Clove's POV

'Clove' I turn my head towards the male voice, I saw Blaze standing there…

'Blaze' I say uncertainly and he smirks.

'Hello Clove' he says in his usual arrogant smirk.

'What are you doing here, Jett why did you let him in' I ask them both angrily.

'He barged his own way inside' Jett says and raises his hands defensively.

'Isn't it obvious, I came to see my girl' he told me with a fake smile.

'Blaze, go away we are through' I say simply, he shakes his head.

'You see Clove we aren't over and we will never be over' he tells me.

'Get out and leave me alone' I yell, he grabs my wrist tightly and pulls me close.

'You are mine Clove, only mine don't you forget that' he hisses in my ear.

'Leave her alone' Cato tells him and yanks him away. Blaze whips around to face Cato.

'Who are you' he snaps at Cato.

'A friend of Clove and Jett' he replied.

'Get out of my house' I shout at him and he slowly turns to leave.

'We're not over Clove' he tells me.

'Yes we are' I yell and slam the door in his face. I turn around to see Jett and Cato staring at me.

'What' I snap and storm upstairs and slam the door behind me. I throw myself onto the bed and cry into the pillow. I hear whines from outside my door and I get up to find Sophie my dog scratching at the door.

'Aww come here Sophie' I say gently and she jumps up onto my bed. She has always been here for me, since I rescued her as a puppy. I decide to clear my head and go for a run. I grab Sophie's lead and my phone and start to run down the street. I put my headphones In and press shuffle, this is the first thing come up.

'I love this song' I mutter to myself and start running again. I sing along to the lyrics as I run.

Come a little closer

As the night gets older

Of you I grow fonder

Just let my hands wonder

This is the first thing that I thought

This is the last thing that I want

You were the first one that I loved

You were the first one that I lost

You left it too late

To change the way I think

I'll never say never say never again

Those words will never ever pass my lips

I look ahead and think about Blaze; only Jett knows what happened between me and him. Last year we dated for a while. He was one of those guys, popular and good looking. I was one of those girls who was quiet and kept to the library. He asked me out and I loved him, he was my first boyfriend and I thought he loved me back. Later I found out it was a dare to date me, the whole time he cheated on me and hooked up with other girls, then when I found out I dumped him. After I dumped him he wouldn't leave me alone and he would beat me up if I rejected him. He broke my heart and I have not dated anyone since. A hand touches my shoulder; I whip around to see Cato.

'Cato you scared me to death' I tell him clutching my chest.

'Aww did I scare little Clover' he teases.

'Don't call me that' I snap.

'Alright Clover, are you okay?' he asks me.

'Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?' I say curiously.

'You seemed pretty pissed when you left' he states and tweaks my hair. My heart skipped a beat, he was so perfect.

'Oh, that it was nothing I just wanted to clear my head' I told him simply.

'Okay, I'll see you around Clover' he told me and walked off in the other direction. I sunk down onto the bench and savoured the moment. I knew that I couldn't let my walls drop again as I spent so long building them back up again.

'Come on then let's get you home' I say to Sophie softly and we start to walk back home.

'I'm back' I yell as we walk through the door.

'Hey' Chase, my older brother, called from the front room. It was just me, Jett, Chase and Alexa (my older sister); our parents abandoned us when me and Jett were just four. We stayed away from social services and Chase looked after us.

'Come on C' Alexa told me and I guessed it was dinner; Minnie my cat came up and weaved between my legs.

'Coming' I yell back at them. We all sit down eating pizza and start to watch Percy Jackson, I love that film.

'I'm heading up' I say at about 11 after we have finished watching the film. I sprint up the stairs and get ready for bed. I sit up reading my newest book, throne of glass. Chase had to buy me my own copy because I refused to return the library's copy. I checked my phone to see a new message from an unknown number.

I know where you live Clove and I will get you

I knew at once that this was Blaze who texted me, but he usually let me know it was him, he always put his name at the end of the text. I began to wonder whether it was Blaze or whether someone else was looking for me as well…