A pink hedgehog with short pink quills looked up at the stars in the sky through her bar window. Her name was Amelia Rose; she was wearing blue dress that had long sleeves and went down to her ankles with a brown corset over the top, she was in much better shape than the rest of the slaves.

She sighed knowing that she would never get to see the stars from anywhere else; she would always be stuck here. She was a slave to King Acorn, and he would never let her outside the palace walls; she had run away before and he didn't want to risk it again. Amy had been a slave to the king since she was thirteen; she was given to the king as a present from her home, in exchange for protection from Eggman.

Eggman was an evil king, who attacked other kingdoms in hope to become the ruler of the world. However King Acorn went back on his word and attacked her home, a few were taken prisoner, and the rest were killed, including her family. Amy led on the stone floor, using her hands as a pillow for her head. Before falling asleep she took one last look outside, hoping that one day she would escape from the palace.

She had made a promise to herself that she would keep trying! Every chance she got she would fight! She would fight for her freedom, for her home, for everyone else who thought they never could escape; to give them hope and to show the King that although she was female she could out smart him and get away.

Amy woke up to the sound of the door opening, a guard walked in waking up the other slaves who were still asleep, by kicking them in the stomach. They all groaned in pain there eyes tightly shut. Amy cringed at the sight and turned away looking out of the bar window, only to see the stars gone and replaced with a sunrise.

"Get up!" the guard commanded; Amy heard more groans as the prisoners got up. Amy ignored the guard and continued to look out the window; she then felt the presence of the guard looming over her. "Get up!" He said again only to be ignored.

The guard then pulled Amy up by her ear, it hurt but she did not cry out, she only glared at the guard, and he did the same. "Next time I tell you to 'get up' you do as you're told!"

Amy said nothing only glared. She knew the guard couldn't do anything to her; she was only put in the cell so she couldn't escape, she was a present to the king and she could not be hurt, if she was any other prisoner she would have been beaten by now. Everyone who was in the room had their eyes on them; this was some, if not the only, entertainment they got in the day.

The guard then let go of her ear and turned to everyone "get a move on then!" all the slaves then quickly filed out of the room so they could go and see to their jobs.

The guard then stalked out of the room in a hurry, as he should have left already and gone to do his next job. Amy wished she was like all the other slaves; she hated her job the most. She had to be with the King and his bitchy daughter, Sally, for the whole day doing whatever they wanted her to do and then stay and 'please' the King for the rest of the night.

Even when King Acorn had a queen who could 'please' him (who had died three years ago now) he still got Amy to do it. Amy then felt tears role down her peach coloured face, she hated the job, and the only good thing was being with Cream.

Cream was Sally's lady in waiting and Amy's only friend. As Amy hated the job she was quite the rebel, and she fought the king every time in the evening. And even though she did, the king still had her to do this job and Amy knew why. Because he found her a challenge; he loved challenges, especially against her, just because he knew he could always win. 'One day I will get away from him and I will take every slave who wants to come with me!' Amy then went on to do her job.