Letty's POV

I rented a car when we landed in Nashville and started the drive to the race track which I was all too familiar with. When I got there the guard stopped me, but I knew him. His name was Jim and he has been there forever. He smiled and stepped out of the booth.

"Let is that you?"

I nodded and smiled,

"It is, Jim you are looking good"

He stepped back and ran his hands over his stomach. The kids and I laughed at him and he looked over to Lex,


She smiled and waved,

"Hey Jim"

She smiled and went back to texting Jasmine. I smiled at Jim when he started talking again,

"I can't believe she's so big, I remember when you were pregnant"

I looked over and smiled,

"I know, it's a little crazy. Oh this is our son Nick"

Letty looked back and Nick waved.


"Hey little man"

I smiled and Jim turned back to me,

"I thought we weren't going to see you for another couple days"

I shrugged,

"Decided to surprise him"

Jim smiled, and went back to the booth to open the gate,

"They are at test runs right now"

I nodded and thanked him as I drove to the trailer. I parked and the kids hopped out as Lex stayed close to me and I didn't put it against her, this place was bringing up bad memories for both of us. I kissed her head and she smiled. Nick was running in front of us until he saw Dom. Dom hadn't seen us, I could tell he was talking to Tony on the ear piece, Nick turned,

"Momma can I go?"

I nodded and smiled as he made a run for it. He ran and hugged Dom from behind. Dom turned and we connected eyes and I could see the smile on his face grow as he looked down and saw Nick. Lex and I walked up and I could hear them talking. Dom was crouching down,

"Hey buddy"

Nick hugged him around the neck. I think he was over whelmed. The track was a lot to take in. I walked up with Lex and Nick let go when Tony came out of the car. Tony was surprised but caught Nick as he ran to hug him.

Lex hugged Dom next and he kissed her head, she was hugging his waist when he asked,

"What are you guys doing here?"

I answered,

"Your children missed you"

He raised an eyebrow,

"And you didn't?"


He looked down at Lex and she was laughing,

"I guess I will take you out on the town tonight then"

He spun her around and she laughed. Tony walked up with Nick. Nick was wearing Tony's helmet and was smiling ear to ear. Lex had gone over to Tony and hugged him. Dom had made his way to me and put an arm around my shoulders and I put my hand in his back pocket as he kissed the side of my head.

I heard him whisper,

"It's so good to see you"

I smiled and looked up at him,

"I missed you; home isn't home without you there"

He finally kissed me on the lips and I heard groans from our children. Dom only deepened the kiss and I laughed as we pulled away. Nick was practically bouncing when he came over,

"Can I go for a ride with poppa? Pleassse"

Dom nodded and tapped the helmet a little bit,

"Go for it buddy"

He pumped his hands in the air and screamed,


They both walked off and we both noticed Lex looking around and she looked a little off. Dom looked at me and we walked up to her. She started crying, and Dom hugged her protectively and kissed her head.

"Lex, it's alright"

She nodded trying to calm her breathes. I rubbed her back and smiled at this father daughter moment. They had always been close and I loved that fact. I was never close with my dad. Lex finally stepped back and wiped her tears,

"I didn't think it would be this hard"

She pulled the hair elastic from her wrist and put her hair up.

"It's okay Lex, it happened. But it's done and we won't let anything like that happened to you again"

Dom told her with so much confidence she smiled and I knew she believed him. She hugged me next and I smiled. I whispered,

"I love you babe"

"I love you too momma"

I looked up when I heard the car screech from the track and Nick lean out of the window,

"This is awesome!"

We all laughed and Tony pulled him back in. I heard the phone ringing in the office and Dom ran to get it. Lex and I went to sit on the grass. She put her head on my shoulder,

"I think you should know that you are a good mom and I love you just as much as dad. We just have a different relationship"

I smiled and pushed a strand of air from her face,

"I know Lex, and I have the stretch marks to prove it"

She laughed and I smiled,

"Tomorrow we can go see Martha if you want"

She smiled,

"I would like that"

I smiled as we watched the car go around the track and could hear Nick's happy screams. Lex turned to me,

"Mom can I ask you something?"

I nodded and looked at her,

"Did you and dad ever blame me for what happened?"

"God no. Lex no, we would never blame you. He was sick and he needed help. It was his fault, no one else's. Dad blamed himself for a long time, but we got you back and that's what mattered to us"

She smiled and nodded,

"He doesn't blame himself now does he?"

I looked at her,

"I don't think so babe"

She smiled and ran over to the car as it parked. I could hear her say faintly,

"My turn"

Nick passed her the helmet standing in the put watching them and cheering. One of the guys gave him a head set to talk to them. I felt Dom sit beside me,

"Memories huh?"

I nodded and leaned in to him,

"We did good"

He nodded and kissed my temple.

"We did really good"

We sat there and watched our kids play and goof around. We were happy and that's all we've wanted.