"Boss, Boss WAKE UP"A voice yelled.

"What?" I said pissed off from being woken up.

The voice belonged to Pierce. "Dang man chill I just came to give the good news."

I completely ignored his comment and said" How did you get in my room?"

"That's ugh …not important." I glared at him, "This better be good Pierce" I replied, while getting out of bed.

"Go downstairs, I need to get dressed."

Pierce nodded and walked out of my room. I locked my door, and showered. After my shower I dried off, and went to my closet to find something to wear. "Nope…No….Hell No…..Never again…. AH HA."I pulled out a white dress shirt, a purple tie with saint's logos, a Black Blazer, Dark Grey slacks, and Black Dress shoes. I quickly put them on, and went back into the restroom to put gel in my hair, I spiked it up

slightly. I finally finished and walked downstairs. It was a normal day at the HQ, which was hard to believe since the day before was very cinematic, and hard. After killing about a million S.T.A.G members, and Luchadores; I had to make a decision which some people would consider hard. I didn't I chose what was right, without a doubt about it I saved Shaundi. Killbane escaped, I didn't want to lose any more Saints; It didn't feel the same without my second in command Gat. It just wouldn't make sense for them to die, just so I could Kill Killbane. A lot of things happened that day Pierce and Oleg, learned a lot about me that day. Angel is currently mad at me because of my decision, Oleg wanted me to go after Killbane too; He isn't mad at me though. I looked up to see Pierce right in front of me.

"Kinzie and I have something to tell you." He gestured for me to follow him, so I did.

Kinzie was sitting near the pool on her laptop of course.

"Hey Kinzie" I said trying to put on a smile, but I just couldn't somehow.

She looked up "Hey Boss." "You look uh…..good today" she said trying to cheer me up.


"Anyway I think, Well me and pierce think that well…you need a vacation." Did she seriously just say this? I opened

mouth, and was about to disagree. Then I realized she might be right, I haven't relaxed, or slept well. I had so much Sh** going on in my life and a vacation sounded really good. Then again there was still so much that we had to get done, like Eliminate Killbane, and Take out S.T.A.G. They weren't much of a threat right now though, because S.T.A.G isn't after us, and Killbane is out of Steelport, and humiliated since I removed his mask. Also the rest of the crew needed a break, especially Shaundi, and Viola.

Shaundi had a huge personality change when she became a celebrity, and then another when Gat died. She used to be a cool laid back stoner chick; now she was cold, Independent Diva (who could fight). It was a good thing she was independent, and learned to kick some a**, but she would never relax. Also she hasn't even laughed or smiled, since Gat died. Viola needed a break too; Killbane murdered her twin sister right in front of her eyes. "Fine" I muttered, still not completely sure this was the right decision. Pierce and Kinzie stared at me with a What the F*** look on their faces.

"I was thinking we could all go to HAWAII!" Pierce said with excitement in his voice.

"Who will run everything while were gone?"

"Oleg and Kinzie." I pulled pierce aside so Kinzie couldn't hear us and said

"How the H*** do you know they won't try to take over the gang."

"Kinzie proved loyalty by helping you save shaundi, Viola, and Burt Reynolds; Oleg on the other hand had many opportunities to kill you."

Everything Pierce said was True It almost seemed as if he rehearsed it.

"As much as I hate to say it …your right" I admitted. He smirked at that comment.

"How will we convince Viola and Shaundi?"

"We call them up a, hope for the best, and pray Shaundi doesn't kill us" He replied, getting out his phone.