The Hunting Trip

Dimitri P.O.V.

The alarm blared in my ear. Groaning I turned over, trying to shut that stupid noise off. After much fumbling and cursing I eventually found the button.

Snoring to my right indicated that Roza had slept through the alarm. Again. I swear that girl could sleep through World War 3. I now knew how she could be late for training every day at the academy.

I stumbled through to the kitchen. I was going to make breakfast. Doughnuts and coffee, not the healthiest but it was what Roza liked. Plus, I'd never admit, but I needed the caffeeine. One cup should be enough. I looked at the calender. Oh God. Make that four cups.

I carried on cooking, wondering why the days you dreaded the most always arrive so quickly.

It was the day of my hunting trip with Abe and Janine, or as Roza liked to call it my funeral. I'd never tell her but I kinda agreed with her. They were going to kill me. I know I would if it was some creep with Viktoria.

I moved back through to our bedroom. Roza was still asleep. I stood there for a minute watching her. I know I sound like some creepy stalker but she looked the most peaceful when she slept. She sighed and rolled over in her sleep, murmuring my name. That made my heart swell. I couldn't understand why the beautiful, amazing Rose Hathaway loved me? Me the ex Strigoi cradle robbing freak? No I didn't know why she loved me but I was so glad she did.

A sharp knock at the door broke me out of my reverie. I knew it would be Abe and Janine. Damn. They hadn't even given me time to get dressed.