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Although it was rarely seen and not exactly something most people would recognise, Sonic was sulking. Tails' workshop had seen a sudden outbreak of green, not just any green but the legendary green that befit any named Hero of Hyrule, and he was not one of its bearers.

Up until the moment he'd known about the fourth Hero – by their time at least, since time in Hyrule put them in a different order – he'd had no problem with this. He along with others had been dragged to Hyrule when Tails had become the fourth Hero by Hyrule's reckoning known there now as the Twilight Fox.

Following that, the mysterious time-travelling Silver had been reveal as the immediate predecessor to Tails, the Hero of Time and of far-off Termina. During Tails' adventure Sonic had actually visited Termina, and though he hadn't made a point of looking as such, there had been no mention of a hero.

During Silver's recounting of his first adventure, Knuckles had suddenly showing up also sporting the Hero's green, shown not only to be the very first Hero Hyrule had seen, but also involved in the forging of the similarly legendary Master Sword.

And now, he'd been passed over for the place as the missing second Hero by Manic, his own sometimes morally challenged brother. He, who had defeated Robotnik countless times, was known to have saved the world on numerous counts, and had even wielded the magical swords Caliburn and Excalibur, becoming Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind and successor to King Arthur.

Somehow, it didn't seem fair.

Never mind that Manic could and would steal anything he felt like taking. He was good at it – stand too close to him and he could divest you of anything he found interesting before you even saw him move. But it didn't seem to be a good hallmark of a Hero. Not after knowing Tails' an Silver's adventures.

As if on cue, a green flash deposited the silver Hedgehog, who stumbled slightly, shook his head, then sneezed.

"Well?" Sonic asked quickly.

"Give me a break Sonic, I only just got back," Silver said, sounding stuffed up. He sneezed again, gratefully taking a box of tissues Tails offered him. "Your brother is fine anyway. I can't say I care much for where he is mind, it's absolutely freezing up there – even more than the ice cavern I went to with Scourge."

"Up where? Where is he?"

"In Hyrule, of course. Look, be patient will you? He'll get back and tell his story too, let him handle it. Besides, Hyrule looked a little different to what I'm used to, probably because he came before me. I recognised the castle, but the rest of the landscape is a bit different."

"How did you find him?" Knuckles asked.

"Pure chance, as it happened," Silver confessed. "I managed to get a vague idea of where he was, but if I hadn't overheard him talking to Ezlo – that's the name of his companion – I'd have missed him entirely."

"Strange name," Tails observed, now also handing him a steaming mug. "What's he like? Ezlo I mean."

"I don't know. I couldn't see him when they were talking, and by the time I'd got him in sight there wasn't any sign of him. Manic looked like he was enjoying himself at least. I don't think you've got anything to worry about."

"Didn't you talk to him at all?" Sonic asked.

"Nope. He doesn't even know I looked in on him. Kinda wish I hadn't, it's gonna take me ages to get warm again. Ridiculously cold up there. I don't know how he's managing it."

"Should have heard me whenever I went somewhere cold," Knuckles chuckled. "Fi had trouble putting up with me."

"Your companion?" Silver asked. Knuckles just nodded. "Seems like it's a bit of a tradition for us. Midna, Navi, Tael, Fi and Ezlo..."


"Oh. Right. I haven't told you about Termina yet, have I?" Silver glanced sidelong at Sonic, then went on, "Why don't I tide you over until your brother's return by telling you that story, and then if he still isn't back we can hear about Knuckles' adventures too."

Following my adventure in Hyrule I returned to the Kokiri Forest for some well-earned rest. Since the Kokiri in general believed I'd left the forest, and their future selves firmly believed the same, this meant I had to sneak in, using my mind to scan ahead late one evening to make sure no one spotted me. Saria, as the Forest Sage to be, naturally noticed this.

During the following weeks she kept the secret of my return. Normally Kokiri respect each other's privacy and won't go into someone else's house without permission, and since to them I'd left, they couldn't ask and therefore wouldn't visit my treehouse. Saria did under the pretence that I'd asked her to keep it tidy for me – which also allowed her to make sure I ate properly too.

I got the feeling she didn't entirely approve of the few belongings I'd been allowed to keep. The massive Biggoron's Sword intimidated her – she wouldn't go anywhere near it, in case it fell. Honestly I did the same, since it was a struggle to lift it even with my mind.

She found the intricate workmanship of the Silver and Golden Gauntlets to be very interesting, even if they weren't going to fit me for a long time yet, and the Ocarina of Time similarly impressive. I made a point of letting her know I still had her ocarina too though.

I was politely asked not to use the three spells in the forest – Din's Fire, Nayru's Love and Farore's Wind – as there'd be some who'd notice the magic. And also because fire in a forest... you get the idea.

There was a bit of a problem when it came to the smaller crystals that would imbue any arrow with the elements of fire, ice or light, since I no longer had a bow to prove it with and my slingshot had been among the items taken from me for the next Hero.

Beyond that, all that was left were two bottles, the Kokiri Sword and what the goddesses had called the Hero's Shield – a modified Hylian shield that was sized down to the point I could wield it normally.

And I was bored.

One of the things I've noticed about adventuring is that it comes with a hidden hook. You don't notice it until your adventure is over, then it digs in and no matter how much you think you want a vacation, it suggests you want another adventure.

There were two problems with this. First, I dared not interfere with anything that happened in Hyrule for the next seven years – to do so would be to slap myself in the face with a paradox, and believe me that is definitely not a good thing and even worse when you're trying to unravel it.

Second was that I knew there was another adventure waiting for me – in two years time. I also knew, because in my time in the future I'd been told so, I'd save the land of Termina, and that I'd start on that journey two years hence.

So after I'd enjoyed all of a week's good resting and relaxing, I let Saria know I was leaving again and went back out into Hyrule. During my adventure I'd built up a store of no small amount of rupees, allowing me to pay for anything I needed, like breakfast at a certain breakfast bar just inside Hyrule Market Town.

I still visit it on occasion, it's a good place. Just ask the guard at the entrance where he has his breakfast and he'll direct you to it. Can't get much better than that kinda recommendation.

Anyway, I made my port of call just outside the castle's grounds where the Great Fairy of Magic made her home.

"Impatient, aren't we?" she asked once I'd summoned her with Zelda's Lullaby.

"Just exercising prudence," I replied. "You know I can't do anything here, and I'll have to steer clear when the future rolls around so I don't run into myself. I need something to do, and my other adventure isn't due to happen."

"So why not make it due?" she inquired. "You are the Hero of Time, Silver. You have travelled the streams of time before you even knew you were a Hero, and now you hold the Ocarina of Time. It is said that he who holds the Ocarina of Time has the protection of the Goddess of Time, Silver. Perhaps given your own abilities, so long as you hold it she will afford you greater control over time and your passage through it."

You have no idea how right she was.

"Right, but the Door of Time is closed," I said. "I can travel time on my own terms, but two years is cutting it fine. I can do it, don't get me wrong. I just prefer to have a lot longer available to make sure I arrive safely."

"And do you not believe she will aid you there?" the Great Fairy asked. She held out one hand, causing something to flash into it which was then handed to me. It turned out to be a newsletter, complete with the date. "This was written today," she told me. "Note the date – I know you still do not read Hylian well, but it should be simple enough."

Yeah, I know. I could have done something about that as well. I just never got around to it.

"How is this important?" I asked.

"Keep this with you Silver. Go outside, take out the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time on it – but as you do so, play each note twice. Then go into town and pick up another newsletter from the market and observe the date again. That will surely show you the way forward. And when you reach Termina... give our regards to our sisters there, Silver."

"I'll make a point of it," I promised, then followed her directions.

It took me a few attempts to play the song the way she'd described. Technically I was deliberately mis-playing it. I knew how the normal Song of Time was supposed to go, and playing the notes twice kept throwing me off.

Once I got it right though I definitely knew it. The daytime sky became darkened and wan and the surrounds started moving rapidly. People were mere blurs, birds brief streaks in the air and smaller stuff just wasn't visible. The sun and moon chased each other over the sky – time was going at a fair rate now!

But how to stop it before it took me too far? Or if I just wanted something? I recalled what the Great Fairy had said and willed this time-slip to stop, returning me to normal time – and it did. A nearby guard dropped his pike in surprise as to him, I'd appeared out of nowhere.

"Don't mind me," I told him. "I'm just your friendly passing kid. Nothing to worry about."

After my sudden appearance, he wasn't going to question that and let me pass shakily.

The kid remark was accurate too – to a point. I still had the image of a Hylian boy, and since it hadn't been designed to age even though some time had just passed in a few moments, I still looked the same. That changed later on, but I can't go spoiling my own story.

Just as the Great Fairy had suggested, I wandered back into town and picked up another newspaper. It took me a few moments of struggling with the language to find that just over four months had passed – just like that! If I could learn to control this effect to some degree, I could go as far ahead in time as I wanted. Getting back again if I missed something might be a problem, but I'd have to handle that when I needed to.

For now, I headed back to the Great Fairy. The unnerved guard pretended not to see me as I gave him an amicable nod in passing, though his armour started to rattle slightly. Who says there's no fun in being a Hero?

The Great Fairy, once called back, continued on as if nothing had happened.

"You see?" she asked. "The Goddess of Time bears you on your way, Silver. For so long as you hold that Ocarina, Time will answer to you. Now, when the time comes you must return to your forest home and venture into the Lost Woods. Do not be concerned with your route, only your destination, and they will bear you on your way. Termina awaits you, Silver."