(A/N: Hey guys, I'm back. I got bored and this idea came to me. Don't worry, the actual story wont be longer that 5 chapters. So yeah. Its about if Spocky lived on Earth. Have fun.)

My name is Spock.

I am a Vulcan child living on Earth. My Father, Sarek, decided that since I was half human that it would be logical to live o Earth. Also, the Vulcan council had asked him to enroll me in the new Universal Public School to see if it has any potential for other Vulcan children.

It is hell for me.

Here in the state of Iowa the children do not like people who are different. I am the only Vulcan at school. I am regularly picked on by the older kids.

I can fight. I can fight very well. But they have numbers and size on their side.

Every day I have to shove down this strange emotion. It makes my stomach churn, my heartbeat race, and it makes me sweat profusely. I believe humans call this emotion fear.

Logic would dictate that I return to Vulcan to stop this.

And...I want to get away.

I want to go home.

I don't know if I can get through the days.

And then there's sunlight.

Another day has begun.