Dom's POV

Letty was laying beside me. I looked at her peacefully sleeping beside me. I heard little feet running down the hallway. The door creaked opened, and a light little dip in the bed was made. I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. The little angel that was my three year old daughter, put her nose to mine and whispered,


I snored a little bit,


"What baby?"

"I need my morning kiss."

I laughed a little and opened my eyes. Her nose still on mine, she puckered her lips and I kissed her. She laughed and collapsed on my chest. I rubbed her back and kissed her head.

"Mommy still asleep."

"Yeah, she's tired."

"Should I wake her up?"

I laughed and looked at my daughter; so much of her was me. Her beauty and the devil in the eye was Letty. She was a daddy's girl. She looked at me for direction like I went to my dad. I was a proud papa. She looked at me again, silently asking if she wake up her mother. I nodded and smiled at her. She stood up on mychest and leaped onto Letty.

Letty caught her with a groan.

"Lex we talked about you jumping on mommy."

"Daddy said I could."

Letty opened her eye at me. And I grinned. She rolled her eyes.

"We don't listen to daddy."

She laughed and Letty kissed her on the head. I stood up and Lexi put her arms up. I lifted her up and carried with me downstairs.

"Let's leave mommy alone. She needs to shower."


"Okay little one, waffles it is."

I sat her on the counter and she smiled as I went to the freezer to get the waffles. We were at the table eating when Letty walked downstairs and kissed Lexi on the head. She smiled at me and kissed me gently.

Our relationship has changed a lot through the years. Breaking up getting back together, loving each other, hating each other. When we found out about Lex something changed. We were scared. I remember the night she came over and told me. She was 20 and I was 23. We were in the middle of some stupid fight that we always had,

There was a knock on the door, I opened and saw her.

"Let I'm not in the mood to fight right now."

"I'm not here to fight Dom."

"Let, come on. We just need to relax for a few days and we'll be fine."

Then I saw her eyes, they were red and puffy. She just walked in and hugged me. I figured she had another fight with her mom. I hugged her back. I whispered,

"Babe what happened?"

"Can we go upstairs?"

I nodded and took her hand. She sat on my bed crossed legged and I sat in front of her.

"Did you get in a fight with your mom?"

"Sort of."

I raised an eyebrow and she sighed,

"I just want you to know this wasn't my may of trapping you into anything. I love you, we don't say that enough."

She was rambling, never a good sign.

"Letty, breathe."

She took a deep breath and looked in my eyes.

"I'm pregnant."

With those two little words everything seemed to stop then start again. I was going to be a father. I was 23, how was I supposed to raise someone when I could barely take care of myself.

"I'm sorry."

"What why are you sorry?"

"I know you don't want this. I don't want this."

I grabbed her face in my hands and I looked her dead in the eye.

"We might not have planned this, but it is a miracle."

I felt her body relax and smile. She relaxed in my hands.

"I was so afraid you would side with my mom."

"Your mom?"

"She found my test. And she told me I better get rid of it, because I reunited her life when she had me so young. I would ruin my life, and you would leave."

She started crying again and I hugged her we were laying on the bed and I kissed her head.

"This is our future now. I don't want you to get rid of our child. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I was going to ask you last week then we had a fight."

"Ask me what?"

"To marry me."

She sat up and smiled, "Of course I will. We're in this for good now."

"We always were."

"Three's a party."

I was snapped out of my memory when Letty sat on my lap.

"What's on your mind solider?"

"The night you told me you were pregnant."

"Saddest but happiest night of my life."

I nodded, "You miss your mom?"

"Yeah I do. But I don't want her near Lex."

"You are a good mom Let, nothing like your mom."


She gently kissed me, while little feet worked their way back down the stairs. Letty stood up and started cleaning the table off. Lex climbed into my lap.

"I got dressed all be myself."

"I see that. You look beautiful baby."

Her smile was so sweet. She was grinning ear to ear. She had pink pants and a green poka dot shirt on. She started whispering in my ear.

"I want to go to the garage dad."

"You do?"

She nodded.

"Better ask momma."

"Uh oh, ask momma what?" Letty asked walking into the room.

Lex, reached her arms up and Letty scooped her up.

"I want to go to the garage."

"You do, do you?"

She nodded smiling.

"Well then you better go change in to your over ralls."

Letty smiled as Lex shrieked for joy and ran upstairs. There was no doubt she was our kid. Letty looked at me from the door frame.

"This kid is going to be more trouble than we were."

I laughed and walked by her and kissed her temple. "Impossible."

She laughed and as Lex walked down the stairs and I scooped her up and we drove to the garage where she went to her toy car and started taking it apart. I hugged Letty from behind,

"I love you, we don't say that enough"

I laughed, "I love you too."

"three's a party."

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