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Lefu sprang out of bed bright and early, turning the lights off absently. She walked outside, her feet padding against the floor as she stood outside and breathed deeply. She conjured two cups of coffee and a plate of croissants, setting them on the patio table. She took her coffee and croissant with her as she hopped onto the ledge, letting her legs hang over it. The wind ruffled her clothes as she absently drank her coffee and chewed on her pastry.

"You're up early. Are those for me?" Bruce asked sleepily. Lefu looked at him over her shoulder and nodded, still feeling a little groggy as well. When the sun rose, she started to feel more like herself.

"These are amazing! Where did you get these? It tastes like they were made in France," Bruce said enthusiastically, waking up quickly sipping at the coffee she got him.

"I bribed your hotel," she lied smoothly. Bruce eyed her warily.

"Don't you get vertigo? You could fall, so be careful," he warned. Lefu looked down and back at him. She slowly slid off the ledge and into a seat.

"Sorry, it's kind of my morning routine. I didn't think about that," she said embarrassedly. Bruce laughed, still rubbing at his eyes as if he didn't really sleep. He smiled at her.

"I like you. You look at everything with a kind of innocence," Bruce chuckled to himself. Lefu frowned.

"Innocence? I don't get what you mean or what you're talking about," she mumbled, troubled. He only laughed.

"You're clothes are washed and folded on the table inside. How are you feeling today?" he asked. Lefu moved her head side to side stretching it experimentally and mentally checked herself.

"Like new. When did you say I can go back to work?" she asked. Bruce chuckled.

"In that much of a hurry to leave me?" he joked, "You're off today. Want to hang out with me? I'll give you that interview…" he teased. Lefu smiled.

"Blackmailing me now?" she asked in a teasing tone. Bruce smiled.

"If it'll get you to come out with me then yes, I am. Would you like me to drop you back off to hang out at home or would you like to come out with me?" he asked her. Lefu frowned.

"I'll be in the shower first. Don't peek or else I'll throw you over this balcony," she warned and rushed inside, grabbed her clothes and shut the door behind her in the bathroom. Bruce smiled to himself as he listened to the shower turn on.

Lefu toweled herself down and slipped on her clothes, putting on make up that she conjured for herself again. She made them disappear when done and piled her hair messily on top of her head, clipping it into place. She came out and sat outside waiting for Bruce to finish his shower and get dressed.

She leaned against the edge, watching the city below, listening to people and the traffic. Bruce knocked on the door when he was ready. Lefu admired him in his black suit and lifted a brow in appreciation, smiling into his dark blue gaze. He led her out of the room and they drove to Lex Corps. Lefu mostly stayed quiet, listening to them discuss business and playing with their prototypes. She was happy to play the part of the dumb arm candy for Luthor's benefit. It was when they went behind closed doors to discuss business that Lefu found it suspicious. She inconspicuously stood by the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I don't like guns," Bruce stated. It sounded like Luthor wanted to use their little robot as a weapon. Lefu rolled her eyes as they had a little spat. Bruce came out and smiled down at her.

"Ready to go?" he asked, lifting an eyebrow in question. He clearly could tell she was eavesdropping on him. Lefu smiled and let him lead her out. They stayed curiously silent as he took her to an expensive restaurant.

"What's the occasion?" she asked him finally when he pulled out a chair for her to sit.

"No reason. I'm just taking you out for dinner. Can't you let me treat you?" he asked with a chuckle. Lefu smiled and sank back into her seat with a happy little sigh.

"I suppose," she said with a smile. It felt nice, different to be with him. She felt like she didn't have to hide so much with Bruce. They chatted about various subjects and she asked him about his business here, getting the interview questions out of the way. When they where happily eating desert, that's when he asked her the question that surprised her.

"Have you thought about transferring to Gotham? It'd be nice to take you out where I live. I think you'd like it," he mentioned. Lefu tilted her head in question, Bruce smiling as he recognized the gesture.

"I don't know. I am just starting here. It'd look bad if I transfer this soon after going through the trouble to transfer here," she explained. Bruce chuckled.

"I can get you transferred no problem if you'd like. I just want you to seriously consider it. I really like you and I think it'd be a shame if we leave things as it where when I leave," he said, sipping at his wine. Lefu returned his gaze seriously.

"I'll think about it. I won't promise anything," she said firmly. He smiled and let out a breath in relief. Bruce laughed at himself.

"Well, that's a relief. I was worried you'd turn me down right away," he said. Lefu laughed and they continued to chat, telling each other funny stories. That's when the Joker burst in, shooting weapons to get everyone's attention.

"Hey, there kiddies!" the Joker exclaimed and laughed maniacally. The Joker strode right up to Lefu, Bruce stood protectively in front of her.

"The Joker," Bruce growled out. The Joker laughed.

"That's my name, don't wear it out," the Joker said with more laughter. The Joker snapped his fingers and a pair of thugs grabbed Lefu from behind.

"Hey, jerks!" she cried out. She struggled within the thugs grasp and they covered her mouth. They pulled her arms up painfully behind her back. She glared at the Joker. Bruce tried to stop the thugs from grabbing her but the thugs shot at his feet, making him back up against the ledge of the balcony.

"Dance Bruce, dance!" the Joker said, laughing at his little joke. Bruce glared but was eventually pushed up and over the edge. The Joker laughed.

"Well? Make sure he's a red splat in the pavement. In this town, someone could have caught him," the Joker spat out. The Joker left with Lefu and the thugs who held her. She looked back as much as she could, watching as the other thugs shot down the side of the building.

Lefu was tied up and calmly glaring at the Joker. He was talking to her about Superman, about killing him. She sighed irritably and rolled her eyes.

"Hey! He's bound to show up for you. You're no Louis Lane but you're the next best thing, a warm body," he said, trailing a finger down her face. Lefu pouted through her gag but didn't bother to try and talk or struggle. If he's right, she'll reveal herself to the red guy and everyone that witnessed her kidnapping. She had to play hostage. Harley hooked her up to a hook and hoisted her up high above.

"Joker!" she heard Superman cry out as he appeared in front of the Joker wearing some kind of protective suit. Lefu sighed. Superman looked ridiculous, resembling Moltar off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

"Supes! I've been waiting for you. Check this out!" the Joker cried out and pulled out a block of kryptonite from behind him. Superman walked calmly towards the Joker and picked him up from the collar of his purple suit.

"I came prepared," Superman said calmly. He dropped the Joker on the ground and called up to Lefu.

"I'll get you down so don't panic," Superman told Lefu soothingly. Lefu just nodded her head and watched it unfold.

"I don't understand, it should work," the Joker mumbled to himself. His head perked up with an idea, "That's right! I forgot about the acid!" Superman looked confused.

"Acid?" Superman asked. The Joker laughed and squeezed the flower attached to his lapel, spraying Superman with acid to his face, melting that part of his suit. Superman fell to his knees as the kryptonite weakened him. Oh, come on, Lefu thought to herself irritably, moaning in irritation.

She watched as the Joker kicked Superman around and then they had to leave to take care of a 'rodent' problem. Lefu rolled her eyes again and just hung there, swinging in boredom. She was surprised to see another caped crusader show up inside the room. The door locked behind them and the room was filling up with gas. Batman got her down and didn't bother untying her. She sighed and stood patiently by Superman as Batman mixed chemicals to melt the kryptonite.

"We need to get out of here," Batman said gruffly, helping Superman stand up. Superman looked like he was getting better and grabbed both Batman and her and flew straight through the doors. They stood in the room where the Joker was. Batman smacked Superman's hand away from him and cornered the Joker.

"It's over Joker," Batman said confidently. The Joker laughed and threw a bag of marbles on the ground.

"He's kidding right?" Superman asked in disbelief. Lefu sighed as the marbles started to blow up. "Grenades?" Superman exclaimed.

"I told you to expect the unexpected," Batman said simply. Superman grabbed them again and flew them out of the factory as it exploded. Superman set them down on the ground outside and again Batman smacked Superman's hand away from him. Batman approached Lefu and untied her. As soon as she was ungagged, she turned to Superman.

"Where's Bruce? He was being shot at and fell over the railing" she asked, her eyes watering from the smoke. Superman glanced back at Batman and then down at her.

"He's just fine," Superman replied. Lefu narrowed her eyes in response and turned back to look at Batman.

"Thanks," she told him. He nodded and left in his car. Superman waited with her until the cops showed up and she recounted what happened. The wait was awkward, him trying to make small talk and she would avoid conversation all together. Superman soon pulled her aside when she finished giving her statement.

"Would you like me to give you a ride?" he asked with a smile. Lefu smiled and shook her head.

"I'll be fine. I'll see you around," she told him. He smiled down at her and flew off. Lefu sighed and walked towards an alley where she wouldn't be seen. She snapped her fingers to change her appearance and her wings appeared. She launched into the air, a flutter of wings the only indicator that she passed by the cops and flew straight home.

She landed on her balcony and walked inside. Snapping her fingers, she had her dirty dress again. Lefu sighed and peeled her clothes off and hopped in the shower. She toweled herself off and slipped on casual clothes to roam around her apartment in. A ringing of her doorbell drew her attention. Lefu pulled her hair back into a tight bun, checked to be sure her glasses where on straight and her contacts in before padding towards the door. She opened it to see Bruce standing there with a rose and a smile.

"Hi, I came to check on you. Are you ok?" he asked, handing her the rose. Lefu smiled and invited him inside.

"I'm fine. How are you?" she asked pointedly, inviting him inside. Bruce stood at the doorway looking around and settled on leaning against the counter separating the kitchen from the rest of the room. Lefu went into the bathroom and conjured a vase. She padded back to the kitchen to set it down on the counter and saw Bruce sitting on top of the counter. She hopped up next to him.

"You seem to be hanging in there. I was worried you would be more traumatized," he commented with a smile. Lefu laughed.

"I'm ok. Growing up on the streets made me tough. All that really happened is being strung up to hang in mid air for a while. I did get to swing around. Now that was fun," she said sarcastically. Bruce laughed. They chatted some more about nothing and he asked about Gotham again. She said she would keep thinking about it again. The doorbell rang interrupting them.

"Hold on. I'll be right back," she told Bruce and hopped off the counter. She padded towards the door again and opened it to find Clark. He looked happy to see her.

"Hey, long time no see. I wanted to check up on you," Clark said, patting her on her head. Lefu smiled and invited him in.

"Yea, nothing like getting sick then kidnapped right after. How's work?" she asked casually. Lefu closed the door behind Clark.

"It's ok, a little lonely without you. I wanted to tell you about a possible lead-" Clark stopped when he saw Bruce smiling on top of the counter and turned to leave, "Oh, I see you have company. I should leave." Lefu quickly grabbed Clark's arm, stopping him from leaving.

"Wait, tell me what you where saying," she told him firmly, stopping him. Clark rubbed the back of his neck.

"It sounds like the Joker is working with Lex Luthor. I don't have any evidence to support it though," Clark admitted. Bruce tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"How did you come by this?" Bruce asked. Clark glared at Bruce.

"I overheard some people talking. They didn't know I was listening," he said pointedly. Lefu looked between the two. Clark was acting hostile towards Bruce, it was odd. She felt like she was missing something that happened between the two. It reminded her of a lover's spat. The though made her smile.

"Well, I could just ask him," Bruce said with a smile. Clark turned to leave and Lefu walked him out. They stood outside her apartment door.

"I don't like him. I rather you stay away from him," Clark admitted. Lefu tilted her head in question.

"That's odd. I've been offered to move to Gotham and work there. He brings up a tempting offer," she stated. Clark's eyes widened in surprise.

"Gotham? So, it's that serious?" he asked. Lefu's brow scrunched as she gazed seriously into his eyes.

"I don't know what to think. It's too soon to say anything. We'll see what happens when the time comes," Lefu said, deflecting the question. Clark sighed and nodded, not commenting further. They each said they're good nights and Lefu entered her apartment. She smiled at Bruce who leaned against the counter; fingering the rose he gave her.

"He doesn't like me," Bruce stated simply. Lefu shrugged and leaned against the counter next to him.

"Looks like it," she said with a shrug. Bruce looked serious.

"Can I ask you something? Are you and Clark…" he let the question trail off. Lefu tilted her head in confusion and then it hit her what he was asking. Lefu laughed.

"Me and him? No, it's not like that," Lefu said with a smile. Bruce smiled in turn.

"Good, at least for me. I just thought with the way he was acting with you that there was something there," Bruce commented. Lefu tilted her head in question, contemplating what he said. Bruce patted her head with a chuckle.

"I'll leave you tonight. I'm sure you want to rest after today's events," he said. Lefu nodded and walked him out. He kissed her on the forehead as a way of good-bye and left. Lefu closed the door and turned on all the lights. She paced in circles, debating to investigate what Clark said. She sighed in defeat and snapped her fingers. She ran out of her apartment and jumped over her balcony, catching herself in mid air and flew towards Lex Corporation.

Lefu landed on a nearby building, crouching on the edge, watching Luthor's bedroom window. She debated if she should burst in there demanding answers or if she should leave it alone. She sighed and right when she was about to swoop in, Batman burst in. She watched as he threatened him for answers then jumped out of the building into his plane when the guards burst through the doors. Lefu slapped a hand to her forehead. Well, there goes finding some answers, she thought. Lefu flew back home and snapped her fingers to change back into her lounging attire and fell asleep.

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