Awaking from a deep slumber, I yawned and stretched my tired muscles. I sat up in bed and looked to my right. Roommate was gone. Looking at the clock I loudly cursed. I had 10 minutes to get across campus for my English class. Quickly jumping from my bed, I ran a brush through my hair with one hand and brushed my teeth with the other. I grabbed my bag and a sweater and ran out the door. I nodded a few hellos during my rush but pushed myself to go faster. Finals week was rough on everyone. Professors were stricter and students often caved under pressure. Skidding to a halt in front of the door that was almost closed in my face, I gave my favorite professor a sweet smile. With a sigh, he held it open and I slid past him.

"Ms. Grimes. You almost didn't make it. Take a seat."

"I'm sorry Mr. Richards." I politely apologized as I found an empty chair.

"You all have one hour to complete the exam. It covers everything we learned this semester. When you finish, bring me your exam then you may leave. Grades will be posted no later than this Friday. Your time begins now. Good luck."

45 minutes later I handed Mr. Richards my exam with a smile and happily skipped out of the room. That was my last exam for the semester. I took my time walking back to my room. Not watching where I was going, I bumped into something hard and fell on my ass.

"Hey! Why the hell would you just stop right in the middle of a walkway!" I yelled at the large person as I stood from the ground.

"Well I do believe you were the one who wasn't paying attention to where you were going there little miss." They replied. My eyes widened as I recognized the voice.

"SHANE!" I screamed before throwing myself at my brothers best friend.

"Hey there college girl." He said spinning me in a circle. I giggled at the name he had for me since I started school at the University of Georgia. He held me for a moment longer than normal before putting me back on my feet.

"So what do I owe such a wonderful surprise of a visit from my second favorite King County officer?" He clutched his chest in a mock hurt fashion and gave me a sad look.

"Second favorite? Come on now Angel baby. Don't go breaking my heart." I laughed and smacked his arm. "You know, Rick ain't here. You can be totally honest." He told me with a wink.

"Well in that case." I answered him with a wink of my own. He was being very flirty today. "Seriously. What are you doing here?"

"What I cant visit my best friends baby sister? Just to visit?"

"Shane. We both know that in the two years I have been here, you have never been here to visit by yourself. You usually come with Rick and he's in a coma. SO. What's going on?" I told him putting my hands on my hips. He got a serious look on his face before grabbing my bag off the ground and pulling my hand in the direction of my dorm.

"Let's talk in private."

I couldn't help but notice the tingle that ran up my arm from the presence of his hand. The old crush I've had on him still in full effect. I had to lightly jog to keep up with his large frame. We made it to my room in no time and Shane pulled me in behind me and closed the door.

"Ok. Now whats…" I was silenced by Shane slamming his lips on mine. He tangled his hands in my hair and pressed his body against mine. Neither of us moved for a moment before he stepped back and looked at me, eyes full of desire. My mouth opened and closed a few times, not knowing what to say. I finally gave up on finding words and touched my fingers to my lips.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." He stammered. Walking past me to sit on the bed, he put his head in his hands and sighed. I slowly turned to see his shoulders lightly shaking.

"Shane. What's wrong?"

"I'm trying to hold it together, Angel. I really am. It's so hard. Rick always had the answers. For everything. Now he's lying in a hospital bed in a coma. Your brother is my best friend. He's the closest thing to family I got." Tears started forming in my eyes as I watched the man I loved start to break down in front of me. I sat on the bed next to him and wrapped him in my arms.

"Shane. Listen to me. Besides Rick, you are the strongest person I know. You don't have to tell me that you're trying. I already knew that. You always do your best at everything. You have no idea how amazing of a person you are. Rick is so lucky to have such a great friend like you." I felt his body relax as he took a deep breath and lifted his head to look at me.

"I cant be that great if I just kissed his 17 year old sister." He argued. "Sorry." I dropped my arms and grabbed his hands.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. It will be our little secret." I told him with a smile. The room got silent and I layed my head on his shoulder. We sat in that position for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes.

"I miss him." I said to him as a tear fell down my cheek onto his shirt.

"Me too."

General POV

Angel lifted her head to look Shane in the eyes. The desire she saw earlier was still there. It was dull, but it was there. Before either could fight it, Shane's mouth descended onto hers. It was a slow, gentle kiss. Before long it escalated. Shane pulled her to sit on his lap and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her fingers played with the curls in his hair as his hands roamed her back and body. Shane moved from her lips to kiss along her jaw and down her neck. She gasped as he found a sensitive spot and suckled on it for a moment.

"Shane." He grinned as she moaned his name. His hands slipped under the back of her shirt and slowly slid them up. He bit her neck a little harder when he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Their lips met once more and he started to take her shirt off when they heard the door open, a loud shriek, then the door slamming shut. Shane jumped off the bed and reached for his gun. Accidentally dropping Angel on the floor in the process. She groaned from her position and gave him a look.

"Oh shit. Ang, I'm sorry." He told her, offering her his hand. "What was that?"

"My roommate." There was an awkward silence before Shane decided he should leave. Angel opened the door, seeing her roommate, Becky leaning against the wall across the hall. Angel nodded her head towards the room and she all but ran inside. Shane stepped out and shuffled his feet.

"Well I guess I will see you later?" Angel told him quietly. He shook his head up and down before looking at her red face and opening his arms to offer a hug.

"Keep me updated on Rick. Please. I should be coming home soon. But until then, if anything changes. Call me." She said to him while giving him a squeeze.

"Have you heard about the virus that's been going around?" He asked suddenly.

"Yeah. Sounds like rough shit."

"You take care of yourself. We don't need you getting put in the hospital too." Shane told her with a smile.

"I'll be ok." She answered him. "Remember. Our little secret." He gave a small chuckle and started the walk to his car. Angel closed the door behind her and walked to her bed.

"I'm so sorry! I should have knocked!" Becky exclaimed. Angel shook her head and smiled at her best friend.

"No. Its ok. When do I ever have a guy in here? You wouldn't have known to knock. It shouldn't have happened anyways." She told her with a sigh. Looking out the window, she watched Shane make his way to the parking lot. He got into his car and looked up at her window. Angel sighed as he backed out of the lot and drove off. Looking down at her bed, she noticed his hat. Picking it up, she carefully hung it on her bed post. Next time she saw him, she would return it.

That was the last time Angel saw Shane before the world went to hell. She tried calling him but all the phone lines and cell towers were down. She had no way of knowing if he was alive. She didn't know if Carl or Lori were alive either. Or Rick. Angel and Becky kept holed up in their dorm most of the time. That was the safest thing. Bodies littered the campus. Before they were eaten alive on national television, the news anchors told the horrors of people being slaughtered and the dead coming back to walk the earth. There was no stopping it. They were down to hardly any food when it was decided it was time for them to leave their dorm. Both of them were very scared. Becky had no idea how to defend herself. Angel only had the minimal self defense skills from Rick and Shane. But she had a gun, ammo, and a few knives. All gifts from Rick. Except for the pink camo butterfly knife with her name engraved on the blade. That was a gift from Shane and also her favorite. She scurried around the room grabbing different things.

Becky was almost a zombie herself. She had lost her parents in a car crash when she was young and an only child so she lived with her grandparents. Being a smart girl like Angel, she graduated high school at 16 and started college as soon as she could. But her grandpa had passed last summer and her grandma went soon after. She had no one left. Becky sat on her bed. Eyes red and swollen from crying so much. Fear evident across her face. Angel knew the feeling. But they couldn't stay in their room much longer. Food was limited and she had to find Shane and her nephew. Angel put on her steel toe boots(another gift from Rick) and strapped her backpack on. She picked up Shane's hat and pulled her ponytail through the hole as she placed it on her head.

"Beck. Come on honey. We have to go." Angel told her. "Becky?"

"I don't want to live."

"Yes you do. Don't say that. It will be ok. Come on. We need to get going." Angel said and pulled her up off the bed. Becky put her bag on her back and followed Angel to the door. Angel said a silent prayer to herself then slowly opened the door.