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Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty smart. For instance, I know an infinite amount of tricks to earn myself treats, I know most things not to go sniffing out, though chocolate smelled wonderful I knew to stay away, and I just matched my pet with a mate. So getting into Tim's bedroom wasn't hard. Please. It was a piece of cake.

Once I heard it quiet down in the bedroom, I made my way in and shut the door behind me. Now, I had two beds. One being the bed that I usually shared with Tim and then my official bed that was in the corner. I preferred Tim's bed, but it was occupied by the sleeping pair so I grudgingly made my way to the corner bed.

I don't know how long I slept but I was woken by a rustling noise coming from the big bed and looked up to see Gibbs waking, Tim sleeping on his stomach beside him, his head turned towards Gibbs. Gibbs looked at Tim's relaxed face and if Tim could have seen the way Gibbs watched him, like he always watches when Tim's not aware, Tim would have never doubted if Gibbs loved him in return.

The older man's hand reached out to lightly trace Tim's face, Tim sighing and seeming to sink deeper into sleep. A smile pulled at Gibbs' lips as he trailed down to his neck, his hand slowly moving down his back. He pushed the blanket down as he went.

Finally his hand reached Tim's backside and he seemed content just to touch, sooth, grope, even dig in his nails. All while Tim continued to sleep through the attention though he did make a soft moan when Gibbs' fingers seemed to dip between his cheeks.

Encouraged, Gibbs gently slid his way down the bed and my interest was piqued. What was he doing? He couldn't return his bath since Tim was laying on his front. His lips pressed against Tim's skin, trailing down, down, down until he was at the dip above his backside. Those hands trailed down after his mouth until they passed and gently grabbed Tim's cheeks. And spread.

What the hell?

I watched as he leaned his forehead against Tim and slowly dragged it lower till his nose was aligned with his hole. What? He took a deep breath and his tongue gave a little lick.

I understand now! They sniffed butts too! Maybe not in greeting, but could it be that they just did that in private?

The more Gibbs licked at Tim, the more Tim was dragged into consciousness. "Hmm, Jethro."

Okay that had me flinching. Although I knew who he was thinking about, I never wanted to hear my name like that from my pet. Way too disturbing. How do I go about getting my name changed? Was there paperwork involved? Maybe it's something I trained my pet. By not responding to Jethro. Of course there's the possibility of him thinking my hearing is going, so maybe something else.

A gasp brought my attention back to focus on the pair on the bed and Tim was definitely fully awake. He was on his knees, spread wide, Gibbs spreading him as he licked at Tim who was moaning. Loud. Tim's hands fisted the sheets beneath him before he released one and reached back to grab onto Gibbs' head. As if to hold him there, not that Gibbs looked like he was ready to move away anytime soon.


One of Gibbs' hands released Tim's cheek and he slipped two fingers into his mouth, wetting them, and alright that was just dirty and I really shouldn't be watching this. The man was sticking his fingers in Tim, who seemed like he was on the verge of ecstasy and Tim begged for more. Why? Why was I watching this? I should be finding a hose to spray at them to stop. It was all so messy. Tim had dug through a drawer before throwing some things at Gibbs who asked if Tim was sure which he said definitely.

Mating was a lot messier than I thought it was. I mean, ours was simple really. But this…

There was spit and saliva mixed with something that came out of a tube all over Tim's backside, sweat was covering them as they moved and thrust against each other, and my ears. My poor ears were being assaulted by their grunts and sighs and the words coming from Gibbs were both sweet and filthy.

Why did I have to be smart and be able to get in Tim's room?

I felt traumatized. That was just something I didn't need to see happen to my pet. How he took the alpha and was able to walk to the park afterwards was a mystery to me. I'm just happy it's over with and I can put that mess behind me. And never venture into the bedroom again.

But…what if they get adventurous or impatient and do it outside of the bedroom? I'm gonna have to be alert. On guard whenever Gibbs was in the apartment and know every possible exit.

We got to the park in good time and I joined my friends instead of playing with my pet and his mate as they went straight for a bench. My friends greeted me warmly and though I felt like asking Loki to chew out my eyes for seeing the humans mate, I couldn't contain my smile.

"You seem happy," Chester said. "Does this have anything to do with your pet and the man cuddling on the bench right now?"

"Yes. They mated."

"Congratulations!" they cheered and gave me a bit of a head butt or lick—or chew on my ear if you were Buzz—in congrats and I smiled more. So much my tongue was hanging out.

"Thanks guys. Though, if I never see them mate again I'll be fine."

Jasmine's nose wrinkled in sympathy. "Human mating is so messy and loud and sometimes so long. I could go for three walks sometimes in the time it takes them to mate."

The others wrinkled their noses as well at the thought. Poor Buzz looked a little on the confused side but no one mentioned it or made him feel bad.

"Hey look, Jasmine's pets are talking to Jethro's."

We looked over to the bench to see in fact that Jasmine's pets had made their way over and introducing themselves. Smiling and laughing and when they looked our way, we quickly looked away. But I couldn't help it if my eyes paused on Jasmine who was so close to me.

Cesar she was pretty.

I wonder if Ziva was the jealous type.

"So tell me who's who."

Tim smiled, not leaning into Jethro but close enough to feel his heat and loving the arm behind him and on the back of the bench. "Okay," he pointed, "that's Loki, Bella, Duke, Chester, Zeus—Jethro's best friend and sometimes his owner and I set up play dates—Buzz who has a major crush on Jethro, and last is Jasmine. I think Jethro's sweet on her."

"You saw that too then."

They looked up at the pair that joined them by the bench and Tim smiled when he saw it was Jasmine's owners. "Dustin, Tyler, hi."

"Hello Tim. Who's this?"

"Guys, this is Jethro Gibbs. Jethro, this is Dustin and Tyler. Jasmine's their pet."

"Jethro?" Tyler questioned with a raised eyebrow as he shook Jethro's hand. "You named your dog after him?"

"Not really. It's a long story," he sighed.

"Sit." And Gibbs wrapped his hand around Tim's shoulder and dragged him with him as they scooted over to make room for the others. If Gibbs kept his hand there, Tim didn't say anything other than smirking at Jethro for not being discreet at all with getting to hold him. But he did feel warm so that was what stopped him from saying anything.

Tim turned his attention back to the others. "You noticed that Jethro and Jasmine are a little sweet on each other too?"

"Oh yeah. Just as much as we noticed that Buzz over there has a crush on Jethro too."

He chuckled. "You should have seen him when he was just a puppy, Jethro. He'd crawl all over Jethro like his own personal mountain. It was adorable."

Gibbs gave a small smile that had Tim beaming back before leaning closer and speaking low. "We're going to need to figure something out with our names. And quick."

"Thought the same thing earlier. Felt wrong moaning your name when my dog could have easily misinterpreted it as me calling for him."

"So how do you two feel about a little matchmaking?"

They turned their attention back to other couple and glancing at the group of dogs, smiled.

Yeah, matchmaking sounded like fun.


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