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CH- 1, My Fallen Angel

"Frau, you shouldn't ride so fast," Castor Hausen shouted above the roar of the engines as the hawkziles whooshed down a rough road bordered by a high sandstone cliff to the right, to a town at the extreme north of the Seventh district.

"The more speed the more fun, glasses," said the blonde currently speeding off ahead of the other two, his golden locks not able to stand against the strong wind was forced back, revealing two sapphire eyes that shone like a frozen lake in a bright morning.

"Let him be, Castor. He'll be fine," said the petite man riding along side Castor.

"Yeah, Lab. Tell the mother hen, that I can take care of myself," the blonde turned his head to face his two friends, not bothering to slow down.

The russet glared at his friend through his spectacles. "Frau, I know how much you can take care of yourself, that's why I am asking you to slow down. I don't know about you but Bastien-sama will certainly get a heart attack if you break that empty head of yours, you are the heir….."

"FRAU, WATCH OUT!" Labrador yelled wide-eyed, motioning to a hawkzile making a turn around the corner.

Frau zinged his hitomi at the upcoming danger. If he is not able to turn his hawkzile from the path of collision then a crash was inevitable. He applied the force of his entire body on the handle to make a left-turn. It appeared that the other rider had finally seen Frau and was trying his best to apply brake, but the speed at which both the hawkzile were going, the chances of accident were 99.9%

Another sec and the two hawkziles were engulfed in a huge cloud of dust. The sound of metal hitting metal as the two hawkziles slammed into each other could be heard 1 mile away. Castor and Labrador stopped their vehicles and took a running start to the accident spot. The dust slowly settled to give a clear picture of the surrounding. There lay the pieces of worthless metal, the ruins of the once-hawkziles. The riders were thrown to a considerable distance away from their vehicles, or more appropriately the ruins of the vehicles by the impact of the collision.

Frau was slammed to the rocky border. Labrador knelt beside his friend to examine him. Frau's right arm was bleeding, soiling his dark trench coat. Although everything else looked fine, the blonde had several bruises and his clothes were in a far from good condition. Frau's eyes shot up in an instant due to uncontrollable pain when Labrador slightly touched his bleeding arm to further examine it. Wincing from pain, he slowly sat up, leaning against the cliff wall, for support.

"I-I am fine Lab, no need to get so worried," said Frau trying to stand up and ultimately failing in the attempt; his entire body was uncontrollably shivering.

"Sit there. You dare stand up; I'll break both of your legs," Castor chided, with threatening hazel eyes. In his arms lay a dirty brunette currently unconscious, the brown locks matted with sickly red blood.

Frau stared at the stranger, before his world began to spin. His lids grew heavy and heavy and then everything went black, he slowly drifted back into the welcoming darkness, the strong coppery smell lingering in his senses for some time before completely vanishing into the hollow darkness.


"He was almost successful in committing suicide. He's lost a lot of blood, skinned and bruised his legs and hands and has apparently got his right arm stabbed; the only thing left to complete this set-up is a deep hole in his chest, I won't be surprised if Frau even manages to get that."

Frau groaned at mention of his name and twisted his head on the soft pillow-bed?-the blonde bolted upright to register a sudden pain flare through his right arm as soon as he forced his drugged body through this reckless activity.

Labrador gently pushed him down and helped him to sit in a more comfortable position, leaning him to a pillow.

Azure eyes scanned the surroundings. A large room, painted in a bright peach color by the light of the dying rays of the setting sun, a large French window occupied most of the left wall, opening to a balcony, which was left open to let in the late evening breeze. The rest of the room was mainly occupied by a king-sized bed that faced the French window, a dark oak night stand to its left with a tray on the top that assembled a crystalline jug filled with orange juice and a glass, a sofa to the right. A cupboard was fitted to the wall at left of the French window and a heavy oak door, with quaint carving, which opened to the hall, adorned the right wall. The only thing that proved the room belonged to the said blonde was a 'magazine' peeking through one of the cabinets of the night stand.

"You'll never learn anything, moron," Castor glared at his friend, who was busy trying to suppress his whimper by clutching the pathetic blanket, to the point his knuckles turned white.

Now for the first time, did he realize that his right arm was bandaged with stained bandages. Suddenly he remembered about the Hawkzile crash, mind sorting through the entire event. He could still remember the shrill cry, Labrador uttered as the hawkzile slipped under his legs. The flash of the brown hair and fear-stricken evergreen orbs….

"Where's the other rider?" Frau asked breathlessly.

Castor only stared at his friend. Hazel eyes then took a guilty look, hiding behind the glasses.

Frau was shocked; all of a sudden his throats became dry. He practically forced his tongue to utter those frightening words. "Did I kill him?"

The room was suddenly filled with a grave silence. Frau was horror-stricken, already burdened with the guilt of killing an innocent soul. Will Bastien ever forgive him? Most importantly, will he be able to forgive himself?

Just then a shrill noise broke into his train of thoughts.

Castor just managed to take a deep breath, before he broke into an uncontrolled, hysterical laughter. Labrador sitting to his side shook his lavender locks, heaving a sigh.

"Cut it out Castor. The boy is alright Frau, though he might have hit his head. Honestly, we were more worried about you," Labrador said with a small smile plastered on his face.

"Come on. You should have seen your face, oh my," said Castor wiping a tear from his eye.

The blonde glared at his supposed best friend, who was almost successful in giving him a heart attack, "That wasn't funny."

"It wasn't? So why were you petrified? And that wasn't a complete lie either; you almost killed him and yourself with your incredible driving skills," the russet's eyes hardened.

"What Castor means to say is that he was worried."


Frau looked down at his hands with bleary eyes, "H-How is …the old man?"

Both of his friends glanced at his each other and nodded.

"Bastien-sama got high BP. Even then he was arguing with us to let him stay with you. Here," Labrador replied, pouring the blonde some orange juice from the crystalline jug.

Frau chuckled into his glass.

"I expected that. Imma check on the kid." Frau got down from the bed slowly, getting the feel of his legs. It hurt little, considering the accident was just yesterday morning's incident.

"Stay here. Not even a sec after you wake after your coma-like sleep, and you start being a moron again." Castor was obviously the one to scold (quite predictable).

"Shouldn't you eat something first? You woke up hungry," Labrador pleaded.

"I'll be back by the time you get me the munchies, my body hurts lying on the bed for a long time," Frau said with a smile before limping his way out.

He didn't do it because he took Castor's little prank seriously, as the russet behind him reasoned to himself, but because he felt …this feeling… he was unable to distinguish but was faintly familiar with, it was urging him, something is going to happen….

"The room at the extreme right of this floor," Castor shouted from behind to the blonde, who even forgot to ask about the room the patient presently resided in.


Tap-tap-tap his steps echoed in the empty hallway, as headed for the room.

To the extreme right as Castor had specified or as Frau had already known, unless he allowed himself the liberty of being ignorant of his surrounding, stood a heavy oak door, carved just like his. He gently turned the golden knob, opening the door with an audible clink.

The wind was blowing through the open French window opposite to the door; except the satin curtain fluttering like a butterfly, there was no motion in the room, draped in the stillness of the night.

Frau dared to advance to the bare bed, abandoned by his occupier. Just then he caught sight of a figure through the dancing curtain standing in the balcony.

It all happened in a rhythmic union. The figure turned and Frau gasped.

In the silver moonlight, there stood the figure in a white night-gown. The wind caressed its blushed cheeks, blowing the brown mane over a pair of large emerald eyes, glistening silver in the moonlight but held a sad look that adorned the petite form.


Frau's tongue unconsciously slipped, when azure and emerald locked into each other.

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