Before reading: I do not own the Hunger Games trilogy neither the characters of the Trilogy. All is written to honor and tribute Suzanne Collins. Also I start in 10 and ends in 1 since we all know what happens in 11 and 12.

District 10:

The first thing that happened when we arrived in 10 after the disaster in 11 is that a boy comes and kicks me between the legs! The peacekeepers immediately take the boy aside and shot him in the head. I do not know why this happens and all I can see is that Katniss is cracking up beside me.

"Why does everything bad happen to me?" I ask Katniss

"Because you killed the poor crippled boy from 10 in the games!" She answers me

"His name was James!" A girl cries out beside us.

"Ok come on you two, you need to get to the stage now!" One of the peacekeeper shouts at us.

As we leave for the car we hear the sound of a bullet and we know that another life is taken.

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