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Chapter 3- The handsome hunter

Orochimaru's castle

Ino was sitting on the couch going through a giant treasure chest while Orochimaru was pacing, muttering about the crystal.

'Sapphires, emeralds yuck, moon stone no' Ino threw a necklace back in the chest.

'I have nothing to wear, I'm the most unfashionable bird princess ever' she pouted, looking at her father she smirked 'I know that look, your thinking aren't you daddy'.

'I'm going to get that crystal even if I have to rip the crown right off her head' he snarled.

'Crown, I haven't got one of those, get it for me daddy!' she demanded.

'In time my little starling' he cooed.

'Why don't you just destroy her, any old human could do it' Ino huffed.

'A human, of course, the girl is now a creature of the forest even the magic of the crystal can't protect her from a human, brilliant Ino'.

Prince Utakata rode through the forest looking for any sign of game when a loud screech startles him, looking up he saw an unusual hawk like creature flying over head towards a waterfall, Utakata turned his horse around and galloped after it, Orochimaru flew into the secret passage way leading to the enchanted forest with Utakata following close behind.

Hinata, in her swan form, was drifting peacefully on the lake; sleeping.

'We searched all day and night for that bloody book but we couldn't find it' Sakura said sighing.

'Don't worry I'm sure Kakashi will find it soon' said Tenten.

'He better' huffed Sakura, she looked out upon the lake and gasped, there flying towards them was Orochimaru.

'Hinata watch out' she yelled, Hinata jolted awake at the shout, looked around and saw Orochimaru coming straight for her.

'Fly, Hinata hurry' Naruto yelled, flapping her wings she took off into trees, Orochimaru chased her through the forest guiding her towards the hunter.

Utakata had lost sight of the hawk and was scanning the skies for any sign of it when a beautiful white swan came into sight, what intrigued him the most was that it was wearing a silver tiara, shaking that off he pulled out his bow, cocked an arrow and aimed straight for the heart of the swan, he followed the swan with his bow but he could not shoot such a majestic creature.

'So beautiful' he murmured, lowering his bow he followed it and was soon shocked because as soon as it landed it transformed into a beautiful young woman, he was quite enraptured by her beauty.

Hinata breathed a sigh of relief when she landed, she couldn't understand why Orochimaru chased through the skies like that, suddenly a branch snapped behind her, turning she came face to face with the prince.

'How did you get here? Oh umm your highness' asked Hinata.

'You know me?' he said surprised 'yes, my name is Hinata I live in the village, well I used to before, well this' she said gesturing to herself.

The other side of the forest with Ino

'Now let's see, pearls' she said gesturing to her neck 'yuck no much to yesterday, hmm now rubies and diamonds now we're talking' cackled Ino imagining all different kinds of necklaces.

Hiding behind the rose bushes were Lee and Temari 'do you see what I see' whispered Temari, Lee thought for a moment.

'An opportunity' he said grinning.

'Exactly I just need to call a few friends' she said directing an evil smile towards Ino.

To Hinata and Utakata

Hinata had just finished explaining her situation to Utakata when Orochimaru landed in front of them.

'One arrow that's all it would of taken' he sneered at him, realization hit him 'you wanted me to kill her' Utakata said outraged, Orochimaru slowly clapped.

'Well done' he drawled 'since you couldn't even do that you're useless as let's say, a pig' he raised his ring and fired his magic at Utakata.


Hinata jumped in front of him and the crystal deflected Orochimaru's magic, when the magic died down he snorted 'you can save him, just give me your crown' Hinata glared at him and Orochimaru rolled his eyes.

'Fine' he raised his hand again when...


Orochimaru stopped and looked around sighing he went to attack Hinata and Utakata again.


Orochimaru scowled, shifted into his hawk form and flew off to where his daughter is screeching from.

With Ino

Lee, Temari and Naruto were laughing at the sight before them, Ino was screaming at the top her lungs while three skunks paraded around her while spraying her, when Orochimaru landed they quickly scampered off into the forest, when the smell hit his nose he gagged.

'I wanna go home NOW!' she screeched at him.

'Don't worry you just need a bath, a long bath with vinegar' he coughed and took flight again.

'Hey what about me?' said Ino reaching up, sighing he took a hold of her with a clawed foot flew off.

'You saved me, thank you'

Hinata blushed and smiled 'it was nothing'

Utakata looked around 'what is this place?' he asked.

'The enchanted forest, I haven't seen very much of it yet'

'Incredible' he said, turning his gaze back to Hinata a thought hit him.

'Hinata there will be a ball held tomorrow night, please will you come' Hinata blushed 'I don't know, I shouldn't'

'Please if you don't come then I'll just stay here with you' he argued, Hinata sighed and gave in 'I will go' Utakata's face lit up 'wonderful!', Hinata led him out of the forest and said good bye as she headed back to swan lake she actually felt quite excited about the ball, in the distance one of Orochimaru's crows had overheard everything and flew off to report to his master.

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