Cloves POV

Beep. Beep. Beep. I glance over at my clock, 8:00. Fuck. Late, on my first day at Panem high. Way to go Clove. I jump out of bed and run to the wardrobe, I pull out some red jeans, a white top and a blazer. I sprint downstairs and grab some toast and go. I run through the doors to sign in at the office.

'Hello' the receptionist says warmly to me.

'Hi, my name is Clove Fuhrman, I'm new' I say as calmly as I can, I am completely out of breath.

'Ah, yes, here you go, straight down the corridor and first on your right' she tells me and hands me a timetable.

'Thanks' I say and speed walk down the corridor, I glance at my timetable.

English (MBA)

Art (SJE)





Maths (PMA)

Drama (LHU)

Great, possibly some of the worst subjects. I walk into the classroom and the teacher frowns at me.

'You must be Clove' she says coldly. Wow she scares me.

'Yes' I reply

'Well please take a seat at the back next to Marvel' she instructs me, I do as I'm told and take a seat at the back.

'Marvel, please explain what we are doing' she tells him.

'Yes, Ms Bailey' he says glumly, I can't help but smile, and I receive a cold glare from Ms Bailey.

'Late on your first day, huh' he says teasingly, I just poke him.

'What lessons do you have today' he asks me after Ms Bailey had turned her back. I hand him my timetable.

'Wow your day just got better' he grins at me.

'Why' I ask curiously

'Because, my dear Clove you have me in all your classes' he smirked

'Oh great' I say sarcastically

'Clove, Marvel I will be seeing you after school, along with Cato' Ms Bailey tells us sternly. Luckily she can't lecture us for long as the bell rings just in time. We pack up and Marvel takes me to art. We go and sit at the back; we are the first ones there so we just sit around talking.

'Oi, Cato' Marvel yells at the blonde boy who has just come in. he walks over and takes a seat at our table. Before long the table is full with Marvels friends. He introduces me to all of them, they seem nice.

'Hello my young artists, write your name on the seating plan and pass it on' She says in a sing song voice.

'Great, I'm stuck with you for the rest of the year' I tease. Marvel grimaces at me and I laugh. Once all of us have written our names down, she explains what we are doing this term.

'I suck at art' I whisper to marvel.

'You'll fit in on this table then. We all suck to' he replies.

'Speak for yourself' Finnick says. Art was OK, as we spent most of the time laughing at each other's attempts to draw the phone on our table.

'Clove I'll show you to the gang' Marvel says and drags me over to a group of girls.

'Hey Marvel' one of them says, she has reddish hair and green eyes.

'Hey guys, this is Clove, the new girl' he tells them, suddenly I am surrounded by them. They are all asking me questions and I mouth to Marvel help me, he laughs.

'Guys give her a break' he tells them. Finnick, Cato, Thresh, Peeta, Gale came over and sat down, I noticed Marvel was always looking at Glimmer, I snorted at this and he looked at me like I was crazy.

'Hey Clove' a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see my twin brother, Jett, standing there.

'Hey' I say smiling.

'Wow, you guys look so alike' Marvel says in awe.

'Yeah, well we are twins' I tell him, he stands there with his mouth open. I start to laugh and he just frowns at me.

'We are best friends and you didn't tell me' he teases, and looks away dramatically.

'So we're best friends now' I ask him

'Of course we are best friends, me you and Finnick' he tells me sternly, but as a joke. Just then the bell rings and we walk to PE. After we got changed we had to do 3 laps of the sports hall.

'Right Marvel and Katniss you are the captains' coach Jackson shouts.

'Marvel you pick first' she instructs him.

'Clove' he replies confidently

'Madge' Katniss says.

'Finnick' Marvel yells

'Delly' Katniss says

'Cato' Marvel instructs

'Jackie' Katniss shouts

'Pick Johanna' I whisper into his ear.

'Johanna' he bellows. This goes on for a while and eventually we have the teams together. On our team we have Marvel, Cato, Johanna, Finnick, Gale, Peeta and Thresh.

'Alright today we are playing basketball, 5 aside so you have to change over and swap around' she tells us. We go off and huddle in the corner.

'Ok so who's good' Marvel asks us, I was on the team in my old school so I was quite good. Marvel decided to put me, himself, Cato, Thresh and Finnick on first. We take our positions on the court, Thresh is doing toss up as he is the tallest. He smashes it towards me and I dribble towards the goal, I scored the first goal of the match and then our team continued to score. At the end of the lesson we had won 22-16. (A/n this may seem like a lot, but in basketball the points go up in twos)

'That was great Cove' Marvel tells me as we walk to maths.

'What' I ask him curiously as we head to the back of the classroom.

'The game' he says, I look confused.

'Basketball' he says to me

'Ah, you were good as well' I reply as we take our seats. Maths wasn't very eventful, we just had a worksheet and spent most of our time chatting.

'Great' I say as we leave maths.

'What' he asks me.

'We have drama next' I half cry to him, he laughs.

'It's not funny, I can't act' I tell him as we enter the drama studio.

'I hate Drama to, so I don't know why I'm laughing' he replies

'Ok class, we are going to do improvisation today, in pairs' he tells us, everyone looks around trying to find a partner.

'Before you get all excited, I will be choosing the groups' he says, and there is a sigh throughout the room.

'Ok then let's get started' he says and starts to read down a list of names

'Clove and Cato, in that corner' he instructs us and we walk over to the corner, I remember him from earlier, he is one of Marvels friends.

'Well I suck at drama so yeah' I tell him when we start

'Yeah so do I, so that's ok then' he replies smiling slightly. We carry on mucking around until the end and I start to walk home. Then I remember I have to see Ms Bailey. Fuck. I sprint back and find Cato and Marvel laughing at me as I rush in.

'Shut up' I snap and I receive a cold glare from Ms Bailey. We had to stay for 15 minutes, until we were allowed to leave. I walk out of the building and stuff my head phones in and start to walk home.

'Boo' Marvel yells and I let out a scream.

Marvel is already running when I yell 'Get back here Quaid'

'No' he yells back, and I start to sprint after him. When I catch him we are both laughing, and panting.

'Come to my house Friday' he says still panting.

'Ok' I reply simply and start to walk down bye drive.

'Bye Quaid' I yell and open my front door.

'Bye Fuhrman' He shouts back and I walk inside to discover Cato sitting in my kitchen.

So this is my second fanfic, please tell me what you think of it(whether I should carry it on) thanks.