how to CREATE potions. I never would have thought I'd be able to do that, or even know where to start, now I do and it's thrilling.

I also know why Snape's hair is so disgusting, it's the potions fumes. After I figured that out, the first potion I made was a type of shampoo, Slytherin had to help loads because it was only a few weeks into our lessons, but he said it was a good idea and he couldn't believe he hadn't thought to do that (I know I thought of it because I'm a girl and I like my hair, even if I've chopped it short). He uses it too, as do his other interns...I wonder what happened to the recipe since Snape obviously doesn't use it...

Two weeks into the new term (5 September, 911, to be precise), I cast my first ward. Ravenclaw was so proud she wouldn't stop talking about it for days, I'm just glad I finally figured it out. I've come so far since then, I can cast all the basic ward and some of the more complex ones all well. I can also take almost any ward apart, I completely understand Bill's obsession with cure breaking, once I learned to break wards, she taught me to break curses...it's so satisfying!

Transfiguration has been great, not nearly as interesting as my other subjects but still pretty good, especially compared to my lessons in all the other times I've been (sorry, Professor McGonagall).

After making my second wand with Hufflepuff (people really underestimate her), I learned to duel with it. It was, pardon my French, fucking amazing! Gryffindor says that I look like a deadly dancer when I duel, Slytherin agrees with him and says the same thing is true with I use the sword(s). I can beat all the other interns and apprentices in any type of fight (except short daggers...my arms just aren't long enough) and by some strange twist of fate, none of them hate me for it.

Garvin Wynne is now known in most of Britain...he joined the duelling circuit over the summer and earned quite a bit of money (which I put in the bank so it can grow between now and the next time I land in). I'm extremely proud of that fact and can't wait to find out if there's any record of me back in our time. Maybe I should have listened in History of Magic...I seem to think that a lot, maybe I'll pick up a few books in the next time I visit. Unless I get home, in which case I'm never touching a book again! Nor am I reading anything out loud, EVER! Or using Latin for anything other than spells I know what do.

All four of my teachers have asked me to apprentice with them, even though Slytherin already has Raghnall and Ravenclaw has Bethia (I still don't like her), but I told them I wanted to travel with my new wife (she's so shy she wanted a private ceremony), they were a little upset but I think they understood. Gryffindor even said it was good because this way I didn't have to choose between them, I agree with him. They did convince me to stick around until after my 21st birthday, which I will.

Good Merlin, I'm almost twenty-one...well, actually I'm twenty and six months, whatever. I'm going to think of myself as twenty-one (after my birthday of course) so I don't kill my brain. I've spent too much time making my brain smart to allow it to die.

Continuing soon,

Ginny (Gavin Wynne for just a bit longer)

February 20, 1603

You in the 90s,

Finally! I made it to civilization! Just kidding, but it's better than the ninth century. It's in the middle of a war, but I'm not that worried, anyone wanting to kill me is going to have one hell of a hard time, Gryffindor and Slytherin made sure of that! Lord Dominus (stupid name, right? "Lord Master"...very inventive) has decided to kill...well, I'm not sure who he's trying to kill. No one really knows what his criteria is, I think it's just "I like evil stuff and you don't, so now I'm going to kill you." I really don't understand.

As I write this, I'm sitting on the roof of Wynne Estate, I'm so glad I built this place! No one knows where it is (I'll be safe if the war gets really bad, which I don't think it will) and I have a place to live. It's also a really nice house/manor thing...even if no one else has ever seen it.

Time is messed up again (more than usual, that is), I arrived February 17, 1603, even though I left in August, so I think I'm going to go back to being twenty years old, it will kinda make up for the half year I skipped when I arrived in 910.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do in this time, I can't exactly go back to school, and I wouldn't want to because there isn't much about magic that I don't already know. I suppose I COULD teach... Actually, I think I'm going to go to the Muggle world for a while, it should be interesting. And then I won't have to do anything about the war, it doesn't seem that bad anyway.

Unfortunately, I'm probably going to have to be a guy...I have three-plus years of practice so I'm sure I'll be fine. Oh, you'll never guess what the guys wear in this time period...TIGHTS! That's right, the men are in tights, it's hilarious. Mind you, the girls aren't much better, in fact, they're worse, they have these full skirts, tiny waists and really weird sleeves. And some people, at least those in the middle to upper class, wear ruffles around their necks! I'm happy with my decision to stay as a guy, even if it's just to get away from those damn skirts. I like wearing dresses as much as the next girl (from our century) but those just look like a bother. Tights I can deal with, masses of fabric making me trip...not so much.

I will write again when I know what I'm doing for the next year.

Ginny (I haven't picked a name yet)

July 7, 1603

People who haven't met famous people (at least historic ones),

You won't believe which Muggle is alive right now...SHAKESPEARE! He's one of the few famous Muggles I've heard of (thanks, Hermione!) and now I've seen a few of his plays at the Globe, I didn't even have to stand in the pit because I'm rich. And I mean seriously rich! The money I put in Gringotts in 912 gathered a ton of interest and the exchange rate of galleons to pounds is amazing. Basically, I can act like a member of the aristocracy if I want!

Anyway, last night I saw one of Shakespeare's plays at the Globe, it was called "Twelfth Night, or What You Will". It was basically about a girl who dresses up as a guy to make her life easier and then another girls falls for her thinking she's a guy. It was a theatrical version of my life! Maybe I should change my name to Cesario... Currently its Geoffrey Willcroft.

Because I have the money to do so, I have gained access to the University of Oxford library, it's really interesting. I also sit in on a few talks and debates, it's amazing what you can learn from listening to people argue different points of view just for the sake of discussion. But that's the boring part. The fun part of being in the Renaissance period is the parties! I've learned to dance and can carry on quite the academic conversation (I make most of it up but no one seems to notice).

I've managed to weasel my way into one of the higher social circles in London, the politics are hilarious! I get invited to parties, balls and evenings at a gentleman's club (cigars are NOT nice to smoke), it's really fun. I checked in on the wizarding world a few months ago, someone managed to off Lord Dominus and everything is back to normal there, seems kinda boring actually. I'm glad I decided to go muggle this year!

However, my perpetual problem has reared it's head again...I'm not married. I'm a rich eligible bachelor, and of course, I need a wife. So, many of my friends and acquaintances are pushing their sisters, daughters, cousins etc. at me...makes me glad I'm not one of the women. I finally caved and told them that I have a long-lost love who I'm waiting for, they left me alone. Thank Merlin.

Along with a few academic things, I'm learning how to ride a horse. It is NOT easy. Getting on is fine, so is walking and trotting...then it starts cantering and/or galloping and I fall off. It's rather frustrating. Still, I'm determined, I only have a few more months and I WILL learn something while I'm here.

I haven't left the wizarding world completely though, I've been researching myself. Turns out, I'm in a couple of books, in fact, I'm in Hogwarts: A History! I guess Hermione probably figured that out as soon as you got "Garvin's" first letter, like I've said many time in the past...I really should have paid more attention to history.

I've also entered the dueling circuit again, I'm doing both sword and wand, look up "Geoffrey Willcroft" in a history of dueling book, I've been winning quite often. I also freelance as a personal warder to keep my skills sharp and I sell potions to an apothecary anonymously.

I was invited to Hogwarts in June to give the graduating students a week-long class on dueling, they were suitably impressed and I might consider teaching depending on when I end up next. And I am praying that it is a place where women are respected and not required to wear stupid clothing. If I don't, I'm seriously considering just telling people to get over it, I want to be a girl again! Still, I've got more than half a year before I can more on so I have to wait.

Being awesome,

Ginny (now Geoffrey Willcroft)

November 24, 1603

Non-dueling people,

Well, being a rich aristocrat in the Muggle world was fun but the headmaster of Hogwarts asked me to continue my dueling class in the fall. I accepted but because my year is finished in February, I only agreed to one term. I also insisted that only fourth years and above be allowed, I didn't want to teach little kids.

I had a bit of trouble establishing my authority at first because I was only twenty-one (had my second twenty-first birthday this August) but after a few well-placed detentions and large point-loses they shut up. They quickly began to fear my detentions more than the other professors'. While most of the other professors use corporal punishment (which I find barbaric, but it is common now), I just give them some extra work... They leave magically exhausted and their pride (which is usually what got them in trouble in the first place) is in tatters. They've learned a thing or two as well, not that they see it that way.

Much to my surprise, I've found that I actually like teaching, it is extremely satisfying to see a kid finally understand something and know it was you who taught them how. I might even consider doing this in the next time I end up in...where I'm hopefully going to be a girl again. At least as a professor no one is trying to marry me.


Ginny (as Geoffrey Willcroft)

September 20, 1966

People, some of whom I've met in two times,

YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! True civilization! I am stocked beyond belief! Mind you, I did jump months again but right now, I couldn't care less!

Okay, someone should probably make sure Mum and Dad are sitting for this...they sat? Right, well, I arrived on May 28th 1966...and I'm teaching transfiguration at Hogwarts! Have either fainted? If so, wake them up please. Anyway, if you connected the dots, yes, I am Professor Georgina Welborn, your sixth year transfiguration teacher and you are two very in-love teenagers. I took over from McGonagall for the year while she spent time with her mother, it worked out perfectly for me, one year, teaching something I'm now very good at. So far it's going well.

I had to take my mastery test before I could teach but it was fairly easy, if I didn't know the incantation I just made it up...which works because I have excess magical power. I can thank Gryffindor's exhausting lessons for that...apparently magical power is like any other muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows. Gryffindor ran me into the ground (and beyond, at times) weekly so my magic grew accordingly. By the way, that's an unsubtle suggestion for all you people back home.

I also took my DADA mastery and potions one at the same time just to keep my options open, but I don't think I'll ever use them. I can't really apply for a job in the future and say I got my mastery in 1966 even though I'm only twenty-two. Life doesn't work like that, neither does time. Usually. Still, I'm proud of myself.

By the way, Dad, you and Chris are currently serving detention for disrupting class, and tomorrow I have the third year terrors, also known as Gideon and Fabian. I now know why Fred and George are as bad as they are...they got it from BOTH sides of the family!

Mum, you and Jane need to learn to pass notes properly because I'm about two classes away from giving you detention too, and that would cut in on your "Arthur Time" as you not so quietly whispered earlier today. Seriously, you two are almost sickening.

Moving on from Mum and Dad's love life, I am glad that I decided to leave most of my money in the bank because I now have more money than should be allowed, expect very large gifts when I return. You are also invited to the Wynne Estate, when I get back of course, you can't get to it now.

Teaching lovesick teenagers,

Ginny (as Professor Welborn)

P.S. I can proudly say that I am the one and ONLY professor who can distinguish between the twins, drives them crazy!

June 8, 1967

Unborn progeny of currently teenaged non-parents (and friends and said now non-teenaged parents),

It's official, Mum and Dad, you are perfect for each other. And you make the rest of us look and feel like heartless idiots at times, even your other professors agree. (Filius in particular had some very complimentary things to say about your relationship, says it was love at first sight for both of you.)

Minerva got back a month before exams and took over the OWL and NEWT classes, usually giving each student personal lessons. I think this year the marks will be the highest yet! Dumbledore heard about my defense mastery and wanted me to teach defense (it's still/already cursed) but I said I had places to go and people to see. Which is true, I just don't know where, when and who yet.

Anyway, I'm sticking around till the end of term and then moving on. I'll take a good portion of my money out of the bank so if I end up in the past again I won't have to worry about that.

Still laughing at Mum and Dad,

Ginny (Professor Welborn)

July 29, 1981

People in relative safety,

This time I had a very dramatic welcome, I wasn't here for three seconds before I was attacked...by Death Eaters. I had interrupted a routine raid on a Muggle street. Fun. Well, all those Death Eaters are dead (thanks Slytherin and Gryffindor) and I retreated to Wynne Estate to figure out when I am and if I needed a disguise. Answer: July 7, 1981, and yes.

I now have short ink black hair and slightly tanned skin. I've made the decision to save as many people as possible. First on my list were Gideon and Fabian, I know that everyone thinks they're dead, and I know I'm not allowed to change the time line, but I haven't. They weren't killed with the killing curse the first time around, they were tortured and left for dead. I got there in time to give Dolohov something to remember me by and to save them. I transfigured two sticks into perfect replicas of how they looked when I found them and then brought them both here.

Right now, the twins are both asleep upstairs, I healed them as best as I could (which is actually pretty well). I haven't talked to them yet but I will. I'm going to make sure they are comfortable here and then give them a choice, they can stay here at the Wynne Estate or they can go to a different country until you get this letter. They should be arriving at the Burrow sometime in early September (your September, of course).

Mum, I'm sorry you missed out on so much time with your brothers and I'm sorry I didn't get there in time to save your parents, but I did what I could while keeping the past intact.

I'm going to try to save as many people as I can without making myself known or changing the time line, because I'm pretty sure that would end in disaster. Tell Harry that I'm going to do my best to save his dad, I know I can't save his mum because without her...well, you know. If I could, I would. I will do what I can for everyone else but I'm only one person, even if I am powerful and talented, I can't do everything and I can't save everyone.

Trying my hardest,


P.S. Happy early birthday, Harry.

August 11, 1981

It's my birthday today, I'm officially born. I'm also twenty-two, its one messed up world we live in today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

I saved Susan's mother, Catherine Bones, and Catherine's brother-in-law, Edger Bones, last night. I was too late to save Matthew Bones, Susan's dad. Catherine and Edger are staying with the twins upstairs. Gideon has to continually stun Catherine because she keeps trying to leave to find Susan (her daughter), I think she is finally coming to understand that Susan is safe with Amelia and that she has to stay away to preserve the time line. I feel terrible for keeping her here.

Fabian has been depressed for the last few weeks but is coming out of it. He and Gideon are moving to Australia as soon as Catherine and Edger move to Canada. They will all come back September 10, 1997. Please make sure Susan is there to meet her mum and tell her I'm sorry I couldn't save her dad and that she had to grow up without both of them. If it makes any difference, Catherine really wants to stay, if Susan is mad, tell her to blame me because I'm the one who insisted on preserving the time line.


August 18, 1981

I saved 127 Muggles today, Death Eaters had sealed them in a burning building, I was too late for 53 of them. They died screaming. My leg got burned pretty bad and a random Muggle guy pulled me out before the building collapsed. He left before I could thank him. I'll be fine, magic is handy.

August 21, 1981

An attempt was made to annihilate Westminster Abbey, I got there in time to shield it. I didn't pass out till I got back to the estate.

September 1, 1981

Kings Cross was attacked today. I protected three trains and two platforms but 264 people died anyway. The Hogwarts Express was fine. Voldemort is a bloody bastard.

September 15, 1981

He attacked an orphanage, a fucking orphanage. I nearly lost a finger and broke my leg, but all the kids are safe. A little five year old girl was a witch, I contacted Gideon and Fabian, she's going to live with them in Australia.

September 20, 1981

I warded twenty-eight Muggleborns' houses. Five other families were attacked, I could only save two.

September 29, 1981

Portsmouth attacked. Dementors, Death Eaters, and the big bastard himself, I managed to take down fifteen who targeted a school where people had run to hide. I don't want to know the death toll.

October 11, 1981

DEs at Westfield Shopping Center. 796 dead. I holed up in the basement with 183. We survived.

October 15, 1981

Dementors set loose in Cardiff, twenty-nine lost their souls. If you cast a patronus with one wand and fiendfire with the other then combine the spells, you can kill a dementor. There are thirteen less in the world.

November 1, 1981

Harry, I saved him. I saved your dad. I'm so sorry about your mum, I really am. If I could have, I swear I would have saved her too. I had to tie James up because he was hell-bent on getting to you. I'm so sorry. I wish you could grow up with him and your mum, I really do.

I can hear the parties starting, even from here, it's only been a few hours since you lost everything and they're celebrating. The fireworks are beautiful in the early morning light. Owls are flying everywhere. I wonder how they found out so fast?

Thankful it's over for now,


November 23, 1981

James is settled in Canada with the Bones', and Fabian, Gideon and Mary (the witch from the orphanage) are doing fine in Australia. I helped rebuild London. I want out of this time, but I've still got seven months. I think I'll go travel, find some monsters to kill or something.


June 10, 1982

Hey, guys,

Sorry for that string of morbid letters, I probably shouldn't have sent them, but once you give the letter to the post office, they don't give it back, even if it has a forward delivery date.

Oh well, I'm feeling much better now, I've been all around Asia, the Middle East and North Africa disposing of things. I'm basically a bounty hunter for dangerous creatures. Just a month ago I went after a horde of Lethifolds in Java, nasty buggers but they didn't stand a chance against my Patronus.

In February I rid Mongolia of a Manticore! I also have an apprentice of sorts, I just kinda picked him up a few months back. He's a potions prodigy but also a werewolf so no one wants to teach him. The first thing I taught him was how to make the wolfsbane and now he can do it flawlessly. I'm going to leave him with enough money to buy the ingredients for the rest of his life. I've also taught him how to fight with more than just his brute strength. He knows I'm leaving next month so we're going over as much as I can before I leave.

I learned how to speak Cantonese and Arabic, I'm really surprised I picked up on them so fast. When we were in Egypt I went up against a type of sand lizard thing, usually they're fairly tame but this one went rabid and no one knew how to kill it...I chopped it's head off, seemed easy enough. I think we're going to stay here till I leave, I might give the goblins a hand with their curse breaking, it's been a while since I used that skill.

Till later,


P.S. I hope Gideon, Fabian, Mary, Christine, Edger and James found you okay. Again, I'm sorry you had to miss all those years, if I thought I could change time I would, I would change so much. But I can't so I did my best.

December 18, 1190


Here we are again, new time, new place. This time I ended up on August 25, 1190, I missed my twenty-third birthday...not much of a surprise, my birthdays are screwed up anyway. Oh well, at least I'm nowhere near the shit era I was in last time, I may have done good things but it was terrible for my psyche.

I'm going to be a guy again though, men have it better these days and I know how to be a guy, I can't imagine myself wearing those dresses all day. So it's breeches for me! Ah well, I'm used to it. I also get to carry my sword around again! Because my swords are fairly well-known as a gift from Slytherin to his favorite intern in 912, I'm going to use the name Wynne again, Gareth Wynne, great-great-grandson of Gavin Wynne.

I'm glad that I withdrew all my money from my vault in the future/past/whenever because now I can stick it back in the bank and let it grow again...is that cheating? Whatever, I put it in under Gareth Wynne because if I put it in Gavin's vault then it would grow exponentially because it would create a paradox...I think. I don't know, I don't want to risk it and it's not like I need the money. I'm happy I didn't go anytime further in the past than 910 because then I wouldn't have my house. And I like my house.

This time I'm a teacher again, I'm the Sword Master at Hogwarts (temporary), the youngest professor ever and the only female professor, not that they know the last one. Before classes officially began, I went to the Swords Masters Guild and officially got my mastery, I did the same for potions, transfiguration, dueling, defense, attack, arithmancy, runes and warding. I now have nine masteries...from 1190 (actually twelve if you count my three from 1966), I'll probably take them again when I get back to regular time just because I can. (Not to mention the fact that the ones I have now probably aren't valid.)

Some of the students gave me a lot flack because compared to them, I'm short and I look weak. Oh how wrong they were. They're in a fair bit of pain right now...no one likes being told to run around the lake ten times AFTER practice, especially if during that practice I whooped their butts and left their pride somewhere near the Antarctic.

I'm writing this in my rooms which are about halfway up the astronomy tower, I specially requested them because I can see the Quidditch pitch and the training grounds from here. I'm not sure what happened to the training grounds in the future, they were still there in 1366, but were gone by the time I arrived in 1603, I wonder when the sword was phased out of the Hogwarts curriculum...

I entered the dueling circuit again, the first round of the year hasn't finished yet but right now I'm undefeated in sword and wand. The problem is, no one duels with two wands these days. I did manage to convince the dueling students to all attack at once and I got a nice workout. The school nurse has forbidden me from ever doing that again. Still, it was fun.

A couple of the other professors and I went to the pub a few nights ago, while we were there, a brawl broke out between some of the students...I wanted to join in but it would be inappropriate for a twenty-three year old teacher to do that, so I just broke it up instead. I didn't get a single bruise! When the kids were gone, three of the apprentices arrived and the other professors left. We decided (I'm still not sure whose idea it was) to have a drinking contest, bets were placed (most against me) and the game commenced. They all ended up passed out on the floor and I was staggering drunk, but I still won! Most of the apprentices were actually older than me and they were all bigger so I am quite proud of my achievement. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've had alcohol from many different centuries and built up a bit of a tolerance...but I can't exactly tell them that.

One of the kids in my class, Blair, is really good, he's only fourteen but I think I know what Slytherin was talking about when he said he could see potential in me. This kid has potential, and lots of it. I wish I could be around to make sure he got to explore it, I'll just have to tell whoever they get to replace me (I made sure to state that I'd only be there for a year) to keep an eye on him.

I'm saddened to see that the splitting of the houses has begun, it's not extremely obvious yet but stories about Slytherin's son and his past actions (he went on a Muggleborn killing spree when he was twenty) have been circulating and people are a bit wary of the Slytherin students. Also, the Gryffindors are proud of the fact that it was the Gryffindor heir who finally dealt with him which makes some of them think they're better than others. Even I, a Gryffindor, know it's wrong.

So, the rivalry has begun. However, I absolutely REFUSE to hear about it in my classes. Yes, I have swords gifted to my great-great-grandfather by Salazar Slytherin, but no, I don't favor that house. And as soon as a Gryffindor starts getting full of themselves, they are volunteered to be my partner for the class. This goes for all my students, I don't care what house they're from, they are all treated the same and have the same expectations to live up to, and the same punishments.

Despite the budding house rivalries, I'm extremely proud of my students, I just looked out the window and I can see a whole group of them out there practicing, there's even a few apprentices joining in! I've noticed that some of the apprentices hang around during my sixth and seventh year classes, it's quite flattering, especially because the Gryffindor head of house is the one apprenticing them and teaching them swordplay...Heh, me, Ginerva Weasley, twenty-three year old GIRL, in the wrong time, is better than the forty year old Gryffindor head of house. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...and then I grin manically.

A month ago the potions professor caught the dragon pox and classes were going to be canceled until I offered to teach it for as long as the guy was sick. Five sevenths of the student population were really annoyed and the other two were relieved. Basically, only the OWL and NEWT students have been happy with me for the last month. Thank goodness the guy gets back tomorrow. Even though I'm not giving homework for potions (I don't want to mark anything, I don't have to grade papers about how to fight with a sword, so I'm not going to grade them for potions), I'm tired of teaching two classes.

I can't help but wonder when I will get back to my time, or within few years of it. At least I won't be younger than I should be when I get there...that doesn't really make sense. But since when has this made sense? I think the most sense this whole thing made was when I saved those people in 1981 who were supposed to be dead. That was simple and straightforward, even if it was hard for them to 'abandon' their families and let them think they were dead. Crap, memories, go away.

I should go, I'm needed at dinner, the headmaster decided it would be a good idea to start a school-wide dueling championship...I'm in charge. It would have been nice for him to ask. Oh well, nothing I can do now, he IS my boss.

Encouraging eleven year olds to hit each other with pointy things,

Ginny (as Professor Gareth Wynne)

June 27, 1191

People who don't know how to use a sword properly but are offered lessons when I return,

I am so proud of my kids! Really, they are doing extremely well, the other professors can see it and say that they haven't seen the students work so hard with such great results ever. I've been asked to continue next year by quite a few people, but I have to keep telling them no, it makes me feel bad, but not bad enough to want to stay.

As a parting gift, I've started working on a set of four daggers for each of my students. I bought the blades (the really good ones that should last forever because I have the money) and am customizing the grips, I have been teaching them to throw and fight with daggers along with the sword so I hope they like them. I wonder if any still exist in our time? I kinda recognize a few last names here so some of their descendants might be around in a couple hundred years time, they could have passed on the daggers...

The headmaster is getting on my nerves, he seems to think that because I work for him, he owns me and as such I am obligated to stay for another year. I think he's just pissed that I beat his brother in the spring dueling championships and wants to keep me under his watchful eye (which can't be that watchful or he'd have figured out I was a girl). Also, one of the graduating students keeps looking at me funny, I think she's interested in me...I am seriously tired of this issue, people don't understand that some of us aren't interested in matrimony, despite our eligibility. As the first Wynne since Garvin, I am at the top of everyone's lists. Maybe I should have picked a different last name...

Anyway, I'm sticking most of my money back in Gareth's vault so by the time I get back I will be filthy rich. Right now though, I'd give it all just to GET back. Unfortunately, time can't be bribed.

Hoping to see you soon,

Ginny (almost finished being Professor Gareth Wynne)

January 23, 1459

You in the civilized world (even if you're not civilized yourselves...),

I'm a few hundred years closer to home, but not in civilization, no where near. I landed on October 20, 1458. I'm tired of this, especially since I'm a guy. AGAIN! Seriously, I kinda want a boyfriend, I can't do that if I'm a guy...unless the boy was gay, in which case it still wouldn't work out because I'm actually a girl...arg! I COULD have been a girl, but their lives are boring, constricted and they aren't treated with much respect, hence my maleness.

I've left England, I'm in Egypt now. Screw the timeline, I'm going to do something fun. I've taken a temporary posting with the Gringotts cruse breaking department, it's only for a year and I get paid on commission, it's perfect.

I was assigned to a team with two other guys (who are also on commission) and together we scour the desert for interesting stuff, it's loads of fun (actually, it is). At twenty-four I'm the youngest on the team and I'm also the smallest. The other guys fought for the big brother role, well, they fought until I grabbed them in a headlock. Since then, they treat me the same as they do each other, which is exactly what I wanted. So far we've found three tombs the goblins didn't know existed, two mini pyramids and a buried sphinx, and it's only been a few months! They really like us, WE really like us.

A normal morning for us starts with fighting for the first cup of tea, managing to get sand in said tea, inhaling breakfast, packing up our stuff, and then walking around in the desert. By lunch we are frustrated and tired, so we eat, guzzle water and goof off for an hour before continuing our search. Just before the sun starts to set, we set up camp, drink more water, pull on some warm clothes (desert nights are freezing), start a fire and eat some dinner.

The rest of the evening is spent getting as drunk as our meager supply of alcohol will allow and telling stories, usually quite embellished or completely made up. Every other day or so I teach them some fighting tricks, as well as how to wield a sword, they love it and I get to keep in shape (not that searching for long-lost treasure in the desert isn't a workout in and of itself). I'm also trying to learn the scimitar, it's slow work.

In addition to the lovely toned body I gained from all those years with the sword and fighting in general, I now have a magnificent tan. The other two have some pretty nice ones, the only difference being they don't have tunic lines on their chests and I do. They think I'm nuts for keeping my tunic on, even though it is a tight, sleeveless one, but have accepted that I'm a bit strange. Then again, we all are. Hell, we voluntarily wander around the desert!

It was difficult to decide how to send this letter and in the end I left it with the goblins for delivery on September 30, 1997...I hope you got it okay. But you must have, if you're reading this. I'm trying to time these letters so they come something like once or twice a week but I probably messed at least one up.

Despite the fact that I seriously want to get back, I'm having a good time. It was a good decision for me to come to Egypt, mix it up a bit and all. Bill, I left a surprise for you in pyramid #27 (Goblin standard numbering). It's keyed to a Weasley magical signature so no one else will notice anything. Just so you know, that was extremely difficult to do so I really hope you go try to find it, I promise, it's worth your while.

Finding cool shit in the desert,

Ginny (Gerald with no last name)

October 18, 1459


In the eleven months we've been together, my team has set some sort of record, we're just that good. The goblins were annoyed when the three of us were ready to move on; me to "travel", Arran to get married, and Raphael to some place in South America. I'm glad that it's not just me who is leaving, I would feel kinda bad for breaking up the team like that. We've become really close, brothers really. I guess that's what happens when you spend every moment of every day for nearly a year together...that, or you strangle each other. We're all alive so it must mean we're basically family.

It makes me sad to know that by the time this crazy trip of mine is over, they will have been dead for hundreds of years. All my friends will be, well, not some from 1966 and 1981, but they aren't as numerous as everyone else.

I hope my next jump takes me home, but something tells me I've got one more stop. Maybe I can just sleep for a year? I'd better not end up in the middle of another war, I might just kill everyone. I'm only joking, I wouldn't do that...probably.

Taking yet another leap,

Ginny (Gerald for another few days)

December 26, 1727

You who's time lines are linear (except Hermione and Harry, but we don't speak of that),

Nope, not home yet. Close, but no cigar. No, not close. Just closer than 1459. I arrived on Christmas day this time, Christmas 1727. Seeing as I liked Egypt so much, I think I'll do something different again, maybe I'll try Romania, Charlie likes it well enough. I hope you're all doing okay and not worrying too much, it should be October 5th when you get this, at least, that's how I tried to time it, I might be off by a couple days, maybe weeks, I have no idea.

Anyway, Mum, Dad, your baby girl is still a baby boy but REALLY looking forward to being a girl again. Also, I don't think I've mentioned it before so I'll do so now: I've got gifts for all of you from everywhere/when I've been. I even have loads of extras just in case I forgot someone, which I don't think I did but you never know.

Still figuring out what to do,

Ginny (Gier Wentlin for the next year)

December 20, 1728

Family, friends and anyone else interested in this saga of twisted time,

My year is almost up and I have a good feeling about this next jump! I've had a great year, I went to Romania. Did you know that the dragon preserve there was opened in 1720? Well, Charlie probably did but I doubt anyone knows that piece of trivia! They hired me for my skills as a warder and I have spent the last year, literally, almost the WHOLE YEAR (ten and a half months), putting up just about every ward you can think of and some I made myself! It was just me and this old guy, he had a whole lot of knowledge (a bit more than me) and I had the power and some knowledge of my own, we did the entire preserve!

The hardest part was the main domes. There are three different sets of wards that cover the entire preserve and a whole lot of area around it as well. They are stacked on top of each other, each one is a weave of two types of ward and each is tied to seven stones. Each dome took one month, those twenty-one stones are so full of magic they had to be reinforced with titanium! And the first two are all filled MY magic! (With a little of the old man's, but not really enough to make a difference.)

The third dome has the magic of each of the workers and trainers in it as well, I wove thirty-three different people's magic together, I had do it all in one go too. I was sitting in front of the main anchor stone and they all sat in a huge circle around me, then I reached for a strand of each person's magic and pulled it together in a thirty-three piece weave...it was exhausting and I don't think magic is supposed to be worked with that many people.

Mind you, I'm not allowed to complain because it was my idea. Both one of my best and one of my worst. Best, because it is a work of genius, impenetrable and will last thousands of years, and worst because if I had lost control of that much magic the least I would have done would be explode myself. If it had gone really wrong, I could have obliterated half the country...I didn't figure that out until later, they wouldn't have let me do it if we had know that might happen.

I still haven't told them that possible outcome and don't think I ever will. Especially since because I did it right, there's NOTHING anyone can do to take the ward down now! Well, I could personally unweave it but it would probably explode even more dramatically than if I had lost control in the first place. Which wouldn't be good.

I actually finished the main warding mid October but the tamers wanted to me to stick around so I can celebrate Christmas at the reserve. A bunch of the guys aren't going home (and some have to stay with the dragons anyway) and are planning a massive party to which I am invited. Among other things, there is going to be copious amounts of alcohol, I think I like that substance a bit more than is healthy...

Since I finished the official stuff, I've been going around camp doing smaller things. I even developed this etched rune-based ward that you can put on your clothing to keep it from catching on fire, the guys love me (in a brotherly, you're a great mate way)! It's too bad I'm still masquerading as a boy, some of these guys are HOT!

Anyway, that's what I've been doing for the last year, I'm really glad I did. Charlie, you can thank me for keeping your dragons safe and keeping all your stuff from going up in flames. (You can give the old man some of the credit too I guess.)

Here's to hoping I get home this time,

Ginny the amazing warder (who is known as Gier Wentlin)

P.S. For my twenty-sixth birthday, the guys let me ride an Opal Eye, it was the most amazing thing ever!

January 5, 1729

Well, I WAS going to go back straight after Christmas, but they convinced me to stay for New Years...it was worth it, even the multi-day hangover. Now, I'm leaving.

Fingers crossed for the 1990s,


Year unknown, sometime in the winter.


I can't even address this properly because I am still seriously pissed about when I landed. Whatever "feeling" I had about ending up in the 1990s was completely WRONG. I guess there is not a drop of Seer blood in my veins. And the universe has one sick sense of humor.

I don't know why I complained about the lack of civilization in 910, I mean seriously, that was fucking modern life compared to where I ended up this time. I haven't been able to find out the actual year yet but I'm working on it. However, I'm pretty sure this is one of those metal ages that Hermione mentioned a few times. You know, the one where there isn't much written about it so much of the information is speculation and extrapolation from a small amount of factual evidence? Yeah, that time.

I think I must have landed in northern Scotland because it's really cold and the number of people around here are very few and far between. Anyway, I'm having trouble locating magic users and I don't know what the Muggles' reaction to magic would be so I'm trying to keep a low profile. I've had to work on my metal transfiguration because coins look very different and don't have nearly as much, or as pure, gold as galleons.

~ Ginny

June 20, 240BC

Since writing the above, I have found what passes for witches and wizards in this time. They are known as Druids and are basically priests with holy powers, they use these powers (magic) to get whatever they need and/or want. They are seen as 'better' people and almost worshiped by some people. I have established myself as a wandering Druid who visits various holy sites to enhance my powers but never stays in one spot very long. I also have a tendency to disappear for weeks, even months at a time.

I decided not to give a name, I prefer to be mysterious so that I don't have to deal with people spreading a name around that might get back to important people who could take an interest in me. I don't really understand or know what the political climate is around here and I don't particularly want to find out.

Also, I have found out that the year is roughly 240BC, according to our calendar. I'm also beginning to wonder whether or not it would have been better to stay in 1981, it is certainly closer to my own time than now. Anyway, today is the winter equinox so it is most likely March 20th. Because I've been here for about four months, that makes the day I arrived November 17th, 240BC-ish.

Hermione, you will be happy to hear that in addition to updating this letter like a journal, I am keeping an account of what I see and experience here. I figure I might as well make some use of the time I have to spend here. So far I have about thirty pages of notes. If you want, you can turn it into a book or something when I get back but I don't feel like it. I guess I will see if I can find out who is in charge around here and what the politics are like if only to keep Hermione from killing me when I get back.

~ Ginny

August 11,

Well, it's my birthday again. I'm twenty-seven...kinda. Anyway, three months until I can move on. I spent the spring moving around a bit more, visiting people and places. Anyway, in this time, Britain is basically split into tribes, each of which has settlements and some fort-like structures, all made of stone. There are more details in my notes, which you can read when/if I get back.

~ Ginny

November 17

I'm off. I'm actually taking this letter with me to hopefully deposit at a future date (relative as well as linear) because I still can't really figure out exactly where things will be, the landscape is just too different. I'm not even going to bother guessing when I'm going to end up next because it turned out so very poorly last time.

~ Ginny

August 2, 1636

Me hearties in jolly old England,

Okay...so...I'm not really sure how this happened because up until now I've always landed somewhere in Britain, but this time I got deposited on a desert island in what I now know to be the Caribbean. Just two days later I stumbled upon a band of pirates who were accessing a stash of rum. A few of them rushed me and it was only thanks to my extensive sword training (I carry it around with me most of the time) that I managed to get out of it alive.

Turns out, in the pirate world at least, it is not age or gender that gives you status but rather skill with a sword, ability to hold your liquor, and an aptitude for gambling. This is extremely lucky for me because I hadn't bothered to dress as a guy for those two days.

Anyway, that was nearly a month ago, due to the fact that I've already been to Britain in the 1600s, I have decided to stick around here. I am now a member of the crew of the Coeur de Dieppe, a pirate ship captained by Pierre le Grand, a French pirate. I am one of two girls aboard and the other is Pierre's mistress. I am therefore viewed as one of the guys and I am perfectly happy to keep it that way. Pierre is based on the island of Tortuga and regularly loots and sinks Spanish galleons. As long as most of the crew gets off safely (I may or may not employ a bit of magic to make this happen) it's all great fun.

Pierre isn't exactly the most tolerant of the English so I go by Ginette now. No one uses last names so I don't have to worry about making one up. The others have also decided that due to my rather temperamental personality I should be Ginette le Feu. That literally means Ginette the Fiery, I think it fits, especially when you consider the color of my hair.

Anyway, this year promises to be fun just so long as I don't get myself killed by a stray cannon ball or something. I also have to keep my magic hidden but that's not really a problem.

My birthday is in a few days but because I only left prehistoric Britain a few months ago I'm going to turn twenty-seven again. I see copious amounts of rum in my future (that's how pirates celebrate birthdays).

Drink up me hearties yo ho!

Ginny (aka Ginette le Feu)

June 28, 1637


Okay, well, my time here in the Caribbean is coming to a close, I'm tan, I have scars, I'm ridiculously good at dice, and I really like rum! I've seen and done some pretty amazing stuff here. I stumbled on the Caribbean magical community and learned a bit of their magic...it's very strange and spells are usually more like chants than incantations. Still, it was cool and I will teach what I learned to whomever wants to learn it...as long as they don't hound me too much.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention...I know how to brew and distill Ice Rum. It is a type of magical rum that feels like ice running down your throat, and after, your breath comes out as crystals! It's really useful to have around here especially considering the fact that iced drinks are a thing of the future. It also leaves you pleasantly cool for a while. Think Firewhiskey but cold and made of rum.

Just for the record, I'm going to count myself as almost twenty-eight because, well, I've been alive for about that long. Even if the exact days don't quite measure up. Hopefully I will be closer to my own time soon but I'm beginning to despair that I will never get back. But whatever, I understand that this is a once in a lifetime (or many lifetimes, depending on your perspective) experience so I guess I can't really complain too much.

Till next time,

Ginny (aka Ginette the fiery pirate)

P.S. Over the course of my travels, I have officially tried 37 different types of alcohol (and that's not counting the variations within the type)...even the Druids had their own kind of moonshine. I am sure I can drink you all under the table now!

P.S.S. I can now navigate the ocean with nothing but the stars and a chart. Cool, eh?

October 18, 1007

People who only meet other people at one age (with some exceptions of course),

Well, as you may have guessed by how I addressed you all, I am back in a time and place where I have been before... I am back in the Founders' era (and at Hogwarts), but the year is 1007, that is ninety-seven years after I left. I got here on September 30 and as much as I loved being here, this time, it is rather depressing. Nearly everyone I knew in 912 has died, and while everything seems the same, it is very different.

The only surviving founder is Gryffindor and he is turning 165 this year. A little history update: Slytherin was murdered by his son in 932 and Ravenclaw died of a mysterious illness in 938 (people suspect a broken heart) not long after her daughter ran off. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, the headmaster and the rest of the staff kept the school together, but according to Gryffindor, it was never the same. The houses split and the original spirit in which the school was built faded a bit. Hufflepuff finally passed on nearly ten years ago, since then, Gryffindor has slowly faded from public life and is now closeted in his private rooms.

Even though he is dying, Gryffindor still has a very sharp mind...he recognized me as soon as he saw me, I had to explain about me being a time traveler and he took it a lot better than I thought he would. I guess he was just happy to see a familiar face with whom he could reminisce about what he thinks of as the golden years of Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, I can almost see the life bleeding off Gryffindor even as he tells me about his great-grandchildren. I don't think he will live much longer and I hope that by being around I can ease his passing. For now, I am just making sure that he still gets outside and breathes the fresh, free air.

Watching people die is depressing,

Ginny (back to being Gavin Wynne)

February 3, 1008


Two days after he turned 165, Gryffindor finally passed away. One of the last things we talked about was their (the Founders) legacy. He wanted to know about Hogwarts in the future. It was the one and only time he asked a pointed question about the future and because I could tell he was almost gone, I indulged him. I didn't have the heart to tell him about the splitting of the school and Slytherin's reputation but I did share stories of the grounds, the lake, Quidditch, and some watered-down versions of the Golden Trio's adventures.

Anyway, he is now buried next to his brother and sisters in everything but blood. They are all in a small plot that is currently at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, over the years, the forest has grown and their graves have been swallowed by the trees. Personally, I think they would like to keep it that way.

I'm going to go find something fun to do for the next six months. Maybe I'll go break some more curses...that was fun.


September 25, 1008

Oh ye who live boring lives...well, more boring than mine,

So, after being all depressed and sad about Gryffindor dying, I headed off to find adventure. And adventure I found. I joined a group of four guys (wizards) who were determined to try as many different types of food (and drink) as humanly possible. The five of us have traveled all over the world in search of the most obscure foods that exist.

Seeing as some of you are probably squeamish (yes, Ron, I'm talking to you), I won't go into the details of what exactly I tried but lets just say that haggis has nothing on some of this stuff. Then again, I'm not sure some of this stuff is supposed to actually be eaten.

And on the topic of drinks...I finally tried a type of rum that is strong enough to get me plastered. Unless you have an iron stomach, I do not recommend trying the River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum. This stuff is seriously alcoholic and I was so mentally compromised that I let slip that I was a girl...fortunately for me, they were so impressed that I had been eating and drinking all this random (and sometimes disgusting) stuff that they decided to overlook it. That, or they were too drunk to remember it in the morning... Probably the latter.

Anyway, in search of interesting food, we have basically been to all corners of the world. China, South Africa, Australia, Cuba, Poland...you name it, we probably visited. We were in Greece for my 29th birthday and had some really good food but were actually there for the Ouzo. Ouzo is a type of alcohol that starts off at ninety-six percent, it has the strangest flavor and I don't know how to describe it so I won't even try. The food was good but the Ouzo was spectacular!

I'll be leaving this time soon and am seriously hoping for home (or close), but I'm not really expecting to get there.

Loving the food,

Ginny (aka "Gin, just Gin.")

Author's note: Okay, there's the edited/updated version of chapter one. The second (and final) edited/updated chapter will be up in a few days.