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Chapter 1 Nobody Walks In LA

On any night in downtown LA, only the desperate or unstable would be on the streets. As soon as that sun set, nearly everyone knew that a different kind of being crawled out from the lowest point of life one could sink. Criminals roamed the streets committing all manner of devious activities, while prostitutes occupied nearly every corner doing anything that would guarantee their next fix. The homeless, desolate as ever, at least had one another to gather around fire pits in order to stay warm, but even small comforts turn sour in the wake of needing alcohol. The police were desperately outnumbered when confronted with gangs, murderers, and foolish kids attracted to the thrill of dangers. Due to this, the city had been slowly falling apart which encouraged more crime and seekers of chaos. The streets during the day were harsh enough, but the streets at night were incredibly dangerous.

Valeska Latimer knew of the danger involved with her evening strolls, and she was neither desperate nor unstable (well maybe a tad bit unstable). Ever since she was a child, late nights had always held special appeal to her. She could never figure out the exact reason why either. The night just felt more alive compared to the day, and especially so in a city like LA.

Compared to any young college student at first glance, Valeska appeared to be just like them. She stayed up late, ate poorly due to a tight budget, played video games, watched TV, hung out with classmates here and there, etc. She wasn't into parties though and was mainly an introverted person who desired alone time with her books or computer. As a child she was a nerd, and as an adult she was the same. She preferred it this way as knowledge was something she would choose any day over being athletic or popular. It showed too, as she was consistently the top of her class. Most would think that due to being a bookworm, she would naturally lack in social skills. While she was somewhat awkward around her peers she adapted more or less with their personalities and fit in without a problem. No one would expect anything differently about the warm and friendly Miss Latimer.

Under the surface though, Valeska was an entirely different person who relied on shady methods in order to survive. She was a hacker, a thief, and someone who was not above murdering another for a paycheck. There were a few things she had done in her past that she wasn't proud of, but for the most part she had no guilt about anything. When the time came she was cold, analytical, manipulative, and precise. However she did have her own personal code. She would never steal from a hospital, never get involved with anything related to drugs, and never kill someone without it either being in self-defense OR unless the person really had it coming. Everyone had to die eventually. Some people just died sooner than they were supposed to by unorthodox methods. In the end though, if she could avoid death she did.

Jobs could get rough though, and she had scars to prove it. On more than one occasion she had almost died and only just barely escaped from the immediate danger. She had some combat training thanks to her father, but the physical side of life was something that she had always struggled with. Complex theories she mastered easily, but helpful hand to hand stances eluded her. Another reason she no doubt believed in brain over brawn. When it came down to it, if she wasn't able to eliminate her target through stealth, she was in for the fight of her life.

Valeska continued to walk down the streets of downtown LA until she came across her favorite corner store. She stopped to look in her wallet which held her school ID, a maxed out credit card, a debit card with no funds, and a few dollars. She sighed irritably and passed the store, her sneakers squeaking slightly due to the wet concrete. Although some of her jobs paid handsomely, nearly all her money she sent to her only living blood relative: her grandma.

For the last few years, her grandma had been battling a serious case of lung cancer. Before that it was breast cancer, and before that it was a tumor. Now in her late seventies, she needed all the help she could get. At first she denied the money outright, but when Valeska assured her she was beyond well off with her new "job", she reconsidered. She had no idea that her granddaughter was nothing more than a petty unemployed criminal.

Just as Valeska was remembering a fond childhood memory involving her father, she found herself in front of her favorite spot in the city, the Venture Tower. It was probably one of the largest buildings Downtown and she couldn't help but stare up in amazement. The towering skyscraper was a sight to behold, and even if someone were to squint their eyes they would find it difficult to see the top floor. Tonight was no different and the clouds covered most of it. She could just make out a bit of light peeping out from behind the mists. No doubt it was some workaholic employee working hard to get a promotion. She shrugged and averted her eyes. There was no way she would ever be important enough to enter a structure like that, let alone ever share the hallways of the rich and powerful.

The young woman yawned and turned to take the return path to her apartment. She had a test tomorrow and it was foolish that she even bothered to come here. It may have been her favorite spot, but it frequently brought on her depression with thoughts of worthlessness. She shook her head, ran a hand through her shoulder length chocolate hair, and smirked while mentally trying to convince herself that there was hope. Her life had not been a happy one and she had faced more trials than most people would ever encounter. Maybe if she kept fighting onward she could amount to something in the end. That or end up in jail, one or the other.

As she continued on her return journey she noticed with unease that a group of about six men in dirty clothing were watching her with hungry dark eyes. At first she assumed they were homeless until one of them, probably the leader, stepped forward from the shadows in a threatening manner. It was then with horror that she saw on his arm a tattoo of an inverted spiked ankh. In other words, the symbol that traced back to one of the most notorious gangs in downtown LA because of the level of violence they inflicted upon the city.

In the papers there were constant reports of gruesome remains being found in garbage dumpsters and back alleys. The perpetrators though, either always ended up dead quickly after being detained before their trial, or had just the right lawyers to get them off scotch free. Even if she herself was in secret, a criminal, there was no way that what they did was morally right in any form. They were sick twisted beings whose crimes reflected those of a monster. If this strongly felt opinion made her a hypocrite, so be it.

Valeska avoided staring at them for too long as she didn't want to provoke them. Something wasn't right though, she could just feel it. She did a quick head count and realized that the menacing leader of the group was missing. Where had he gone? What happened next occurred so quickly that she barely had time to register it. One moment she was searching anxiously for the missing gang member and the next she was being grabbed and restrained from behind.

"You make one wrong move or attempt to get outside help and I'll slit your fucking throat. Got it?" her attacker hissed in her ear while holding something sharp, probably a knife, to her neck. She tried to nod but he was holding her so tightly that instead she mumbled a yes through his hand. Without another word he forced her down the alley toward their unknown destination.

Never in her entire life had she been so afraid. In her violent past she had been through hell and back, but something about this man terrified her down to her very bones. Whoever he was, she could sense a great evil coming from him. Part of her wished she could get a chance to see his face better, but the other part was too frightened. Realizing she was allowing her fear to control her, she tried to remain calm and think of a way out of her current situation.

The first thought was to physically overpower him, but that idea was pointless. He was far too strong first off, and he held her so tightly that she could barely move any part from her waist up. Secondly, because of the first reason, there were few techniques she could even attempt on him. She knew far too few combat moves in the first place, and only about one-fourth of those she had mastered. Even if by some random chance she did manage to escape, she doubted she could outrun him due to how fast he was currently running. Maybe if she was lucky she could talk her way out of this or somehow trick her attacker.

All of these options seemed very unlikely however and the fear quickly returned. She shut her eyes in an attempt to hold back her tears, but it was no use. Warm streams began to flow freely, and from behind she heard her assailant laugh quietly. The sick bastard was actually enjoying this as he continued to drag her roughly down the alley.

It wasn't long until they reached their endpoint, which surprisingly was the Venture Tower. Looking around she saw five other people also restrained by the gang members she had seen earlier. Some of them had guns, but others were holding what she believed to be switchblades to the throats of their victims. Upon closer inspection she was shocked to see that they were not knives at all, but very long sharp claws. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? Panicking she struggled furiously in a feeble attempt to flee only to feel what she now assumed to be claws, dig into her neck.

"What the hell did I say before bitch?!" Valeska stopped fighting the inevitable. Until she saw an opportunity she was stuck in this situation. She went back to staring at the other offenders only to now see their eyes were glowing red. Valeska grasped desperately in her mind to find a logical meaning behind what she was seeing. The fear was causing her to hallucinate. The lighting around them was being reflected in their eyes. They were wearing contacts. Anything with scientific meaning behind it was easier to except than the possibility that she was being held by a monster.

Before she could generate any more logical conclusions, she and the rest of the hostages were being hauled toward the building's doors. All she could think of was how ironic this all was. Her one dream to get inside the building was coming true and now she was probably going to die in it. What a perfect example of karma.

Everything happened so fast and yet so slow at the same time. One of the gang members kicked open the doors which resulted in the lock being broken and glass shattering everywhere. Valeska could hear her attacker shouting orders at the frightened obese security guard scurrying to hide under the safety of his desk, but she couldn't make out the words. It was like she was a puppet, disassociating herself from the event. A small group of police officers appeared suddenly from a back room. More words were exchanged, but they seemed to fall on deaf ears. Right as the officers appeared to be raising their weapons, one of the gang members leapt into action. He grabbed one officer, breaking his neck instantly while still holding his kidnapped victim.

The speed and strength of this man was incredible, and within a blink of an eye he had grabbed another one. This time he sank his teeth into the neck of the officer, tearing it open and causing blood to spray everywhere. The gurgled screams of the officer fell silent soon after, triggering the remaining officers to open fire, regardless of the hostage the monster held. Despite being shot at several times, the gang member barely batted an eyelash. His victim, a young man, was riddled full of bullets however so he was tossed aside like a ragdoll, his body hitting the tile with a sickening thud.

Valeska found she was unable to look away from the sheer terror of the chaotic scene unveiling in front of her. These men weren't human, they couldn't be. They really were monsters, but what kind she couldn't tell nor bother to care at the moment. She was too caught up with trying to convince herself that she had fallen asleep back home in front of the TV. The more she tried though, the more that thought was slipping away. It was too real to be a dream.

More gunfire unleashed this time from a different group of heavily armed men carrying assault rifles who seemed to appear out of nowhere. This time the gang of monsters were taken by surprise as this new group did not seem to have any concern for the hostages who were either now dead or soon to be.

Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled in a new direction as the gang leader rushed toward the open elevator doors. He threw her roughly inside and smashed the top button labeled PH while being fired at multiple times. Valeska found herself cowering in the corner pathetically. As the doors closed she saw what appeared to be a towering grey skinned being with a large blade charging toward who knows. He didn't look human either so she assumed he must be working with the other villains.

"Damn it!" her attacker shouted, punching a dent in the doors as the elevator moved up. He looked down at her and grabbed her up by her neck. She got the first look at who had kidnapped her and if there was any doubt about him being a monster, it was erased now. His eyes were just as blood red as the others, but to match his fierce eyes, he had a mouth full of sharpened teeth that jutted out at all angles. The only comparison she could think of with his teeth was the deep sea fish she enjoyed reading about.

"Please don't hurt me!" She begged feeling pitiful, "Whatever you want I can get it for you. I can even pay you large sums of money if you want!" Her penniless self was lying of course. He growled furiously and slammed her head against the wall. Stars flew into her eyes and she felt like she might pass out. A sweet irony taste filled her mouth, blood.

"Shut the hell up you worthless weak human!" He snarled at her with hate. "There is nothing you can give me except your blood. I should just drain you now and take on the Prince by myself." She tried to murmur something, probably to request information as nothing he said made sense, but she found herself unable to get the right words out. Who was this Prince? What was he the Prince of? Drain her of what? Blood? Her head was spinning now, and images of vampires entered her mind briefly. It was a ridiculous notion though. Everyone knew vampires weren't real. They stemmed from mythology and popular horror movies, not reality.

A soft ding was heard and shortly after the elevator doors opened. The gang leader whirled around, still holding her by the throat as he rushed down a dimly lit hallway. Valeska had no sense of where she was going, until the monster holding her used his shoulder to bash in a pair of beautiful looking doors.

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