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'Knowing the what, but learning the how.'

"Seven pieces of light ... Thirteen pieces of darkness ... and I will obtain ... the key to my victory ..."

"You will be stopped ... even if ... is forged, the light will best you."

"Such a fool, ... though I cannot blame you. After all, ... is key... which is why he must be ... You cannot save him."

"No! ... run!"

Vanitas sat silently beneath the fort upon his bed, dark sheets shielding him from the 'outside world'. A flashlight in one hand, he continued reading the story book while his blond friend lay curled up on the other side of his bed. The darker-haired boy looked up slightly at Ventus shifting in his sleep; he was still unsure about all that had transpired the last three days. A new, what he deemed an 'imaginary' friend, children in school actually shining to him, and his father home for the weekend.

The little five-year-old was half expecting the moon to fall and crash in to the earth at this point.

Ventus shifted again, usual spiky locks now a disarray over his forehead. Vanitas shifted his amber gaze back to the pages of his story book, flicking the flashlight off whenever he heard movements outside of his room. For the rest of that night, he continued to read as Ventus turned in his sleep.


He sat, nestled in the shadows, a ways of avoiding the darkness. The blond boy was terrified; he could feel a powerful evil coming from where he had escaped - his home, his family - where the man was coming for him.

"..." His bright gaze shifted to the left, then right, azure eyes locking soon after onto the faded gold of the doorknob to the room he hid. When it began to shake, he curled himself up closer into the corner, hiding as far behind the shadows as he could squeeze.

"You cannot run," the darkness grew around the door, the man walking through and into the room in a slow stride. All he could see was the eerie glow of the man's amber gaze.

"Here you are, Ventus."

In the next moment the man's hand was wrapped around his neck, fingers digging into his throat; the darkness was pulsating out from this bad man's energy, sinking against the boy's small body.

"Everything is falling in to place, my boy... Now all that is left is for you..." a tight squeeze to his gullet, the blond let out a choked sob; the only light coming into the room being from behind his own eyes, "... to leave this world."

"..." Shifting into a seated position, Ven blinked his weary eyes, a dry hack escaping his throat as he took in his surroundings. He was roll in the dark room, where he has been hiding, though there was a change;

the room had grown in size, and there were upset children littered around the area. His blue eyes immediately began to scan the area, a classroom, he figured, before locking on a boy about his age seated at a lone table.

He had the same menacing, amber eyes.

And yet... they held the same light as...

He didn't know how, but he had gotten up from his spot on the ground, and was now taking a seat next to the boy. His gaze moved to a young redheaded girl making her way back to the table, engaging the dark-haired boy with the strange amber eyes in conversation.

He tuned out after that.

After a while of studying the boy silently, the children ended up in an uproar, crying out about this and that; he didn't catch. It seemed to be about the girl, as some were pointing to her; he noticed the amber-eyed boy had been passing the girl a box of something.

"All that 'cause you both touched a box, huh?"

The boy's head snapped up to the blond, who shot him an uneasy smile at the stare.

'His eyes are the same... but...'

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