The latest gossip around Ooo had Ice King subjecting princesses he'd captured to listening to his "fan fiction". He wrote about the citizens of Ooo, but everyone was the other gender, and lived in a place called Aaa. He was Ice Queen, Bubblegum was Prince Gumball, Finn was Fionna, Jake was a female cat named Cake (apparently Ice King loved the 'opposites' thing). She even appeared in a few, as Marshall Lee the Vampire King. Apparently he had books filled with his stories.
PB couldn't do anything, she had a kingdom to run and the Ice King didn't listen to her, and the boys were on an errand for the Warriors, so she decided to try. At the very least, she could release any princesses he had kidnapped.
She floated, invisible, outside his window. She could do this. She wouldn't even have to interact with him. Just fly in, open the cage, and leave. She heard his story and it was... ok. She floated in to listen better. He had Toast Princess, Wildberry Princess, Slime Princess, and Turtle Princess in cages in a semicircle around his ice. throne while he read. And read. And read. Story after meandering pointless story, all ending with the characters talking about how awesome Ice King was. Sometimes it was hilariously bad, but most of the time it was just embarassing and stupid. She was kind of proud that she could stand to be in the same room as him for so long. The princesses started to protest and give him tips on writing, but he just called them haters. Ew, he was wiggling his eyebrows at Wildberry Princess. This was her chance to make a little mischief.
She yanked his tunic over his head, levitated him to the side of his throne and spun him. She opened the princesses' cages and nearly burst out laughing when he started praying to Gob, apologizing for not believing. She materialized beside him, startling him with a little 'boo' in his ear. She lounged in his throne, for a minute she had forgotten that this was Ice King she was pranking, Simon. She had to distract herself, so she started telling the Princesses and Simon her own Aaa story, about Marshall Lee saving Fionna from the boring Prince Gumball and taking her to an awesome party in the woods. She closed her eyes and spun her tale. She started floating again, though she was wearing warm clothes a chair made of ice was too cold for her.
She finished her story and the princesses liked it, though Simon was talking about changing it, killing Marshall Lee and introducing Marshall Leeroy. She groaned in frustration and managed to not pull away when he felt her ankle for goosebumps, but GROD his hands were cold. She flew off when he told them all to get out. She thought he might have ushered a few penguins out with the princesses, but whatevs. She had done it, she had spent HOURS with Simon and wasn't an emotional wreck at the end of it. She doubted he'd stop kidnapping princesses and reading them his stupid stories, but she had done something.