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-Chapter Thirteen-

"Right, now, all you have to do, Harry, is drink the potion." Remus said. "It will be a bit painful, but not even close to the Cruciatus."

Harry nodded weakly, exchanged a look with Severus, and both of them downed the potion at the same time.

Remus and Sirius watched in amazement as Harry began to change. The young man sprouted silvery-white hairs all over his body. Soon the transformation forced him down on all fours, and Remus suddenly recognized the animal into which Harry was turning.

"A wolf!" he shouted just as Harry finished his transformation. "Gods, Harry, you look beautiful!"

The silver-white wolf looked at them, the incredibly green eyes dancing with laughter. Suddenly a dark shadow fell over Harry and he turned, only to look straight into pitch-black eyes, and his mouth dropped open. Severus stood beside him. Severus the Pitch-black wolf stood beside him. Not only that, but the Potion Master was also more strongly built and taller than Harry.

"I guess this proves that you two fit together," Remus muses. "Wolves mate for life, and your life certainly is going to be long."

"Well, now, let's see if you can turn back. On three!" Sirius was nearly jumping up and down like an excited child. Both Harry and Severus rolled their eyes at this, and Remus didn't even bother to do anything anymore, being used to the antics of the animagus.

"One." Sirius holds up one finger.

"Two." Harry and Severus look at each other, a silent message passing between them.

"Thr-" both Vampire-turned-wolf and Slayer-turned-wolf jump at Sirius, effectively cutting the man off.

"AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! MOONY!!!!! BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!! NO, NOT THERE!!!! THAT TICKLES!!!!!! HARRY GET OFF OF ME!!!!" Remus couldn't help but laugh. Harry had changed back into human form and was now tickling Sirius for all he was worth.

Severus, after helping Harry crash Sirius to the floor, had changed back as well and was now standing beside the laughing werewolf and watching his mate and that great mutt roll around on the floor. All right, perhaps he couldn't call Black a mutt anymore, that'd be the same thing as calling himself a mutt.

"Who said we needed training in anything?" Harry asked.

"N. n-hot m-me!" another tickle attack.

"Wanna try that again?"

"Um, I'm not interrupting am I?" Ignatus's voice comes form somewhere behind them.

Severus turned to the Old Vampire. "It's apparently a Godfather-Godson tradition." He deadpans, and the other Vampire chuckles. "So, how did your meeting with Tiaret go?"

"Pretty well actually. First she kissed me, then she hit me and kissed me again. And what followed was one of the best nights in my long immortal life."

"I know how you feel." Severus smirked and watched his beloved Harry tickle Black to the brink of insanity.

"HARRY!!!!!!! MERCY!!!!!!!!!!"


"So, all we have to do now is figure out how to get to England." Harry said.

They were sitting in the living room, drinking tea or munching on biscuits - Harry's neck on both of those for Severus. Sirius had kept away from Harry the whole day after the younger man had tickled him, and he refrained from commenting on the fact that Severus was currently drinking from his Godson. He loved Harry to death, but he really didn't want to meet the Tickle Monster again.

"That won't be too hard," Ignatus said. "All you have to do is fly there."

"But they'll be watching every plane that comes in," Remus countered.

"No, no, not with planes. With other Vampires. Valda has already agreed to carry you over, Harry, and I'll take you, Severus. It will have to be done at night, and we have to be careful that it is night in England when we arrive."

"But won't that be a bit conspicuous?" Harry asked.

"Remember I was telling you about the Old Vampires' ability to hide ourselves from Fledglings? Well, we'll use that one now. Connor will be waiting for us by Stonehenge, along with a couple of Vampires he knows are trustworthy."

"And when are we to do this?" Severus asked after having retreated his fangs from Harry's neck. He licked the wound and Harry shivered.

"Tomorrow night." Ignatus replied without missing a beat. "Now, I'll be off, got something to do. Valda and I will be here tomorrow night at twelve, so be ready." With that he was gone as suddenly as he had come.

"I really hate it when he does that." Sirius muttered and stood up and stretched. "Well, I'm off for a walk."

"This late?" Remus asked.

Sirius nodded. "Got something to think about, and I haven't been to the old cemetery for a while. Always a nice, quiet place to sit and think."

"Sirius, tell me you're kidding!" Harry spoke up, and Severus even stopped nibbling at his neck and looked at Black as if he had lost his head. "Since when did you start to hang about cemeteries?"

"A couple of months ago. Met a Slayer, a nice chap really. We've been together since." Sirius grinned. "See you all soon." He left.

"I- if you'll excuse me." Remus hurried out of the room leaving only Harry and Severus in it.

"Did you see the way Remus looked when Sirius mentioned this very good friend of his?" Harry asked his mate. "Poor Moony."

"What's worse is that werewolves mate for life, and if that idiot Black doesn't realise what's going on, Lupin will be single for the rest of his life."

"Well, if he doesn't realise it soon enough, I'll be forced to take action. Along with some help from Draco the Meddlesome Malfoy, and the Weasley Terror Twins."

"Spare me a seat for that one." Severus mumbled and pushed Harry backwards onto the couch.

"Of course," Harry replied. "I was thinking about employing Albus as well."

"Disaster in the making."

"Life would be boring without it, and you know it." Harry gasped. "It really is true that Vampires are insatiable creatures, huh? Oh, gods! Don't you dare stop!"


"Yes, and what happened next?" Draco demanded after neither Severus nor Harry had said anything for five minutes.

"We got to England." Harry replied simply. "Nothing more to say about that really."

"Yes, yes. But what happened once you got to England?" Hermione demanded. "Because from what I know, you two never reached Hogwarts."

"No, that's true. We didn't." This time Severus replied.

"Well, what happened?!" half the room asked.

"Running around England in our animagi shapes, being kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy; you know, that sort of thing. Nothing much."

"Oh, right. Nothing much." Ron repeated sarcastically.

"You were kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy?" Ginny asked.

"He didn't know it was us. The fact is he needed a couple of wolves for some experiment or other, and we just happened to cross his path." Harry took a sip from his now-cold tea. "And then we defeated him. End of story."

"But what about the battle? What happened? How did you manage to defeat Lucius?"

"It's all a bit fuzzy up there," Severus said. "It was all smoke and screaming and that sort of thing."

"So you don't remember it?" both Harry and Severus shook their heads. "Great, all this waiting for nothing." Albus muttered and Minerva whacked him.

"Oh well," Hermione sighed. "It's a wonderful story no matter if the end's a bit weird. Anyways, who's up for lunch?" at those words everybody in the room stood up and followed her into the kitchen, only Harry and Severus remained.

"We could've told them the truth." Harry said. "But then they'd fear the both of us."

"Indeed they would." Severus stood up and pulled Harry up as well. "Come on, you need something to eat."

"Yes, last night was quite-"

The Potion Master cut him off with a kiss. "Don't say it."

Harry just laughed and they followed their friends into the kitchen.


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