Epilogue (4 years later)

"Hey Cas?"


"Wanna go to out for dinner on Saturday?


"Just to change it up a bit. I mean we haven't really gone out anywhere in a while and I want to take you somewhere nice."

"Sounds good. Well I have to get to work so we can talk later, okay?"

"Okay. See you later." Dean kissed Cas goodbye as Cas left for work. Dean still had an hour before he would be needed at the garage.

So, he spent that hour panicking. Cas agreed. Now he just had one more thing to do before Saturday came, and it was going to be the hard. It was only Monday though, so he had some time.

When he went into work, he decided to ask his boss for Friday off, which his boss agreed to. Dean had never taken a day off before so his boss didn't mind that much.

On Friday, Cas left for work as per usual, and Dean left only a few minutes later to go visit his parents. It was an hour drive and he wanted to leave as early as possible so he would make sure that he would get home before Cas did. If he didn't Cas might question him since Dean always got home before Cas.

It was a drive he hadn't taken in a while. The last time he saw his parents was at graduation which was a couple months ago. But he hadn't been back to their old house in almost a year.

When he got there, everything looked the same. The house looked the same. The garden looked the same. The neighborhood looked the same.

Dean unlocked the door with his old house key and called out, "Mom? Dad? You here?"

"Kitchen Dean!" Came his mom's voice.

Dean walked into the kitchen to see his mother writing out something. Looked like she was budgeting or doing taxes or something.

"Whatcha doing?" Dean said, pulling up a chair.

"Just some budgeting. Sam is going off to Stanford and we need to make sure we'll have enough money for everything."

"But didn't he get full-ride?" Dean asked curiously.

"Well yes, but still there are plain tickets to buy and all his stuff to move, and we need to make sure he'll be okay over there. California is so far away."

Dean could tell his mother was worrying. Her youngest son was leaving and going very far away, of course she was worrying.

"He'll be fine mom. He's a smart kid." Dean reassured her and was answered with a warm smile.

"So what are you doing home on this random summer day?" Mary gave him a look like she knew he was up to something.

"Well….I…uh…is dad home?"

"Don't ignore my question mister." Mary scolded.

"I'm not! I just need to know."

"No he's not." Mary said, looking at the clock. "But he will be home in about 10 minutes. He went out for a quick grocery run this morning."

While they waited for John to return, Mary questioned Dean relentlessly about what he had been doing since graduation and how Cas was doing and how the apartment was and the questions just didn't stop.

Thankfully, Dean didn't have to wait too long until his dad came home and saved him from the interrogation.

"Dean! How ya doin' son?"

"I'm good dad." Dean replied, happy to see his dad.

"What are you doing here?" John asked, putting some plastic bags down on the counter.

"That's what I want to know." Mary said, staring at Dean.

"Well, I need to ask you something, and I wanted both of you to be here." Dean took a breath for courage. "I was wondering…if I…could have your parent's old rings." Dean finished, motioning to his dad.

"Their rings?" John repeated, looking to Mary with a smile. "May I ask why?"

"I...uh…want to ask Cas to marry me." Dean said, fidgeting and looking down at his hands.

Mary beamed and stood up. She rushed around the table to Dean and pulled him into her arms. She kissed his head. "Oh finally!" she cheered.

"Good choice Dean." John said proudly. "I'm proud of you boy."

Dean couldn't stop smiling. "Yeah well."

"I'll go get the rings for you dear." Mary said, and left to head upstairs.

John patted Dean on the back. "We are so happy for you Dean."

"Yeah I couldn't tell." Dean said sarcastically.

"Hey, we've been waiting for a while for this. What's it been? 6 years?"

"We only met 6 years ago."

"Yeah but we both could tell that there was something about you two. And if I could tell, it was pretty obvious."

As John finished, Mary came back into the kitchen holding a small ring box. "Here you go." She said, handing over the small red box.

"Thanks mom." Dean replied. Mary and John could not stop smiling at him, but they were snapped out of the moment when a tired looking Sam sporting bed head came into the kitchen. They all looked surprised to see him.

"What's happening? Why's Dean here?" Sam questioned in his sleeping state.

"Uh…" Mary tried to speak, but she wasn't sure what to say. And she didn't know if Dean wanted Sam to know just yet.

"Just came to pick up something. Don't worry about it Sammy." Dean covered. It technically wasn't a lie; it just wasn't the whole truth. A lawyer like Sam could understand that.

"Huh, okay." Sam accepted the lie. "Why are you two so smiley this morning?" He asked, looking at his parents.

"No reason. Just a good day." John said.

"Well, I better be off. Still got a bunch of stuff to do today."

"Okay, see ya later Dean." Sam said.

"Bye son." John said, patting Dean on the back again.

Mary hugged Dean tightly, but before letting him go she quietly asked, "When?"

Dean answered, just as quietly, "Tomorrow. I'll tell you on Sunday okay?"

Mary nodded, and then Dean left.

Dean had one more stop to make before he went back home though.

He drove for a couple minutes through his old neighborhood until he pulled up to a familiar house. He parked by the curb and headed to the door.

He reached hesitantly for the doorbell and waited anxiously.

A familiar red-head answered the door.

"Dean? What are you doing here? You know Cas isn't here right?" Anna joked.

"I know Anna. I was actually wondering if I could talk to your dad." Dean surprised himself with how calmly he asked.

"Yeah… he's in his office." Anna spoke slowly, unsure of what Dean was really asking for.

"Thanks…Could you tell me where that is?" Dean asked, just realizing that he had never really been in Cas' house before. When he hung out with Cas, it had always been at the Roadhouse, or his house, or anywhere but Cas' house. 'Oh right! Mr. Novak hated me. That's why I've never come over before.' Dean thought to himself as Anna directed him to the right room.

Dean was about the knock but he stopped himself. 'Mr. Novak hated me. Mr. Novak hated me. Mr. Novak hated me.' Dean couldn't stop himself from repeated this thought in his head. 'Mr. Novak hated me and thinks that his son is straight, and I'm about to ask him if I can marry his son.' Dean didn't know what to do, but he could feel Anna's presence still by his side. If he stood there much longer, she would probably start asking questions.

So, he took a deep breath, and decided that it was too late to turn back now, and he knocked on the door.

"Come on." Said a deep voice from the other side of the door.

Dean swallowed hard and opened the door.

Mr. Novak was sitting behind a large desk looking at a computer with papers spread over his desk. The room was bright and warm with the sun coming through the windows.

Dean closed the door behind him and approached the daunting figure.

"Who are you?" Mr. Novak said, moving his gaze to Dean.

"Hello sir. I'm Dean Winchester. I don't know if you rem-"

"I remember you boy." Mr. Novak cut him off. He continued, spitting out his words. "You are that gay boy that tried to destroy my son a long time ago. Well let me tell you, he is fixed. Now leave." Mr. Novak returned to his work.

"No." Dean said quietly, but his courage grew and he repeated himself, louder. "No."

"What did you just say?" Mr. Novak asked, returning his attention to Dean.

"I came here for a reason. I will not let you ignore me." Dean took a deep breath. "I was going to ask you if I could marry your son," Dean saw Mr. Novak's face fall and become distorted. "But instead, I am going to tell you that I am going to ask him if I can marry him. Your son is gay, and we have been dating for 4 years now. I am going to ask him to marry me, and I don't care what you say."

Mr. Novak sat there, stunned. Dean didn't wait for a reply and he just left.

On the drive back to Boston, Dean was shaking with the thought that he just yelled at the man who hurt Cas. And he felt great.

On Saturday, Dean and Cas dressed up and headed out to a nice restaurant. They had a beautiful dinner and dessert.

On the drive home, Cas realized that Dean took a wrong turn.

"Dean are you lost?" Cas worriedly asked. "You never get lost. The turn was back there."

"I know." Was all Dean said as he continued driving.

He drove by memory through back roads, so that Cas wouldn't recognize where he was being taken.

"Dean are you going to take me to the middle of the woods somewhere and murder me?" Cas joked.

"Maybe." Dean said completely serious.

"Of course." Cas said, looking out the window, trying to place where they were going.

After about an hour of driving, Dean pulled into a park and stopped his engine. There was a beautiful pond not to far from where they stopped.

"Cas go stand by the hood for a second." Dean ordered. Cas got out and did what was told.

Dean sat for a moment, taking a deep breath. He took out a tape from his jacket and popped it into the player in the car. He turned the car back on hit play. The song played out and Cas could hear it through the open passenger and driver doors.

Dean got out and stood by Cas as L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole played over the sounds of the pond.

"Do you remember this spot?" Dean asked, leaning against the hood of the impala.

Cas copied him and replied, "Um…ye…yes! This is the pond we almost went swimming in until that cop came after us!"

"Yeah." Dean said, looking at Cas as Cas looked across the beautifully lit pond.

"It's amazing." Cas said, still looking out.

Dean took this opportunity to get out the small red box from his jacket.

"I like the song by the way." Cas smiled, finally looking back at Dean. But Dean was no longer standing. Dean was down on one knee, holding a small box with two rings in it.

Cas was stunned into silence.

"Cas, will you marry me?" Dean said. His hand that was holding the box started shaking, so he brought up his other hand. But the shaking didn't stop.


Dean was getting more nervous. 'Was it really that hard to say yes or no?' Dean thought to himself.

"Oh Dean, yes! Of course!" Cas said breathlessly.

"Really?" Dean smiled.

"Yes! That's why I said yes!" Cas said, pulling Dean up into a hug.

Dean pulled away only to take out one of the rings in the box and slid it onto Cas' finger.

"Oh thank god it fits." Dean said, releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Where did you come up with the size? I don't wear rings." Cas stated.

"Oh I didn't. These rings were my grandparents'."

"Really? Dean that's…" Cas played with the ring on his finger a bit. "Dean I can't wear this. It's…"

"No Cas. It was meant for you. And my parent's wouldn't have given them to me if they didn't want you to wear it." Dean answered.

"Oh…well…wait. When did your parents give you these?" Cas asked, as Dean handed him the box so Cas could look at the other ring.

"I visited them yesterday to ask for them." Dean said. "Oh and I visited your father." Cas looked up at that. "I was going to ask him for your hand, but I ended up just telling him that I was going to ask you. He didn't look to happy about it, but at least he knows."

"Dean. Dean you are amazing." Cas said, taking out the other ring from the box and held it out to Dean.

"It's too small." Dean said. "I tried it yesterday, but I can get it re-sized."

"Okay." Cas smiled. Dean took the ring anyway. He undid the chain on his necklace and added the ring. It fell around his neck with the charm that was originally there. "Looks good." Cas said.


Cas pulled Dean in by the lapels of his jacket, and kissed him. Dean was slightly surprised, but melted into the kiss; He brought his arms up around Cas' waist.

They kissed for a while until they heard the song end. The next song that started to play was Marry You by Bruno Mars.

"Bruno Mars? Dean you hate Bruno Mars. Why is it playing?" Cas asked chuckling, not pulling away from Dean.

"Because Cas, you like him. And I thought it fit the moment." Dean smiled and kissed Cas again.

"You're so cute Dean."

"Yeah I know." Cas smiled and kissed him again.

The park was always a good place to patrol. There were always teenagers messing around. Either they would hide in park when it was closed and do…things…, or try and swim in the pond at night. But it was actually very rare that anything happened.

Mark always took the night shift at the park. He had for about 5 years now. It wasn't often that he would catch some teens doing things, but he was just thankful for some peaceful time by himself.

It was a quiet night until he heard the song L-O-V-E softly in the distance.

"Sound's like it's coming from the pond." He said to himself. He headed over there, but he was in no rush.

When he got there, he was not very far from the perpetrators. They had parked their (very nice) car and were playing the song through the car speakers.

That's when he realized, it was a marriage proposal. He couldn't break that up. He did wait and see if the girl said yes though.

He moved a bit to see better and realized that it was two guys. He didn't really care though. 'It's Massachusetts; they can do whatever they want.' He thought to himself as he saw them hug. 'Obviously he said yes. Cute.'

He was about to leave the pair alone, but he overheard them talking by accident. He didn't mean to hear them but he over heard their names, Dean and Cas.

Dean and Cas. Now where had he heard those names before? 'Dean and Cas' he thought to himself. He looked across the pond in thought, and that's when it hit him.

A few years ago, when he was on shift, there was a pair of boys trying to swim in the pond at night. He heard them call each other Dean and Cas. He only remembered because he thought that Cas was a very strange name for a boy, or for anyone really.

'Wow, after all this time, these boys are still together and now they're engaged. That's quite amazing that I got to see them again and this is what happens.'

Mark smiled to himself as he quietly left them alone. He looked down his own ring on his finger. He couldn't wait to tell his wife this story.

The End

Author's Note: I hope you like the ending guys! I didn't mean for it to get this long but the characters kind of got away from me! Oh well!

So this is the end, but I will add a separate one shot from Cas' point of view. Hint: it will be about his Christmas!

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