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Later in the day, Angel sat in the meadow, watching the sun set. She was sitting alone for a while until someone knelt down next to her.

"What do you want?"

"I was just coming to check on you. You've been gone for a while." Angel scoffed at his answer.

"Why do you care Shane?"

"You mean a lot more to me than you think."

"Please. I'm your best friends kid sister. That's the only reason you give a damn." She told him as she stood from her spot on the ground.

"Come on. You know that ain't true."

"The only reason you came to visit me is because you couldn't have Lori."

"That is not true." He argued.

"Don't lie to me Shane! You don't care. You were only ever nice to me because Rick was your best friend." Angel told him before walking past him back to camp. Shane furiously ran his hands through his hair and over his face before following after her. Her grabbed her arm and spun her back to face him.

"Do you have any idea what hell I went through when I thought you were dead?" She looked away, refusing to look him in the eyes. But he lifted her chin to see tears starting to fall. "You have no idea how much I hate myself for making the mistake of sleeping with her. You have no idea how much I care about you. You know what I went through thinking that not only could I not save my best friend, but I couldn't save you either? You're closer to me than Rick is Angel. I wanted to kill myself thinking the two most important people in my life were gone. Thinking you were gone." He finished and dropped his arms. She stood in shock as he walked past her and turned to watch the retreating man, soon following after.

Angel sat across the fire from him, eating in silence. She would look over to him every so often, eye contact would be made, then they both would look away quickly. There was a moment of peace that swept around the fire before the screaming started. Angel turned and saw Amy being eaten by a walker and more coming around the RV and the woods. Becky screamed and stood grabbing Angels arm in the process.

"Get over to Shane!" Angel told her and shoved her out of the way. She pulled her gun out of the waist of her jeans and started firing. She looked over to see Carl and Lori huddled behind Shane and making their way to the RV. Angel killed 7 walkers before she ran out of ammo so she pulled the knife out of her pocket and starting hacking and slashing her way through the mass of bloody beings. It didn't take long before Rick and the others showed up and started finishing off the remaining undead. When they were finished Rick grabbed her into a hug before going to Carl and Lori. She stood in silence and then made her way to Shane. He was breathing heavily and was looking frantic.

"Where is she? Did she get hurt?" He said to Becky.

"Shane." Angel said and was pulled to him instantly.

"Oh thank god." He said as he squeezed her. It didn't last long as he pushed her back slightly and started looking her over. "Are you ok? You weren't bit or scratched?"

"No. I'm ok."

"Are you sure?" He asked again and twirled her around continuously checking for injuries.

"SHANE!" He spun her to face him again. "I'm fine."

With a half smile he pulled her body close to his tightly and softly rubbed the back of her head.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, thinking she couldn't hear him but she did and she tightened her arms around him.

So they spent the night cleaning up the camp. Burning the bodies of the unknown and paying respects to the ones they knew. No one slept. No one wanted to. Angel stayed close to Shane most of the time. By dawn they had most of the bodies burned and the rest unable to come back. Andrea never moved from her sisters side. People tried talking to her but she wouldn't budge. Everyone was worried until they finally heard that shot. So they buried her and the others.

Once they agreed to leave for the CDC Angel and Becky packed their belongings as well as Shane's while he helped Rick with the final sweep of the camp.

"I see you've been spending some time with Daryl today." Angel said to Becky as they packed.

"He's nice." Becky replied with a smile. After they had everything loaded into the cars and before they said their goodbyes, Shane pulled Angel off to the side.

"Hey. I want you to ride with me."

"Shane. I don't think that's a good idea right now." She told him and looked to the ground.

"We need to work this out. Having you here and not talking to me is worse than having you dead." He said and gave her a pleading look. "Please."

She paused then nodded and followed him to his jeep and they drove. And drove. And drove some more until the RV broke down. Dale wasn't too happy about it as he had been promised a hose that was never given. Wasn't their fault Merle was a douche-bag.

"Looks like a gas station up ahead. Angel and I will go check it out. See if we can find anything of use." Shane told the group, receiving glares from both Angel and Lori.

"Or gas. I'll go with you." T-Dog said with a nod. Angel sneered at Shane when he gave her a smile but followed after him and T-Dog to jump into the back seat of his jeep. A mile up the road, they pulled into the abandoned station and went on the search. Slowly at first to make sure they were alone. Shane held his gun in position, aimed and ready to fire if needed. Angel and T-dog had split off into different directions to make their way around the small shop. Shane knelt to look at something on the ground and barely missed a knife that flew past his head when he stood. Angel gave him a shrug when he looked to her angrily but gave her a nod of thanks when he watched her pull the knife out of a walkers head behind him.

After the only walker had been disposed of, they were quicker in their search for supplies. There was duct tape, a small box of band-aids, three cans of beans, and a bottle of water to be found before Angel hit the jackpot.

"Ohhh yes! This just made my day!" She exclaimed happily and held the small but full box of chocolate in the air. Shane shook his head at the childish grin she had on her beautiful features when she devoured a candy bar. "Who the hell would leave something so beautiful like this behind? Idiots." She said with a shake of her head. Shane smiled at her before going outside to see T-Dog with a gas can.

"Found this stuck under a car. Half full." He told the pair and gave them a grin before they went back to the group. Dale wasn't pleased with the duct tape but he made due and got them on the road again.

"So we're just going to leave him here?" Angel asked with furrowed brows. Shane nodded in agreement next to her.

"Just take off? Man I don't know if I can live with that." Shane said with a frown.

"Its not your choice. Its none of ours." Lori answered with a shrug. So Shane and Rick carried Jim out of the RV and placed him up against a tree to say their goodbyes. Angel gave him a small smile when she knelt in front of him.

"I wish I could have gotten to know you better. You seem like a pretty cool guy."

"Same to you. Keep Shane in line will ya. He needs a kick in the ass or two." Jim replied with a cough and a smile.

Angel laughed and gave him a nod before standing to follow Shane and the rest of the group back to the road. Everyone waved goodbye as they drove past the lone man. Angel gave Shane a sad look as he drove and he reached over to grab her hand. He held it tight while he concentrated on the road.

"I regret everything that happened with Lori. It never should have happened."

Angels eyes filled with tears as he spoke. She could hear the remorse in his voice, clear as day and when she looked into his eyes, she knew he meant it. So she squeezed his hand tighter and nodded.

"I understand." She said and leaned closer to him. "Its alright."

A light shot into his eyes when she softly kissed his cheek and he gave her a thousand watt smile that only Shane Walsh could produce. Finally after another hour of driving, they arrived at the CDC. Bodies covered the ground. So far no walkers had come to greet them. But disappointment flooded them when they reached the large, closed, metal doors of the front entrance. Rick started losing it when they realized there was no chance for them. He struggled against Shane as he tried pulling Rick away.

"WAIT! WAIT!" He yelled and everyone stopped. "The camera moved."

"Your imagining things Ricky." Angel assured him.

"NO IT MOVED!" He yelled again. "Let us in! WE NEED HELP!"

When the camera didn't move, he flipped once more.


All of a sudden, a door flew open and a bright light shone through. Everyone paused and simply looked into the light but Rick moved quickly into the entrance. The group followed close behind wearily. They entered a large, open room and looked around them.

"Anyone infected?" A voice asked from the darkness. Guns were raised toward the voice automatically in defense.

"One of us was. He didn't make it." Rick answered.

"Why are you here?" The mystery man asked as he came into the light.

"A chance." Rick replied, putting his gun down.

"That's asking a lot these days." The man asked and lowered his own weapon. After a moment of staring at the group he nodded. "A blood test is the price of admission. If there's anything you need from outside, get it now. Once this door closes it wont open again."

The group simply stared at him for a moment before Shane and Rick ran as quickly as they could to the vehicles. Everyone followed behind, grabbing their possessions and returned to the entrance. The man entered numbers into a keypad and they all watched a large steel door drop down, sealing them from the outside world. A strange sense of calm washed through them and the man turned to face everyone.

"Welcome to the CDC."