The Vault Hunters stared at Sir Hammerlock, surprised at his announcement. Even Zer0 had an exclamation mark on his faceplate. Eventually, Gaige swallowed and asked, "Are you sure?"

Hammerlock turned to her, smiling, and replied, "Why of course, my dear Gaige. I would not have contacted you all if I had not been certain of the fact that a new Vault Hunter has arrived. In fact, I can tell you a bit about him if you like?"

The Vault Hunters glanced at one another before looking at Hammerlock and nodding. Hammerlock, in turn, cleared his throat and began, "Right then, this is what I know. His name is Gen and-"

"Hold on, amigo. It is a boy named Jen? What do his friends call him? Jenny?" Salvador asked, amused. Gaige leaned forward and slapped him on the back of his head with her organic arm.

"It's G-E-N, Sal. Like next-gen, without the next part." Gaige stated, irritated at the interruption, "Right Hammerlock?"

"Correct, my dear Gaige. He calls himself the Splicer, is a master of corrosive weaponry and uses little else, though I have heard that he uses other weapons. He has many titles, but the three most common are-"

"Splicer, Scientist and Homicidal Maniac." An unknown voice announced proudly from behind the Hunters. They all swung around, weapons drawn to find a strange looking individual examining them from the doorway with a look of amusement. The person in front of them could not have been more than Gaige's age and was about the same height. But the really interesting thing about him was his skin, or rather, the color of it: a uniform shade of light green. He had a shock of shiny, jet black hair and warm, bright orange eyes that sparkled with childish mischief. He wore neon green cargo pants, shiny black boots and a dark green aviator jacket over a black t-shirt with a red and blue double helix on the front. A foot-long, curved blade protruded from within the jacket at about halfway up and on the backward facing sides of each forearm. A pair of goggles with dark green frames and straps and neon green lenses perched on his forehead completed his look.

After a couple of minutes, he cocked his head and scratched the back of his neck.

"Are you guys going to lower those guns or what, 'cause it's bloody freezing out here and I'd rather not be attacked from behind by something nasty." He said, the whole time keeping that amused smirk on his face.

The first to break out of his trance was Mordecai, who holstered his revolver and strode towards the stranger.

"I'm guessing that you're Gen the Splicer?" Mordecai said, half-statement, half-question. At that the stranger's amused smirk transformed into a pleased grin. He nodded his head and said, "Yep, that's me. The one, the only Gen the Splicer." He gave an ironic little bow at the end of his sentence. He gave Bloodwing an impressed look and said, "Nice bird. I always wanted to see one of its kind up close. Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Girl." Mordecai stated simply. Gen nodded and said, "I've always been impressed by this species because they seem to embody my whole goal in life."

Maya's brow furrowed and she asked, "And that goal would be?"

He smiled at her, his eyes briefly flickering to her siren tattoos and back to her face, and said, throwing his arms out, "To become the ultimate survivor. To be able to adapt to a situation. To be perfectly suited to survive whatever is thrown your way." He paused before adding, "And also to be an efficient, vicious and just plain badass killing machine."

Salvador laughed and said, "Amigo you have come to the right place. On Pandora you are either a survivor or poor from the New-U fees and you either kill well or die by the hands of someone who's better. But I think you are admiring the wrong species considering that bird's kind is endangered. If you need some real lessons on survival you can always ask me for tips."

A smirk appeared on Gen's face. "If it's all the same to you, I'll stick to people who are at least the same height as me." He said, studying Salvador's face for a reaction. The Gunzerker scowled, his eyes narrowing.

"Are you looking for a fight, amigo?" Salvador asked, his tone cold.

"Maybe I am. What are you gonna do about it?" Gen replied, still smirking.

Hammerlock gave Gen a hard stare, "Gen, I would strongly advise against this. Your DNA hasn't been scanned into the New-U system yet. If you die you will not be coming back."

Gen shrugged, replying, "What's life without risks." The other Hunters somehow got the feeling that he didn't think this was risky at all, which it was. He was fighting Salvador the Gunzerker for pity's sake. He didn't stand a chance.

Hammerlock sighed and said, "Very well. But I will be watching the fight closely and if I say to stop, it stops, agreed?"

Gen and Salvador nodded and Hammerlock continued, pointing at Gen, "And afterwards we're putting your DNA in the New-U system."

Nobody noticed, but throughout the whole conversation Gaige had remained silent, her brow furrowed as if trying to remember something.