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The Celestial Plain was a peaceful place, with beautiful golden grass that stretched out for miles farther than the eye could see. Of course, all that glitters is not gold, and the insipid, sparkly scroll in front of the group proved that down to the letter.

"Alright," sighed Waka. "Let's read this before the sun sets." Amaterasu and her son barked in agreement. Issun just groaned. "Aw, but you haven't read the prologue..." "Neither has Chibiterasu, my little bouncing friend," Waka reminded him. "I wouldn't want to poison the Tiny Sun's ears." "Come on, ya half-baked prophet, you don't want to read it because you're a pansy." "Ah, I beg your pardon, little bug. You're the only one here who can be crushed with one misstep." After he heard Issun snort, he picked up the scroll and started to read.

On the planet Earth, there was a beautiful girl named Mira Morimoto, whom everyone adored. Everywhere she went, her family, friends, even people she didn't know- they all loved her. She was so sexy, that any guy within a fifty-foot radius got a nosebleed and fell over.

"Wait," said Issun, "I've seen plenty of beautiful specimens, but I've never gotten a nosebleed. I'm pretty sure that it's not possible." Waka smiled. "That is most certainly true, but you have fallen over. Multiple times, in fact. Against your own free will." "Pretty boy."

Mira had natural violet hair that was straight, long, and glossy all of the time.

"Stop with the adjectives already," Issun muttered.

Her slender, busty figure was visible through any garment.

"These are your favorite adjectives, aren't they, Issun?" Waka chuckled. Issun started to grumble unintelligibly, so a pleased Waka continued to read.

Her favorite article of clothing to wear was a red scarf that she tied around her neck. It was given to her by her father, who had died of cancer. She had loved him very much, and it was cruel for him to be taken away from her so quickly. In truth, it was quite a slow death. He had such a cheerful attitude, even when he was wasting away into nothing more than an empty husk. His last words to her were, "Take care of your mother, Mira. She needs someone competent and beautiful, like you. I love you." She was only seven years old.

Waka gritted his teeth before continuing. This was becoming too sappy for him.

Now, she was thirteen. Since her mother was traumatized by her father's death, she cooked and cleaned most of the time, aside from doing her homework. Her teachers took joy in piling her with extra homework and projects. They just didn't understand her life! Not even her mother understood her. All she wanted to do was escape. Escape from this world, to another reality where she was appreciated for her good deeds.

"Do any of you see where this is going?" Waka examined the scroll closely. "Yup," said Issun. "Straight to the Dark Realm with you, fruitcake." "You cut me deep, little bug."

One day, as Mira was sleeping, she entered a mysterious dream. She was standing in the midst of total darkness; there wasn't any ground visible. "Hello?" she said, her fluid voice echoing through the suffocating blackness. A figure materialized in front of her. It was a celestial being! "Oh," he said, putting his hand over his lips, "I never thought that you would be so heavenly."

"She's pretty stupid if she thinks that a celestial being would fall for a normal girl," said Issun. "Oh, but Issun," Waka chided, "She isn't normal. If she has violet hair and can walk all over celestial being, then I'd say that she's far from normal." "You're far from normal." "You're hard to see." "You're a sparkly bastar- mmph!" "Thank you, ma cherie."

Mira snorted elegantly and said, "Is there a problem with that, Mister?" A hint of indignation roughened her melodious voice. "No, not at all, little one," the being soothed. "My name is Sora, and I've come to start your journey. "A journey to where?" Mira asked, the picture of innocence. Sora smiled, and said, "To a world beyond this one; a village called Kamiki. The God of the Sun needs your help." "Oh, okay," said Mira calmly, ready to start her trip.

"Before you leave, I have a present for you," said Sora, as a harsh light glared in front of him. The light materialized into what looked like a large crescent moon, gleaming sliver and enveloped in purple flames. "This is your divine instrument, the Flaming Crescent."

"Saw that coming," mumbled Issun.

Another light appeared, which dimmed to show an intricately carved paintbrush, painted many different colors. "This is your brush, the Call of Nature. It is imbued with all the brush techniques-

"WHAT?! THAT'S CHEATING!" Everyone scooted away from the seething poncle, who was currently glowing bright red and bouncing at hyper-speed.

-that the God of the Sun will encounter, so you may help her on her quest." Mira watched as they swirled around her and disappeared, most likely into her satchel. Sora touched her head lightly with one finger, whispering, "Good luck on your journey, Daughter of the Moon. Save Nippon!" Mira saw herself fade before falling unconscious in the empty darkness.

The sun was setting on the Celestial Plain, making the ground shine a sandy yellow. "….. Is it over?" Issun said hopefully. "No, my little bouncing friend," the prophet sighed, tapping Pillow Talk's sheath. "We have much yet to read." "Bu-but, look, it's almost nighttime! We should get some rest," begged the poncle. Chibi barked and wagged his tail, causing the sun to rise quickly, bouncing up into view. Issun sighed. "This is going to be a long day..."