The snow drifted down quickly as Dean carefully maneuvered through the drab January streets. Thankfully, it was already Thursday and he only had one more day left before the weekend. He just wanted to get home though so he could warm up.

The impala was still pretty cold, but he had the heat on high, listening to the legos he and Sam jammed in there a while back and some AC/DC. It was a rather pleasant day, even with the below freezing temperatures. Dean got out of school relatively early, of course he waited a bit to leave so that he wouldn't have to sit in the school traffic though; he didn't want to risk getting in any accident, even just a minor fender bender, with his baby. Sam usually went home with him, but was going over Jess' house today. Dean obviously bothered Sam about that a lot, but he's the older brother, it's what he does.

He makes a turn slowly, as to not slip, and notices someone walking. They look cold. They also look kinda like that smart kid in Dean's English class. What was his name? Cam? Cas...Cas-something...

Dean felt pity. It was freezing out and there was already a couple inches of snow on the ground and none of the side-walks were quite clear yet. So he pulled up next to him and rolled down the passenger side window, leaning over to call to...Cas...he was pretty sure it was Cas...

"Uh, hey." That was smooth, Dean thought to himself. Cas looked a bit confused and stunned. Tilting his head and leaning down to speak through the window, Cas replied, "Hello, is something wrong?" Formal as always. Such a strange kid, Dean thought.

"Um,'s cold out..." Dean wanted to offer a ride to the poor kid, but didn't really know him, how do you ask someone that?


"Do you want a ride or something?"

"No, it's okay." Cas straightened his back and appeared to prepare to start walking again.

"No, you want a ride. It's freezing out, you're gonna get a cold." Dean said firmly. "Come on, lemme give you a ride. How far away do you live?" Dean unlocked the door so Cas could get in. But he didn't. Cas just looked confused again.

"It's okay, it's only a mile or so from here."

"Please, Cas? You're making me feel cold just looking at you." Cas seemed startled.

"Okay." Cas finally got in the car, putting his backpack by his feet and put the window back up to keep the heat in. "You called me Cas." Cas stated. It wasn't a question but Cas seemed to want an answer.

"Ya, well you're it is your name right? You know my name?" Dean smiled at Cas' cute innocence. He noticed there was still snow in his dark hair, and Dean's heart jumped a little.

"Yes, Dean. I know your name." Cas chuckled putting on his seat belt, and Dean pulled away from the curb.

"Okay Cas, where to from here?"

The drive to Cas' house was pretty far, and Dean was glad he picked him up; Cas would have frozen being outside this long. They just made some small talk about class and the weather and stuff, but it was comfortable.

When Dean pulled into Cas' driveway, Cas looked at Dean, smiled, and said, "Thank you, Dean. You are very kind."

Dean's heart melted. This guy had such an effect on Dean, he didn't even understand why he felt this way. "Any time, Cas." Dean replied, hoping Cas didn't notice his slight blush.

Dean drove away, hoping to see Cas in more than just English class.