Title: Jethro: Matchmaker

Rating: T (for now)

Main Character/s: Jethro the Dog and Timothy McGee

Summary: My name is Jethro. And that's my pet, Timothy. He needs a mate and I'm going to help him.

Warnings: Tons of silliness, dog's point of view, language, fluff, slash, and the beginning is inspired by 101 Dalmatians (cartoon)

Requested by: PHOENIX FURY

Jethro: Matchmaker


It was a beautiful spring day when I got an idea. It just came to me. There I was, sitting on the couch, watching my favorite channel—Animal Planet—when I looked around and saw that I wasn't too happy with the way we were living. Bachelor life was fun, for a while. But in time, it became dull.

I lived with my pet and it was just us two. Sure it was fun, but everyone needed someone eventually and my pet deserved a mate.

The jingle of keys had my attention quickly and I turned to look toward the door to see him come through.

"Hey boy," he grinned. "How ya been?"

That's my pet. Tim. Timothy McGee.

My name's Jethro. Jethro McGee.

And I'm going find my pet a mate.

Tim came over with a smile and a rub, oh those felt so good. Rolling on my back, I presented my belly for more lovin'. The human gave wonderful rubs. "You're in a good mood." Well when one has their belly rubbed, they will be happy. "How about we have brunch and then head over to the park? It's looking like a good day out there."

The park! Yes!

I couldn't control the way my tail wagged, not that I wanted to. My tail was an extension of me and it let my pet know how I was feeling. I always had sympathy for those that got their tails cut off. They were resorted to wagging their entire bottom and that was just not done unless you were so happy you could pass out. Going to the park sounded excellent. Not only would I be able to play, but I could ask the others for some advice on how to find Tim a mate. Because as smart as I am, and I am, Tim told me and others so, I've never attempted finding a mate for a human before.

After some leftover steak, my pet spoiled me, and my pet had another cup of coffee, we were on our way to the park. It really was a nice day, the sun soaked into my fur and it just felt so good. It took us a while to get there though because...well I couldn't help it. All that training as a drug scenting cop, it was hard to stop smelling things that caught my attention. Like that buzzing thing that had been hanging around a flower. Tim said it was something called a bee and that I shouldn't get too near, but I wanted to. It was weird looking, small and flying and buzzing annoyingly. But Tim just kept moving along and we finally got to the park.

"Alright boy." Tim unhooked my leash and I took off towards the others.



Even if Tim couldn't bring me to the park, he had hired a boy to take me, so thankfully I got out more and socialized with other canines. There was Zeus the Samoyed, my best friend and Buzz the Golden Retriever, the kid was just a baby and had the attention span of a goldfish. Well, that was what I heard Buzz's pet compare him too anyway. Bella, a corgi and named after some character in a movie that Tim said he hated and felt sorry for her, was also there and she was a bit annoying. Duke the beagle-stupid but fun-Chester the St. Bernard-old in age but wise and a smartass-and of course the always popular doberdouche Loki.

Though I needed help, first we had to play. I missed these guys. I had been cooped up in that apartment enough today. We played fetch with some of the pets throwing balls and Frisbees and I even won a tug-of-war against Zeus. Which, of course I did, being the strongest. After some water and cooling down, I laid down with Zeus and some of the others, Buzz trying to climb me like his own personal mountain.

"I need your help."

"What is it Jethro?"

"Is it worms?" Bella asked with a slight whimper. I just ignored her, she was so annoying. And a hypochondriac.

"I want to find my pet a mate."

The others looked over at Tim as he sat on a bench reading. In my opinion, my pet was very well groomed and even better behaved. He didn't make messes, he cleaned up after himself, he didn't make unnecessary noise, ate cleanly, and always spent time with me. Though he did have a curfew problem, but I knew that was work and not Tim's fault.

"He doesn't have one yet?" Buzz asked as he curled into my side. Looking down, those big brown eyes surrounded by an adorable puppy face looking at me...I could see why everyone loved gold retrievers. They were adorable at any age, but extra adorable when puppies.


"Why?" he asked innocently.


"That's what my pet always tells her mother," Zeus said.

"Is it why she doesn't have one?"

Zeus shook his head. "No. My pet has some history. She's just not ready."

I left that alone. With Tim as a pet, I've heard things while he was on the phone or when I needed to be an extra ear to him. Also, with my early years as a drug scenting officer. I still want to yelp when I thought of what I did to Tim before properly meeting, also from the remembered pain of being shot. It was easy to say my pet and I's first meeting wasn't ideal.

"I need help on getting him a mate. I don't know-Squirrel!"

I took off after the squirrel, Buzz and the others trying to keep up. I was going to get it! I was! Get it, get it, get it! But the bastard ran up a tree. Growling, I looked up at the squirrel sitting on a branch. "Get down here!" I barked. And what does it do? It throws an acorn at me! About to give it a piece of my mind, I stopped when Tim called, "Jethro! Leave the squirrel alone!"

Growling, "You're lucky," I turned away from the squirrel and went over to Tim.

"I swear, I will never understand dogs and squirrels," he said as he pet my head. Sighing in bliss, I turned my head when Tim's nails scratched a certain spot behind my ear. Oh yeah. Tim laughed while he continued to scratch my ear before releasing me. "Go on. Go play for a little longer."

Turning back to my friends, I joined them as some were still complaining about the squirrel. "I would have gotten it, but I sprained my tail earlier," Loki said.

"You're a Doberman, you don't have a tail," Chester rolled his eyes. "You have a stub, but I guess the humans would call it phantom tail. You sprained your phantom tail. Good job genius."

"You wanna go? We can go right now!"

"In the words of my pet, cool your jets, Loki," Duke said as he rolled around on the ground.

"Guys, Jethro said he needed our help," Bella reminded them when I joined them, Buzz again curling into my side. What was with that kid?

"Yes, your pet. Just look for someone who would be right for him. You know him best, who would be best for your pet?"

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