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They looked at the crowded sidewalk in confusion. Sheldon walked over to Captain Sweatpants. "Why is everyone standing here? Is the comic book shop closed?"

He turned wide eyes to the group. "No. There's a girl in there. She's standing behind the counter."

Leonard, Howard and Raj suddenly pushed forward to the glass fronted store. Sheldon ended up beside the door. He rolled his eyes and sniffed. He would never understand why his friends were so obsessed with members of the opposite sex. He reached out and opened the door resolutely. It was new comic night and he had a schedule to keep.

Sheldon was halfway across the floor when a lilting laugh caught his attention. He looked over at the counter and froze. She was dressed (accurately, he thought to himself) as Pris in the black costume from Blade Runner. She smiled widely at him.

"I was beginning to think no one was going to come inside the store. So, sweetie, what's your name?"

Sheldon fiddled with the strap of his messenger bag. "I am Dr. Sheldon Cooper."

She looked impressed. "Wow. I'm Penny. What kind of doctor are you?"

"I am a theoretical physicist. I unravel the mysteries of the universe at Cal-Tech."

Penny's eyes went wide. "You look a bit young to be a scientist. I thought all scientists were old and stuffy."

Sheldon mentally prepared for some teasing. "I received my first Ph.D. at age 16."

Penny's jaw dropped down for a second. "Your first? Cool. You must be some sort of beautiful mind genius guy. That's really impressive."

Sheldon was surprised by the admiration. He blushed slightly and moved a couple of steps closer. "Thank you," he said shyly. Usually people looked at him like he was weird, or strange when they found out he was so intelligent. Penny just smiled again and held out her hand.

"Well it's a genuine honor to meet you," she said. "You're my first genius. I've met singers, actors, writers, bums, cops and all sorts of other people, but never a genius." Sheldon hesitantly shook her hand. The bell over the door rang and soon he was flanked by his friends. Penny smiled a greeting at them and they hurried to introduce themselves. Sheldon wandered over to the comics and began flipping through them. He turned his attention to the conversation behind him.

"So," said Leonard. "Where's Stuart?"

"He's enrolled in some night school classes, and hired me part time to help out around the store," Penny answered.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are a radiant flower in a garden of weeds in flawless Mandarin?" Howard gushed.

"Um, no," Penny answered. "But I did have a guy once tell me that my legs would look nice around his neck in Finnish."

Sheldon spun and looked at her in shock. She was hanging a poster on the storage room door and didn't see the lecherous looks that his friends were giving her. He noticed that most of the regulars had finally entered the shop but were standing across the room as if paralyzed by her presence. Soon his friends began looking at the stacks of comics, but their attention was still on Penny. He listened to them rhapsodize over her uncomfortably. With a huff, he gathered the books he wanted and moved to the counter.

Penny turned and quickly rung him up. She placed his purchases carefully into a bag and handed them back, along with his credit card and receipt.

"Here you go, Mr. BMG." she giggled. Sheldon looked at her in confusion.

"It's Doctor. Also BMG are not my initials. SLC are." he said reprovingly.

"BMG. Beautiful Minded Genius." Penny winked at him. Sheldon felt a warmth spread through him at her teasing. Quickly he ducked his head and smiled. Honestly. The woman was nothing more than a flirt, he decided. He rushed his friends, who seemed to linger more than usual. As they left he glanced back involuntarily and saw she was ringing up Albino guy's books. He had to admit, though, she was aesthetically pleasing.

Sheldon had never been one to notice women before. So for it to happen twice in one month was unusual enough to make him wonder if he wasn't coming down with a virus. The second occurrence happened at home three weeks after meeting Penny. He was gathering the mail and vaguely listening to Leonard once again fantasize about Penny from the comic book store. According to Leonard they were soul mates and destined to have smart beautiful children.

Just as they reached the 4th floor landing Leonard stopped short and Sheldon bumped into him. He looked up to find out why Leonard had stopped and came face to…well, rear with someone picking up a box. She was wearing denim jeans and a tiny top that left a sliver of midriff uncovered. She must have heard Leonard's gulp because she turned and looked at them. For a moment she looked shocked, even a tiny bit angry until she saw the key in his hand. That was intriguing. Why would his key make her suddenly smile broadly?

He frowned. There was something oddly familiar about that smile, but he couldn't figure out why. Slowly she stood and waved. "Hello."

Leonard scuttled forward and held out his hand. Sheldon rolled his eyes as Leonard immediately started flirting. He unlocked his door and started to go inside when a soft giggle caught his attention. He looked back, sure he knew that voice. Maybe she was a student. She was watching him closely, ignoring Leonard. Sheldon scooted inside and closed the door. He wasn't sure why, but her attention made him uncomfortable.

Second's later Leonard walked in with a dreamy air. "Our new neighbor is an angel," he sighed.

Sheldon gave him an exasperated look. "I thought you were madly in love with Penny."

Leonard seemed to snap out of it. "I am." he said testily. "That doesn't mean I can't be friends with our neighbor."

Sheldon shook his head. He didn't really care as long as he was left out of it. He frowned slightly. He hoped Leonard didn't upset Penny. Purely for his own well-being, he told himself. It would be uncomfortable if his comic book night was disrupted by a heartbroken cashier.