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Disclaimer: I do not own the Mighty Ducks cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Mighty Ducks they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events.

These are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction. I also get ideas from fellow readers and friends if you see your idea in my story Thanks.

Also if my readers see an idea in my story they have given thanks for the idea also a shout out to people who have beta'd for me you rock.

D1 - AU

I don't own any of the mighty ducks characters.

.I do own Faith Banks , Katie McGill, Jed Holland, Josh Riley, Sarah Riley , Ali Riley, or any other characters that did not appear in the movie.


Chris and Katie Mcgill-11

Adam and Faith Banks-11

Josh and Ali Riley-11

Jed Holland-11

Jase Wise-11

Piper Fanger-11

Zeb Larson-11


Mary Cook-11

Roger Copper-11

George Quinn-11

Rick Riley-14

Scott Holland-14

Cole Sutherland-14

Sarah Riley-13

Noah Wilson-14

Leland Kabine-14

Luke Banks-15

Ethan Heart-15

Jake Labine-13

Jason Kirby-13

Bandon Holland-Gunner Staul –his name change will be explained in D2.

I don't like Peter so he will be real bratty -I also don't like Charlie so they will be bratty Roger and George are Charlie's best friends so they will be like him. - Brandon Holland will appear in D2- Adam, has a twin sister her name is Faith. McGill also has a twin her name is Katie and she is just like McGill


Chapter 1


"Why are we spying on the D5 dorks?" I asked I was so bored when Katie and Chris picked Josh and I up I didn't expect us to be spying on the worst team in the peewee hockey league. With some of our team mates Adam and Faith Banks, Jed Holland, Jase Wise, Piper Fanger and Zeb Larson.

"Yeah." Josh replied to my question earlier

"Oh man they are pathetic." Zeb replied

I shook my head my question wasn't answered oh well they were real funny to watch.

We laughed as we watched them fall down.

"They ware funny to watch" Katie replied

"Come on, let's do something else" Adam said

"Watch "Hey dorks get a life" Chris called

"Watch and see dorks preform." Faith said

"Hey dorks quit hockey you can't play" Katie called "Find another Hobby" Katie yelled again

"He moves from the pucks still" Jase said laughing at their fat goalie he was the goalie for the Hawks

``the one girl and that other boy seem to be good`` Josh replied

``The girl in the green north stars hoodie stinks`` Zeb said laughing

``Mary Cook she is from Minneapolis`` I replied

They looked at me

"We had to play with her when we were young. She couldn't hold a stick" Josh said pulling down his hat he always wore a hat he had no hair and we looked identical except I had long brown hair.

We laughed as they all fell down. We teased them more and laughed at them

"What dorks" Josh said

We laughed and ran off.

"Very entertaining" Chris replied

"Yeah if you like the Dorks on ice" Jed replied we laughed and walked to Jed's.

We arrived at Jed's to see our brothers on rollerblades playing street hockey.

"Where have you squirts been?" Scott asked

"Dorks on Ice" Adam replied

As the older guys laughed.

"Feeling better?" I asked my brother Rick he had a milk allergy and had a reaction after having milk product.

"Yeah" he replied shooting the puck.

I nodded. Where ever Rick was you would be sure to see Cole Sutherland, Scott Holland, Noah Wilson, Leland Kabine, Luke Banks Ethan Heart, Jake Labine, and Jason Kirby,

Just as you would see me with Jed Holland, Josh, Adam ,Faith ,Zeb Katie, Chris, Piper and Jase.

"So short stuffs where you were?" Scott asked again we hadn't answered or I hadn't told him

"Watching the dorks on ice"

"Have they got a coach?" Cole asked

"No they don't" I replied

"Man what losers how do they even play." Scott replied shaking his head.

The Banks's lived in between me and the McGill's. The Holland's lived across the street from the McGill's and in between the Larson's the Sutherland has lived across from the McGill's we all loved it.

We all played a game of hockey. Then went our separate ways. I had to finish my homework so I went to my room.

I sat at my desk I was getting bored with my math. I picked up a picture of my friends.

And looked at the picture we were all in the Sutherlands pool.

Josh, Kevin, Rick and me, Cole, Bryan, and Payton Sutherland, Scott, Brandon, Jed and Connor Holland, Adam, Alex and Luke Banks, Chris, Katie, and Hayden who was on crutches at the time. McGill. Leland Heart and his cousin Liam, Peter Labine and his step brother Joel Kabine we were all pretending to grab for the ball in the center of the pool.

I laughed quietly I remembered the whole thing. We had all actually slipped and all landed in the pool in a big mess we ended up laughing why we had laughed. We hadn't expected to fall. But it was funny. Well to all of us it was.

I smiled and put it down.

My brother Kevin who was eighteen at the time so were Alex Banks, Garth Sutherland and Connor Holland Kevin was now at the university of Michigan playing for the wolverines Connor went to the university of Maine , Garth was at the university of Michigan state

I pulled out my diary and started to read an entry I wrote

Well the musketeers did it again. Man the team we played against pathetic. The goalie who just moved here from Philly(Had a Philadelphia Fliers Jersey I heard him say he was a goalie from Philly) stinks he just let us put the pucks in. the other teammates are real bad. Maybe 1 good no 2 good players a black boy and a another white kid. Other than that they stink. They basically wear anything. Their coach didn't even seem to care.

We play against the Florida bears and the Bangor tigers next.

I turned to another page.

We won against the bears their center was real good they are number 3 where they come from next the tigers. This girl and I were the same she was better than me. She had speed.

The bears will lose against the Hawks so will we they are number 1 .but we are number 2 yes!

I continued to read

We played the Tigers man the goalie is awesome she is real good. Josh, Jed and I were only able to get 1 shot each past her we won by 1 point. Wow she was good. And she is like 9 or 10 wow.

I wrote

Chris had the brilliant idea to spy on the D5 team oh man they are pathetic. They shouldn't even be called a team. Oh boy.

Rick is okay thank God. He was at the Holland's he had an allergic reaction to milk and Scott's dad knew to give him the shot he has to be careful and read labels or make sure people don't cook with milk. I also have to stop spying on the DORKS! HA not! What losers!

I shut my journal and started back on my homework.

I finished it just as there was a knock on my door

"Yeah" I replied as my door opened

"You still have this picture?" Rick asked as he came up beside me at my desk.

"It was funny" responded

He nodded and spoke" We have good times"

"I know we still do"

"Dinner is ready" Rick told me

I nodded and followed Rick down stairs. We goofed off a bit we were very close. He was my best friend as well.

We had dinner as a family every night. I loved my life it couldn't get any better than this could it?