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Disclaimer: I do not own the Mighty Ducks cast or any of the story characters that do not appear in Mighty Ducks they are my characters. This is all a work of fiction they are not based on real people or events.

These are are from hearing stuff from conversations or thinking of it and writing them down. For facts I do research and look things up. this is all fiction. I also get ideas from fellow readers and friends if you see your idea in my story Thanks.

Also if my readers see an idea in my story they have given thanks for the idea also a shout out to people who have beta'd for me you rock.

Tryouts, Not a Duck, But a hawk

Ali Pov

"I hate trying out for the Hawks every year" I said as I went to the rink with my team mates.

"Yeah every year it is the same. All girls stay behind"Piper replied.

I nodded and spoke." Then he puts us threw drills we have already done"

"You're the same level as us guys. I don't know why Rilley drills the girls. "Chris said

"Well he wants only the best players. So when girls tryout he wants to strongest not the weakest." Faith pointed out.

"I love when Rilley says you made the team." Piper said as she looked around. The rink the 1973 peewee second place ribbon bothered Rilley he always told us if we didn't come in first. We wouldn't make the team the following year. We always won so we never worried.

``True I love hockey and I`m good at it`` Katie replied

"I love Playing the Game." Faith replied

We nodded

"Man I love hockey I couldn't imagine not playing" Adam said

There were always girls who tried out.

"Watch this. "Chris called. "Hey girls - the cooking class is next door!"

The group laughed as the girls squirmed. They actually did look out of place. One had on a pink jersey, pink skates, pink socks… even her laces were pink, as was the tape on her stick. Even her gloves and helmet were pink. I laughed at that, as did the boys, Piper, Katie and Faith we fit with the boys we loved the game and it showed.

"Everyone in a straight line!" Coach Reilly called out as he skated onto the ice. Everyone lined up. "Now, when I read off your name, tell me tell me your position. Got it?" He started calling off people's names. He got to us.

"Banks, Adam."

"Forward, Coach."

"Banks, Faith" Reilly paused for a moment he looked at Faith.

"Can you play, or are you here just to say you tried out?" he asked her

. "I can play. I score on my brother's friends all the time." She told him

He skated to Chris he told Reilly he played right wing. He stopped and looked at Katie he asked her the position she played she told him Right Wing. He skated to Josh

"Riley, Josh" he replied

"Forward Sir" Josh told him looking at me. As Reilly skated towards

"Forward, Coach." I told him with confidence.

Reilly paused for a moment. "Can you play, or are you here just to say you tried out?"

I felt indignant. "I can play. Like Faith said I also score on my brothers." I told him confidently.

Piper was also confident.

The other girls were intimidated by Reilly but I wasn't. He nodded and continued. He soon read out the rest of the list and spoke. "Let's get started." The tryout was challenging us girls had to play our best. We passed a shot and played up there with the boys.

"Okay team, front and center" Reilly called. They skated to the coach and lined up. "When I call your name, line up beside me."

"Banks, McGill, Larson, Wise, Riley, Herrik, King, Brown, Edwards, Oliver, Cooper, Stephens, Allen, Zangler, Rogers, Holland, Bradley, Orson. You made the team."

"Okay all girls stay behind" Reilly called

"Hey your last name is Riley is the coach your dad?" a girl asked me

"No his name is spelt R-e-i-l-l-y mine is spelt R-i-l-e-y "I told her

Reilly drilled us and put us threw drills

He finally told us to line up he dismissed the boys kept Jase in net

"Riley" he barked

I skated forward I looked back to see Rick and Josh waiting for me.

"Yes sir?"

"Let me see what you have"

I nodded and shot on Jason I knew he was getting tired as well he got the other girls to shoot on the net. Faith had a very similar shot to Adam's she was good.

"Okay Wise hit the showers" He barked

Jase skated off he made us skate around the rink several of the girls dropped off. Katie, Faith, Piper and I kept going as did another girl.

"Riley, Foote ,Fanger, Banks, and McGill" Reilly barked

We lined up he tossed us our Jerseys " Welcome to the team girls" he said

We skated off the ice.

The other girls were in the showers I heard one of them say something about trying out for the Huskies

"I'm Ivy Foote"

"Katie McGill my twin is Chris and that's Ali Riley her twin is Josh

We shook hands.

"I'm Piper Fanger"


I showered and changed and went to join my brothers

"You did well Cubby" Rick told me

I nodded

Rick took my bag. We walked to the car. We had our own driver our parents hired for us. Rick couldn't wait until he could drive. He told Josh and I he would shuffle us around. I knew he would he was like that.

"How did tryouts go?" my dad asked as we walked into the door

"Al and I are hawks" Josh told him

"Did Reilly drill the girls?" My mom asked as we all hung up our coats

"Yeah" I said

"Were you, Faith and Katie the only ones to make the team?" my dad asked

"No some other girl named Ivy and Piper did too" I replied

We ate dinner Josh, Rick and I played Nintendo and went to bed around ten we all had school.

The next day Josh and I met up with the Banks twins and McGill twins we walked to Eden Hall Elementary it was a private elementary school.

During a break I pulled out my journal.

Once again I made the HAWKS! Yay for me Faith, Katie, and Piper we are all Hawks. Glad we don't have to try out again. The only problem is Reilly is a drill Sargent all he wants to do was win. I want to have fun what would it hurt to make hockey fun instead of drills ,drills and more drills sometimes I wonder if I'm even cut out to play on the Hawks winning isn't everything is it?

The Hawks as follows:

Kyle Allen, Adam and Faith Banks, Chris and Katie McGill, Zebediah (Zeb) Larson, Jase Wise,Jep Herrik,(real name Jepeth)Aaron King, Seth Brown, Tony Edwards, ( we ask him how life on the ER set is he has the same name as the actor Anthony Edwards hahaha)Holden Oliver, Zander Cooper, Jed Holland (real name Jedediah he was named after his grandfather)Easton Stephens(he said his patents were hockey obsessed but he has his name on everyone's equipment )Joey , Zangler, Logan Rogers, Todd Bradley, Xander Orson. Ali(me)and Josh Riley, Ivy Foote ,Piper Fanger. Okay so the best team ever the Hawks Win Win Win!

I closed my journal and focused on my school work.

Being a Hawk is awesome Rick had been a Hawk and so had Kevin. It was my second year and I loved it. Reilly was a drill sergeant and all he wanted to do was win. I did want to have fun but oh well. We had one every game we played including one against D5 they were horrible we won they stunk we laughed at them they didn't have uniforms.

What dorks?

I skated on the ice with my team we were getting ready for a game against the huskies they had seven girls on the team we had five.

"Who is that talking to Reilly?" Adam asked

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to shooting on Jason.

"Riley Twins, Banks Twins over here" Reilly barked

The three of us skated over. The guy was Bombay the coach of the D5 team now the ducks and according to him we were on the wrong team something about district lines.

The lawyer guy talked to us after Bombay left. Reilly followed him he returned and barked for us to practice.

We didn't have any games for a few days. A few times Katie, Chris, Adam, Zeb and I had seen the ducks in different places and teased them. Ivy was real cool we hung out a lot too.

"What!" I yelled as my dad had told me about the meeting he and Philip had with Reilly , Ducksworth and Bombay. He was fired over not letting us be Hawks.

The worst part was the hawks were treating us like they treated the Ducks. Not fun at all. Stupid district lines.