A/N – Okay, so the basic gist of this story is the Avengers watching first Avengers Assemble, then Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor & Captain America with some changes to the movies. Mainly AA and IM 1 & 2. Within this story there are two genderbent characters, they are Tony who becomes Toni, and Pepper who becomes Piper. I can't think of anything else you need to know right now so on with the background.

EDIT: I'm editing all of my stories before posting anything new :)

Chapter 1 – By The Grace Of Amora

None of the Avengers really had any idea when Stark Tower (or Avengers Tower as Toni had taken to calling it) had become the main base for the newly formed Avengers Initiative team. Indeed Antoinette Stark seemed to be the only one who had actually predicted this outcome.

Bruce had been the first to end up at Avengers Tower as Toni had promised him a lift to the airport but instead drove straight back to Stark Tower (as it was then) and set him up in R&D which Bruce found to be candyland just as she had said that time on the helicarrier. As was Toni's intention after getting absorbed in a million different projects and randomly creating things with Toni every other day he had been unable to leave. Of course at first he had still harboured serious misgivings about staying in one place for too long but Toni was ready for every eventuality and had Hulk proofed several rooms which he could escape to if he felt the need. Even back then Toni had been converting the top floors of the building into a floor for every member of the Avengers despite Bruce's confusion. He had thought they wouldn't be coming back.

Of course the next person to move in had been Natasha. It was hardly a surprise that she had been next for Natasha and Toni had become very good friends when Natasha had been posing as Piper's assistant. Apparently it was something to do with dress shopping and being drinking buddies but the rest weren't sure they wanted to know. Well, that was a lie. They sort of did but weren't sure that they would like the answer. Clint moved in the very next day as he had followed Natasha back to the Tower and decided if she was moving in so was he.

Steve had been the last Avenger who was still on Earth who hadn't moved in to the Tower as he had been off exploring the differences of today's world to the one of the 40's. Eventually he had become overwhelmed with all the new creations and as he had nobody to explain them to him he had retreated to Avengers Tower for a reprieve. And seeing as he had everybody there to explain things to him (even if Toni kept making new things and leaving them lying around confusing him more at times although he wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not) he hadn't bothered to leave either.

Even Thor had ended up living there eventually seeing as Toni had offered Erik Selvig, Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis jobs in her research labs as she felt they were intelligent enough to get their own new lab if not free reign of the building like Bruce. Seeing as Thor now didn't have to travel around to meet up with his friends and the Allfather had apparently grown tired of letting Thor use the Bifrost all the time he remained on Earth to help his fellow Avengers. That meant he needed a permanent place of residence and Avengers Tower was the most convenient place.

But despite the endless comings and goings of Piper Potts and indeed the other scientists the only people in the Tower when the city was attacked by The Enchantress were the Avengers themselves. Jane was in Norway again at yet another observatory consulting with Darcy assisting and Erik was in California making a presentation about thermonuclear astrophysics. Piper was in a Stark Industries board meeting in DC at Toni's insistence.

They had their work cut out for them fighting the Enchantress as she insisted she should be called. Of course this meant that Toni had taken to calling her Amora just to irritate her. If this had been a battle from a while ago the other Avengers would have attempted to stop her but they now knew that Toni was attempting to frustrate Amora enough that she'd make a rash move resulting in a mistake. Indeed eventually it came and Amora was being hauled off to SHIELD headquarters where they had the device that Toni had built to send enemies back to Asgard. It only worked on Asgardians which meant that Toni had safely made sure that SHIELD couldn't use it as 'retaliation.' Hence why it also only worked to take someone to Asgard just in case someone from there was intelligent enough to override the system. Everyone had learned that that was a bad idea when Loki had come through the Tesseract.

But Amora had one last parting shot to give to the Avengers. She had managed to send a flash of pink magic hurtling towards the living room of Avengers Tower although it didn't appear to cause any damage. Still the Avengers immediately rushed to the tower to find out what exactly it had done if anything. Bruce changed back as they ran forever grateful that Toni had developed a material that the Hulk couldn't rip through when he came out.

Upon entering Avengers Tower Toni had JARVIS bring up a report of the effects of magic on the building and it revealed that Amora's magic had formed a small box that sat on the coffee table in the living room. She instantly set him to work scanning the box whilst he took them up to the twenty-ninth floor in the elevator. Upon their arrival Natasha instantly drew a gun (Clint had the audacity to ask where she had kept it) and pointed it at the box waiting for conformation from JARVIS about what was in it.

"I have completed an in-depth scan on the item," JARVIS said causing Steve to jump a little (he still wasn't completely used to the AI), "the box contains a Digital Versatile Disc which has traces of magic but no implements of harm, it is free of weaponry, poison, excess electricity, traps…"

"Okay, thanks JARVIS," Toni cut in, "there's a note on top. Could you bring that up on the screen please?"

"Certainly Miss Stark," JARVIS said as a hologram version of the note appeared. Seeing as JARVIS had confirmed that the box posed no present risk Natasha lowered her gun wondering why Amora would put something in Avengers Tower that wasn't dangerous. Now that she was sure everyone was listening Toni began reading Amora's note aloud.


There are more ways than one to win a war and this is mine. This DVD contains copies of your lives as you became the superheroes that the world knows you as today. It will randomise after each movie and become a different person's life. Watch it as far through as you can and see how your team crumbles.

The Enchantress."

"Why would we watch a movie of ourselves when we are not being forced to do so?" Thor said in his usual strange English.

"Because Amora is counting on curiosity, you can't lie about it; each one of us wants to know what's on that disk now," Bruce sighed.

"He's right," Toni said, "we're going to end up watching it either way, JARVIS!"

"Of course Miss Stark, full scan of Digital Versatile Disk's contents complete playing movie number one, Avengers Assemble," JARVIS said. As he did the lights in the room dimmed to movie settings and the screen switched on to show a picture of the Tesseract.

"The Tesseract has awakened."