Ever since the war in Troy, something had changed in Patroclus. He was no longer the eager, exuberant seventeen-year old boy who had the shortest attention

span of any Greek and would throw himself headlong into danger. Now, he never laughed or even talked and devoted himself fully to his training.

Many things had changed since that day on the Trojan beach, when a horrible accident had resulted in Patroclus receiving a grievous wound. An injury that left

much more than a lasting scar, an injury that had left the boy mute.

According to Eudorus, the only Myrmidon who knew anything about healing; the blade had torn one of the boy's vocal chords on impact. Patroclus was lucky to be

mute and not dead.

Achilles knew that he had the Trojan prince, Hector to thank for his cousin's life. According to Eudorus, after realising what he had done, Hector quickly cleaned

and haphazardly stitched the wound closed. Had he not done this, Patroclus would have either drowned in his own blood or suffocated. After this had been done,

he stayed with the boy, keeping him calm and breathing until Achilles arrived.