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Hours later, Jane woke feeling exhausted and like someone had kicked him in the stomach. Perhaps Lisbon had while he was asleep, he complained. He could feel the cool tiles below him and raised his head slightly; he was on the floor but covered in a plush blanket.

He glanced up and saw Lisbon sitting crossed legged, her back against the bathtub fighting sleep. She sat on a cushion, her head repeatedly dropping to her chest before she shook herself awake again.

"Hey," he croaked.

"You're awake," she responded in surprise, eyes alert and scanning him.

"You were talking in your sleep... and drooling," he teased, but it came out in a broken voice he would swear was someone else's.

Recognising the reference, she barked a surprised laugh, "How are you feeling?"

"Awful," he told her honestly, struggling to sit up.

"Well drink some of this," she instructed, passing him a bottle of water.

He took it and swallowed some gratefully, his stomach protested strongly but it stayed down.

They waited a few more minutes as he drank more water, but with no signs of further vomiting, Lisbon helped him to the bedroom.

It was larger than he had thought but he didn't pay much attention. He just wanted to be horizontal and motionless again.

"Strip," Lisbon commanded, "and no jokes Jane, you have nothing I haven't seen and I'm tired."

Wisely remaining quiet he stripped to his underwear, he was so weak that a couple of times during his movements, he feared he would collapse.

Once undressed, Lisbon helped lay him on his side positioning his body on his side and placed a bucket on the ground. She then moved his hands below his head before putting multiple cushions behind him, gently tucking him in.

"Don't you think that's a tad excessive, I'm hardly going to jump you in my condition and we've slept beside each other many times before?" Jane grumbled.

"That wasn't in a hotel room Jane, anyway this is to keep you in the recovery position, so if you're ill you don't choke on it. It's three in the morning and I'd like to get some rest tonight if that's okay with you," she added, exhaustion evident in her tone.

"Sorry" Jane said, he hadn't realised how many hours had passed since they arrived, no wonder she was grouchy, she had spent almost a whole day making sure he was okay.

"It's fine Jane, just go to sleep," she assured him, switching off lights and settling in.

He listened to the sounds of her undress, wishing desperately to memorise the moment instead within seconds his eyes slid shut and he fell into a deep sleep.


Jane cracked open his eyes to the harsh daylight streaming through the window. He hadn't noticed the night before but there was a balcony beyond the window. He watched the curtain sway in and out to the light breeze, catching glimpses of the view beyond.

He felt like he had gone a few rounds with Mohammad Ali.

He swung his feet off the bed and gave himself a few seconds to steady and let his dizziness pass before entering the bathroom. There was still water in a bottle and he grasped it like a lifeline, chugging down the contents. He almost immediately regretted his actions when his stomach started to churn but he willed the contents to stay and mercifully they did.

He used the toilet and washed his hands, careful not to jostle himself too much. Glancing in the mirror he was taken aback by how awful he looked, no wonder Lisbon had taken pity on his wretched self. His hair was askew and greasy looking, no doubt from the fever, his face ashen and he was pretty sure he smelled really, really badly.

He grabbed his toilet bag and leaned against the sink for support. He cleaned his teeth first, then combed his hair before finally using a wash cloth and soap to give his body a quick clean. He finished with a large spray of deodorant and just in time too as exhaustion and weakness was zapping the remnants of his energy.

He put his stuff away and grabbed the bottle of water before returning to the room quietly. Lisbon was curled up on her side of the bed, an indistinguishable lump of blanket and raven hair.

Jane removed Lisbon's pillow divider, fairly confident he would not be ill again, and knowing he couldn't face the window and the light if he wanted more sleep. He tossed the pillows on the floor and slipped back in, practically asleep as soon as he lay down.


Lisbon felt too warm, she could feel herself sweating, no doubt because of the man wrapped around her. It was odd Walter hadn't been a snuggler but then again he wasn't here her mind reminded her.

Lisbon awoke with a start to find herself very much entangled with Jane. In fact her hands were currently attached to the upper part of his derriere underneath his boxers. His hands on the contrary were quite simply on her waist.

His upper body was surprisingly toned and for a man who had been ill all night he smelt unfairly good.

He wasn't human she decided. She inhaled again, Yup delicious.

She removed her hands slowly so as not to wake him and began extracting herself from his embrace. She couldn't help but notice he had had no reaction to her proximity, it was childish but she was a little hurt by that, it was meant to be involuntary.

She glanced up to see two slivers of blue/green watching her.

"Too hot," she explained retreating to the safety of her side, wondering just how they got in that position in the first place.

Jane nodded and closed his eyes again; glad that he was too dehydrated to get an erection. Lisbon would have killed him there and then, especially as this morning's wake up was now in the number one spot of his top ten over the last decade.

Still he was too sleepy to tease her and too comfortable to want too.

Over the next few hours, Jane zoned in and out of consciousness, with brief interruptions for bathroom breaks and water.

Lisbon was there to help him each time he awoke and he was beyond grateful for her help but mostly he couldn't find the energy to form sentences and remain upright.

He stirred slightly as a light went on and Lisbon pottered around the room. The darkness outside alerted him to his having slept through another day.

What a great companion he was, tailing her, then causing her team to call her thinking he was dead, and then topping it all off with a bout of vomiting and exhaustion. Some holiday she was having.

Still on his part it had been nice, the last time he had been this unwell he had been alone save for his personal demons in his Malibu home. The contrast between this warm bed and the pleasant touch of a friend, and the isolating bleakness he had experienced there, was more than just the literal miles from where he was now.

He felt safe. It was an odd feeling, to know that one pint sized princess could and would take on the world to save you, even with your being the only one to have hurt her in recent times. A wave of guilt passed over him. He had lashed out at her unfairly and he needed to make amends.

He noted Lisbon was settling down beside him. He could feel the bed dip and her rustling the covers before he was plunged again into darkness. The domesticity of the situation should have hurt; instead it was just another welcome sensation.

He listened as her breathing slowed and evened out. Once he was sure she really was slumbering he slid closer, pulling her to him. She was so petite that she fit perfectly into him. He had enjoyed their position the other night more than he cared to admit so was gleefully taking advantage while he could.

He was most assuredly less than fresh at the moment but Lisbon's hair smelled of lavender and citrus and it filled his senses. He breathed in, trailing his nose down the strands to her neck. The urge to continue on had to be tempered down, one, they were friends and he had no right to be having these thoughts and two, he would hardly have the energy to follow through on the off chance she was willing to go there.

He consoled himself with placing his hand on her hip and pulling her closer, letting her rhythmic breathing pull him under.

Lisbon awoke to the uncomfortably hot feeling she had the morning before. Jane had again managed to latch on to her in his sleep. The man was like a nocturnal limpet. He was still a little pale but seemed a bit better. There was some colour in his cheeks, though that could have been a fever.

She smiled at his disarray of curls and slightly open mouth, he reminded her of Tommy at five, all innocence in sleep and devilish behaviour when awake.

Extracting herself from his grip she moved to the bathroom. Jane grumbled in his sleep at her actions, causing her to have to muffle a chuckle. He really was too cute for his own good.

Stepping under the shower she let the lukewarm water freshen her up. As the droplets pounded a steady rhythm she let her mind wander. What exactly was she doing? She knew that she had wanted a change from her life, which is why she left, but here she was doing the same thing she had been doing for the last decade, looking after Jane.

The worst part was she didn't even mind. She was glad he was here and that killed her.

She quickly got dressed, slipping into a floral dress and brushing her hair and teeth. Emerging from the bathroom she moved to the balcony where her books were.

After all the hustle and bustle of the last few days, relaxing with a beautiful view was what she needed, and despite his being bedridden, Jane's soft snores and occasional need of a leaning post had staved off any loneliness.

After a couple of hours she heard Jane rise. He peaked out of the curtain blinking rapidly at the bright light. Once his eyes adjusted she could see him take in the view, circling all that was visible before settling on her.

She sometimes felt uncomfortable with how he looked at her, years before she had likened it to an insect under a microscope, more recently it felt more like he was cataloguing every millimetre of her for later scrutiny. She had yet to decide which was worse.

"Hey" she opened with; as it was clear he was more than contented to stare indefinitely.

"Hey yourself," he beamed back, and she had to resist the desire to blink repeatedly at the brightness of that.

"So you feel any better?" Lisbon asked warily, she had promised herself if he didn't get up today she was bringing him to the hospital.

Jane weighed up how he was feeling before answering, "Yeah, I guess" he said finally.

"You guess?" that was hardly the encouraging answer she was looking for.

Seeing Lisbon's frown, Jane realised he better be clearer, "Well I'm ninety nine per cent sure the churning in my stomach is hunger."

That was understandable; she wished Jane could just say what he meant in the first place it would make her life a lot easier.

"Well you refused the toast I offered you last night."

"I did? I don't recall that at all," he neither remembered the conversation nor why he said no, he must have been out of it.

"Well I can call down for breakfast if you like" Lisbon suggested.

"You haven't eaten?" he asked, she was up and dressed and her hair was dry so she must have risen a while ago.

Lisbon knew this Jane way to well, the man was always on her case about food, "No it's only coming up to nine now and I wasn't hungry."

"Hmm" he grumbled, and she knew had they been at the office, a bear claw would be appearing within the next twenty minutes.

"Well why don't you order and I'll go shower. I feel like I've bathed in sweat."

"You are pretty pungent" Lisbon kidded, overjoyed he seemed better, he'd had her worried.

"Thanks kick a man while he's down." He mocked.

"Will you be okay standing?" Lisbon checked, he was weak and she didn't want him falling.

"I'll sit on the ground, unless you want to come in and hold me up instead. You could wash the hard to reach places..." he ribbed, enjoying how Lisbon's face flamed at the idea. He ducked inside narrowly missing the bookmark she threw in reprisal.

He went to the bathroom and closed the door, turning the shower to slightly cooler than comfortable, he guessed he wasn't dehydrated anymore and the images he had put into his own head hadn't helped.

He sat on the floor, not wanting to chance falling over and having to explain more than why he had risked standing up. He could hear her low voice on the phone as he scrubbed away the past few days. He had to think of a way to show her how appreciative he was and to also get her to come home with him, because if they did anything, the last few days reminded him he didn't want to be without her.


Lisbon moved to the balcony again as Jane emerged. Despite having spent two nights in bed with him in only his underwear, Jane in a towel felt far more sexual and she was trying desperately to move her mind from those thoughts.

She had been gone over two months, most of it with another man and all the feelings she had put away were very much at the forefront of her mind again.

She was going to have to distance herself and soon otherwise the small thread of sanity she had would snap. He had hurt her too many times, she needed to remember that.

A loud knock on the door, announced the arrival of the food and she heard Jane call out that he would get it. The female voice faltered and fumbled over the usual spiel they gave every time food arrived.

Lisbon smirked to herself; the poor girl had only dealt with her so far and was clearly intimidated by the extremely attractive man answering the door today.

The curtain pulled back and Jane brought out a large tray with assorted covered plates.

"How many people did you order for?" Jane asked in surprise.

"Well let's see, there is you, me and Renaldo," she purred.

"Renaldo?" Jane's voice shrilled high above his usual range and Lisbon lost her composure, erupting into laughter.

Catching on Jane harrumphed.

"Payback for your shower crack earlier," Lisbon pointed out.

"Yes very droll" Jane muttered, pulling off one of the chrome lids. He looked surprised and delighted, "You ordered eggs."

"Of course I did, they are not only your favourite but they are good for you too, especially after being unwell," Lisbon tutted, the man got excited about the weirdest things.

Jane was touched by the gesture, even if Lisbon fobbed it off as nothing and the rest of the unveiled plates only served to further that feeling.

It was a mix of all the healthiest things he liked to eat and spoke volumes over how concerned she had been about his illness. He was again reminded that the only one who knew him completely was here.

He smiled warmly at her, thanking her for her thoughtfulness.

They dug into the feast and Jane was elated when he kept it all down. He had been slightly concerned but now as he sipped his tea he was sure the bug had passed.

When they were done, there was still fruit, croissants and other food that remained untouched, it was a waste but he had liked being able to pick bits of everything. Lisbon had gotten almost as good at reading him as he did her.

They sat for a while like that, Lisbon with a book and he with his tea, just enjoying the peace.

His energy levels were thankfully returning but it was too soon to want to go anywhere or do anything.

Another knock on the door and housekeeping entered. They shuffled around cleaning up and Jane was relieved to see the sheets would be removed, he hadn't fancied sleeping on them again tonight but then again he may not be.

Hadn't Lisbon told him she wanted him gone by Sunday and by his calculation that was today. He couldn't see the marina but the numerous yachts sailing away in the distance presumably meant the hotels were vacated. Perhaps he should take off, give her space, but he found he simply didn't want too.

"So was this the plan?" he wondered out loud.

"Hmm" Lisbon looked up from her book, meeting his eyes. She was makeup free and still breath-taking. He wondered just when he started to think of her that way.

When he didn't answer she prompted him again, "Jane, what plan?"

"Getting to Split and doing nothing, just reading and sitting around, was that what you had in mind?" he explained.

"No I had a cruise to one of the islands booked for this morning, but my pain in the ass consultant decided to continue his long standing tradition of wreaking havoc with my intentions" she taunted, but grinned at him to show she wasn't really angry before going back to her reading.

"So I ruined your weekend in more than one way" he said in a low voice more to himself than her.

"Jane you had a temperature and were being ill, constantly. I know you can do bio feedback but even I'm not blaming you for that. You were sick, I could hardly leave you." She stated, her eyes flicking over the words on the page.

Jane hated the little voice that pointed out she could and had left him, but that was his fault too.

"Well we can go tomorrow" he suggested hopefully.

"They won't run again until Wednesday" she shrugged without looking up.

"I'm sure we can rent a boat," he volunteered; he really did want to make this up to her and of course make sure he remained with her.

"Oh yeah, it would be a great trip, what with our boat licences and vast knowledge of sailing," she mocked, finally glancing up.

Seeing his very serious face, she gasped "You have a sailing licence?"

Jane scrunched up his face in thought, "Yes, and I'm sure it's still valid."

Lisbon's mouth gaped, "Seriously, you have a sailing licence?"

Jane rolled his eyes at her surprise, "I lived by the ocean Lisbon and money was never an option so of course I sailed."

"Of course he does, what can't he do? What cant the great Patrick Jane do?" she grouched to herself before speaking again, "I'm sure it's not that easy though Jane, foreign rules etcetera, I can wait until Wednesday don't worry about it."

I can wait, like Hell was he going to give her a chance to lose him. He knew she'd take a nap around two; she had done it each day so he'd see what he could arrange then.

He decided to distract her from her thoughts about leaving him, "You know Lisbon getting an Unlimited Master's Licence isn't easy. To get one you have to have several years of sea going experience and complete various nautical studies at a maritime academy," he told her with pride.

Lisbon squinted, letting her eyes scan over his face, "Really you actually did all that? No games or cons to get out of it?"

"Well not all… I was extremely busy at the time," Jane laughed, "However I am an excellent sailor and I do have my licence."

Lisbon rolled her eyes, refocusing her attention on her book. "I knew it."

Jane grew weary over the course of the afternoon; the heat was strong and eventually pushed them indoors. However he fought the tiredness so he could sneak out as soon as Lisbon dropped off.

As the only large comfortable space in the room, they both naturally gravitated to the bed. Lisbon continued to read as Jane surfed a few of the channels settling on the news. He kept it low so as not to disturb Lisbon, but loud enough that he could focus his attention and keep himself awake. When she finally did nod off, he immediately vacated the room and went down to the lobby.

He approached the receptionist, Mika according to his nametag, who was more than eager to help. Jane relayed his requirements of a motorised sailboat, which could sleep two and travel between the Islands. Mika told him that he could satisfy his request and called a sailboat rental business that was quite close by.

It didn't take a mentalist to figure out he was getting a cut of the business he sent their way but the price was still pretty fair and they had everything he needed. After Jane finished talking to the boat owner, he thanked Mika for his help, relieved that it was done.

Jane moved to leave but as an afterthought he inquired about maps and sights to see. He wanted to make this special, to give her a better experience than she would have had, and it really wouldn't do to get them lost, especially not in someplace where Lisbon could so easily dispose of his body.

Mika scuttled off to another room and came back with a variety of brochures and maps, placing them on the reception desk. Jane quickly glanced through them and saw that all the basics were covered but he was a little worried he'd run into the countless yachts he had seen earlier.

"So this should cover a few of the Islands but is there anything else I need to know? I am trying to avoid the usual tourist traps and get a more authentic feel," he explained.

Mika pointed to areas on the maps, "Well there are a few hidden coves and romantic spots and restaurants that would be less known but would no doubt exceed you and your lovely partners' exquisite standards. I can mark them for you sir."

Jane indicated his acceptance and watched as the man scribbled numerous notes on several of the maps. He owed Lisbon an amazing trip and he would give it to her.

"There you go sir," he finished passing over the information, "Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Mashburn?"

Jane started at the name but remembered who was originally meant to be occupying his side of the bed and who had been up until a few weeks ago.

"Yes actually I'd like to check us out tomorrow and can you please call the rental place and move the booking up to tomorrow, with all you've given me well I'm just ready to explore straight away," Jane added, the thought of Mashburn had rattled him and he wanted out of here not to mention it wouldn't really give Lisbon much of a choice but to come with him so win/win.

He returned to the room to find Lisbon still out cold, he turned the air con up and slid in next to her. He snuggled up and she instinctively curled into him. He figured he'd better enjoy it as
there was a seventy per cent chance she would kill him when he told her what he'd done.

Glad to finally be able to give in to his exhaustion Jane dropped off, pleased with this turn of events.