A Queen's Champion

Warrior of the North

Queen Henrietta of Tristain sat alone in the middle of her bed, hugging her legs to her chest as she rested her chin on her knees. Her crown was off, placed on top of one of the bedside tables. She recalled the earlier events of the day: the official grand wedding of Sir Saito Hiraga, Knight of Tristain, and Louise Fran├žoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, her closest childhood friend and third daughter of the eminent and noble Valliere family.

It was a very happy and wonderful affair, one that was sure to be recorded prominently in the history books. Many people attended, wanting the chance to see the two heroes be wed. Nobles from all over Halkeginia arrived - and the man who presided over the ceremony was none other than the Pope of Romalia himself. After all, Saito and Louise had been pivotal in saving the continent from destruction and chaos. Of course there were also few common folk, or plebeians as they were called, because the young couple had become good friends with a few of them through their adventures.

Henrietta had watched it all with a smile, attending as Queen of Tristain and also as Louise's closest childhood friend, but deep down her heart ached and a sadness consumed her. The sadness of loneliness. A loneliness created mostly because of her position as a member of the Royal Family, first as Princess and then as Queen. Her own love had long since passed from the world, or at least it seemed so long ago. His last words to her had been for her to love another, and yet the one other person she found herself loving was already taken.

So what was left for her? Was it her fate not to find lasting love? She had been able to ignore it for so long now, particularly because there was important work to be done to save her kingdom and the whole continent. But now that there was peace, now that it was all over, she found herself once again alone.

Her closest friend Louise had Saito, and Henriette envied her because of that. Why could she not find someone for herself as well? And with an assured time of peace ahead, talks of her need to marry were bound to arise. Soon, the political and social pressure to marry will most likely force her to marry some high-ranking noble simply because it was required of her. The only other alternative was if she could find someone else herself, but aside from Saito she had not found anyone else alive worthy of her heart.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not realize that the sky outside had begun to brighten and the sun soon was poking its head over the horizon. She blinked, shaking her head groggily as she lay back down on her soft, comfortable bed. Her body ached, sore from having remained in the same position for hours and tired from having not slept at all.

Henrietta let out a sigh. What was she to do?

Then an idea popped into her head. An idea that was so crazy that she wondered what would happen once people found out. An idea that had as much chance of failure as success, and yet, it was an idea she was willing to try. After all, if Louise was able to do it, perhaps she could as well. She knew that it was expressly forbidden, and yet she wanted to do it. She needed to. Her only hope was that it would work the same way as it did with Louise, but doubt gnawed at her as fate had been cruel to her love life for a long time now. But perhaps this would be different, and she wanted to take that chance.

Getting out of bed with renewed spirit and ignoring the protests of her aching, tired body, Henrietta grabbed her wand and opened one of the floor-to-ceiling windowed doors that led out onto her spacious private balcony. She stepped out swiftly and breathed in the chilly, fresh morning air.

Her body shivered slightly as the cool air touched her mostly exposed skin, having only her nightgown and her underwear for cover. Thinking better of it, she went back inside to put on a robe before heading back out.

The balcony was large and spanned the length of her Royal bedchambers, which was of course cavernous in her opinion.

She gazed out over the castle and the surrounding land, marveling as she usually did at the sight and the beauty of it all. Then she turned her attention to the task at hand. There was definitely enough space here to perform the ritual.

She hesitated. The nobles of her kingdom would not be happy about this, and even her mother would most likely disapprove. But she wanted this. Every fiber of her being was telling her that this was okay, that she should be able to do this. That she should get on with it and let the chips fall where they may. Even though her mind told her that this would not go over well politically or even socially, she at least had to try. Besides, it might not even work out the way she wanted it to. She might summon a normal animal familiar, which she can always banish later on or at least keep it hidden.

She needed to try it. She wanted to try it. And at that moment she was crazy enough and desperate enough to go through with it.

She steeled herself and stiffened her body as she raised her right arm, wand in hand. She concentrated on her magic as she recalled the necessary wand movements as well as the required chant, though the actual content of the chant of course was up to the caster to determine.

"Heed me, my familiar that exists somewhere in this vast universe. A familiar of strength and beauty, of love and duty. Listen to my summons and the cry of my heart. I need you now, come forth and answer my call!" she cried as she felt the magic build up around her, coursing through her. The tip of her wand glowed as the magic released itself.

Magical energy crackled a few feet in front of her, coalescing into one sphere of bright energy. A second after the sphere formed there was a blinding flash that caused Henrietta to stumble backwards with an "eek!" and fall on her butt, her eyes closing involuntarily to protect against the intense light. Her arms went to her sides to steady herself, palms touching the cold stone floor.

It took a few seconds of blinking before she could see properly. She was filled half with dread and half with excitement as she opened her eyes to look at what familiar she had managed to summon. As soon as her gaze fell upon the familiar, her eyes widened and her heart began to race.

Lying face down on the stone floor of her balcony was a muscular young man with long dark hair tied into a ponytail that ran down his back. The reason she knew he was muscular was simply because he wore no shirt. He was very fit with well-defined muscles that looked chiseled into his skin by a master sculptor.

The summoned man wore strange metallic armor with markings and designs that she had never seen before, and that armor covered only the lower half of his body up to his abdomen, where a giant belt held it together on him. A thick leather strap ran diagonally across his torso, from the lower right part of his body to his upper left shoulder, affixed to which was a thick, two-layered shoulder plate. The skull of some horned creature, with ice blue jewels for eyes, was fashioned out of metal and lay upon the shoulder plate. Wrapped around his forearms were arm guards with the same styling and metalwork as the rest of his armor, with the similar ice blue gems.

That was when she noticed that his armor looked very worn, as if he had dropped in right after a battle. Chunks of the armor were missing; there were numerous cracks, scratches, and cuts into the steel. Even his shoulder plate looked damaged and the leather strap was torn and ripped in some places. Surprisingly, other than a few bruises and minor scrapes, the man himself seemed to be unscathed and she wondered how that could be given the state of his armor. And more importantly given the fact that much of his upper body was exposed.

Slowly, she walked over to him and knelt beside him. Using all her strength, she managed to roll him over onto his back, finally being able to take a look at his face for the first time. He had sharp features, with a prominent nose and thick black eyebrows that matched his hair and his well-groomed beard and mustache that framed his mouth. Faint traces of scars could be seen on his face. He looked both wild and regal, which was a strange notion to her since those two seemed to be at extreme opposites of each other.

Henrietta knelt beside her summoned familiar, studying him while at the same time coming to terms with the fact that not only had she gone through with the summoning but she succeeded in getting a human familiar. This was what she wanted, right? What remained was to simply seal the familiar contract with a kiss, but she hesitated at first. Once the contract was sealed, there was truly no turning back as the contract would bind them with the strongest and deepest of magics. Death would be the only way out of the contract.

She had gone so far already, however, to simply quit now. Besides, Henrietta actually had no idea how to banish a summoned familiar, and she did not have any desire to kill him. When she really thought about it, moving forward and sealing the contract was really the only option she had left. Steeling herself, her heart pounding mightily in her chest, she leaned forward and brought her face close to his. As she was within a mere inch of his face, she closed her eyes and kept going. Their lips met briefly, her body tingling oddly, and then she quickly pulled back, cheeks slightly red.

Almost instantly, the man had a sharp intake of breath and his eyes fluttered open and widened in shock and then confusion, revealing sharp, bright teal blue eyes. His entire body glowed for a few seconds as the contract took effect, before everything returned to normal.

Henrietta was still kneeling beside him, amazed at what had happened in the last few minutes. She felt a little lightheaded from the exertion of the summoning and a little from the kiss, her heart still pounding away in her chest from the latter. She laid one hand on top of another on her lap as she watched him.

From what she could see, he seemed to be disoriented, blinking several times and shaking his head lightly. Eventually, he looked around and spotted the young purple-haired Queen with the slightest hint of surprise passing through his features. He sat up, some of his well-toned muscles flexing at the motion, and looked around the room as he tried to determine where in Valoran he was.

There was a slight chill in the room, but it did not bother him in the slightest. He was used to far colder conditions than this.

The man noticed that he was on a balcony, with large floor-to-ceiling glass windows through which he could see inside to a bedroom that was as spacious as it was decorated. The architecture and stonework was of excellent quality. The linens, furniture, and decorations all looked very expensive and well-made, evidence of the wealthiness of this young lady who knelt beside him. All of it was unfamiliar to him, and that made him wary.

He looked back at Henrietta and for a moment studied her, hoping to get some answers from the young woman.

"H-Hello..." she said meekly, unsure of what to say. No doubt he did not understand the nature of their relationship now or what had just happened. Any questions that he had, she was more than willing to answer in order to make things perfectly clear. She only hoped that they could understand each other's speech.

"Hello, miss," his voice was deep and strong, which Henrietta found rather alluring, "Where am I? This is not any part of the League that I remember... is this a new Field of Justice?"

"The League?" she repeated, as if doing so might spark a memory of it. "Field of... justice?" Sadly, she had no idea what he was talking about, and sincerely hoped that he was not some crazy person of a familiar. At the very least, she was relieved that they were able to understand to each other at least.

"Yes. The League of Legends. Surely you have heard of it?" he said and then he concentrated as he tried to remember his most recent memory, "I was battling in the Field of Justice known as the Summoner's Rift and had been, I am ashamed to admit, defeated in battle. I was supposed to respawn back at my team's camp, but then... well, I have awakened here..." he gestured around the room with his right hand. Wherever here really was.

Henrietta was completely lost. League of Legends? Field of Justice? Summoner's Rift? Respawn? These words meant nothing to her, and she explained as much. At least she understood now why he seemed like he had recently returned from battle: because he actually had been in a battle. For a moment she allowed herself to picture him battling a horde of vicious enemies, and she felt her pulse quicken again.

He was troubled by her response, or at least lack thereof. A wealthy young woman, obviously living in some castle from the looks of the room and balcony, apparently had no idea what the League of Legends was. This was not sitting well with him at all, though he did not find it surprising in the slightest that fate once again chose to pick on him.

"If this is not a part of the League... then where am I, exactly? And how did I get here?"

"Well," she began as she wondered herself where this man had come from, "You are in Tristania, capital of the Kingdom of Tristain, located in northwestern Halkgeinia." She paused, clasping her hands together on her lap.

"I've never heard of those places before. What part of Valoran is this place?" he asked, growing even more troubled.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know where this place you call Valoran is."

Tryndamere was not liking this one bit.

"As for how you get here... well.. I... uh... I summoned you."

"I thought you said this was not part of the League, and yet you are a summoner?" he was utterly confused at this point, and actually cast a suspicious glance at her. "What trickery is this?" the accusatory tone made her flinch a little, but she did not back down from his suspicious gaze.

"This is no trick, sir!" she replied quickly and honestly, then realizing she had raised her voice she continued timidly, "I summoned you here to be my familiar." She blushed a little as she caught herself checking him out. She could not help but look since he was shirtless after all. Thankfully, he did not seem to notice.

The man started shaking his head, looking around the room again hoping that maybe a second look around might reveal any clues. "I... do not understand." Glancing back at her, he asked, "And who are you exactly, miss?"

"My name is... Henrietta, and I am Queen of Tristain. What's... what's your name?"

His bright blue eyes gazed into her own similarly light blue ones. "I am Tryndamere, First Warrior of the northern tribes of Valoran."

Author's notes: Yet another anime series that I like - though I definitely like Henrietta better as a main character.

Yes, you read that right. I decided to take Tryndamere from League of Legends and bring him into this world... I think no one's tried him before. haha why did I pick him? Well, first of all he is human. Second, he has the strongest attack damage and wields a giant sword, not to mention him being and looking like a general badass. Two things though: one he is younger and not as big as he actually is (because otherwise he would be an absolute giant in this universe, imho) and his sword has also been reduced in size to match. That said, he and his sword are still big and strong.

This is the face I'm going for (the barbarian king skin), but less old and the facial hair isn't as long to reflect that: www leagueoflegendsskins com/images/champions/splash/Tryndamere_