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'Bye Fuhrman' he shouts back and I walk inside to discover Cato sitting in my kitchen.

'What are you doing here' I yell at him and dump my bag down on a chair.

'I was invited here' he replies simply.

'By who?' I question as he takes another bite into the sandwich he was eating.

'Your brother' he says with his mouth full of sandwich. I hate Jett sometimes.

'Where is he now' I ask him and collapse onto the armchair.

He finishes chewing this time and then says 'he went to the shops' and he held up an empty pot of peanut butter, just then the door opens and Jett walks in carrying four pots of peanut butter.

'Do you think you have enough?' I ask him as he puts them down on the counter. He shrugs.

'I think so' he replies and I just shake my head.

'Whatever, I will be upstairs if you need me' I tell them and walk up the stairs two at a time. I plonk myself down on my bed and pull out my phone. One message, I open it and see it's from Johanna.

Johanna: hey how's u?

Me: good u?

Johanna: good, I saw u looking at Cato earlier. Do you like him?

Me: idk

Johanna: juss warning u, Cashmere is his girlfriend and she'll kill u if u take him!

Me: I will crush her back :)

Johanna: that's what I like to hear, I hate Cashmere as well!

Me: awesome anyways gtg see u tomorrow

Johanna: yep bye

I have another ally at this school at least. Plus she hates Cashmere I like Johanna at lot but obviously not as much as Marvel, my new best friend. I stick my iPod into the docking station and click shuffle. My favourite song comes on and I turn the volume up to full blast.

Falling a thousand feet per second, you still take me by surprise

I just know we can't be over, I can see it in your eyes

Making every kind of silence, takes a lot to realize

It's worse to finish than to start all over and never let it lie

And as long as I can feel you holding on

I won't fall, even if you said I was wrong

I'm not perfect but I keep trying

Cause that's what I said I would do from the start

I'm not alive if I'm lonely, so please don't leave

Was it something I said or just my personality

'Clove turn it down' Jett called from down stairs.

'No' I yell back at him and carry on dancing and singing. I heard a thundering of footsteps and Jett and Cato were in my room.

'Get out' I yell and chuck a pillow at them. But Cato has made his way to my iPod and turned it down.

'There' he said and they walked away like nothing happened. He is so annoying sometimes. I pull out my laptop and start to work through my homework. We got homework on the first day, why and it's maths, so why not just kill me now. Marvel will know what to do; I grab my phone and dial his number.


Hey clover

Shut up and tell me how to do the maths homework



You will not learn young student

And who makes you my master?


And why's that?

Because I am the greatest person alive

Yeah right

If you say it I will tell you the answers

Urgh you're so annoying

I know now say it

Fine Marvel is the greatest person alive

Well I haven't done it and he hangs up the phone.

'Great' I say to myself as I chuck my phone down. That really sucks. Now I have nothing for the homework. I decide to see if Jett has done his, I crept down the hall and into his bedroom. Sure enough in the middle of the floor was his homework. I started to copy it down onto my sheet.

'Boo' a voice said from behind me, I whipped my head around to see Cato.

'Fuck you' I snapped at him

'Cheating are we shorty' he says as I pick up my stuff.

'No I was checking I was doing it right' I tell him.

'Of course you were shorty' he smirks at me.

'Call me shorty on more time and I will stab your face' I say as sweetly as possible. I heard the doorbell ring but I ignored it and assumed Jett would get it.

'Clove it's for you' he called from downstairs. I quickly ran a brush through my hair and checked myself in the mirror before running down the stairs.

'Clove' I turned my head towards the male voice, I saw Blaze standing thereā€¦

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