Author's note: Again, special thanks to my friend and fellow writer Spiritblaze for being SO supportive of this story.

Patroclus lay in his bed, listening to Achilles sharpen his sword. For some reason, the sound always seemed to calm him down. It was safe. It was home.

"I heard that you made a new friend today," Achilles said suddenly.

Patroclus nodded silently.

"Eudorus told me that you were the only one who could approach the new horse. That's very impressive."

Patroclus looked over and gave his cousin a timid smile.

"I'll tell you what," Achilles said, "If you want to train him, he's yours."

Patroclus looked up, his eyes brightening; "do you really mean that?" he signed.

"Of course," said Achilles. "I have plenty of other steeds and you seem to have a strong bond with this one."

Getting up from his bed, Patroclus threw himself into his cousin's arms.

"I love you," Patroclus signed.

"I love you too, cub" Achilles whispered, "so very much."

Realising that the boy probably wasn't going to let him go anytime soon, Achilles let out a quiet chuckle and stood up, still holding his cousin in his arms.

"Alright, cub," he said "it's getting late and it's time you got to bed."

Patroclus shook his head frantically as Achilles moved to lay him down.

"What is it, Patroclus?" the older warrior asked gently.

"No more nightmares." Patroclus signed, tears pooling in his eyes.

Understanding immediately, Achilles lay down beside the boy.

"No more nightmares."