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Previously on MTRD:

Someone gets shot, and Matt and Kinzie lose it….

"Let her go, or this bastard's dead!" I bluffed, pressing my gun hard into Patrick's temple.

"I'll save you the trouble" Victoria smirked.

Everything happened in slow motion. Patrick's head lunged backwards, as a clean shot struck the middle of his forehead. His mouth was agape, and his eyes were filled with tremor, bewilderment, and pain. I cringed at the sight. Painful thoughts flooded into my mind; I never even got to know Patrick. I quickly removed my gun's barrel from his temple, and gently set his lifeless body onto the ground. I looked into his now dead eyes that resembled my own; they were still wide open, so I gently shut them.

"I didn't like him much anyway" Victoria shrugged, nonchalantly. "You were never going to kill him" She scoffed.

I looked up at the heartless b**** that stole Patrick's life; rage present, and very clear on my face. She still held the same smirk on her face, if anything it seemed to have gained more wattage; my jaw clenched even tighter. The sound of a gun clicking grabbed my attention; I looked up to see Shaundi with her gun to the back of Victoria's head.

"Let the girl go!" Shaundi demanded.

Victoria sighed lowly and pushed the quivering girl onto the hard ground. The girl's face was streaming with tears, as she sobbed and sniffled; she looked to be in her early twenties. I felt a pang of pity for the poor girl, but I sternly repressed it. Shaundi smacked her gun against Victoria's head, making her fall down, unconscious. Shaundi helped the young woman to her feet, in reaction she clung tightly onto her with merciless tightness of adrenaline-fueled fear. Sympathetically, Shaundi hugged back, while the woman wept into her shoulder, and thanked her about a million times.

"You're alright, hon. everything's going to fine," Shaundi comforted, while she glanced sideways at me.

I stood up from the ground, as the woman released Shaundi, and thanked her one last time. Shaundi eyed me with concern, and confusion. I returned her gaze for a split second, and quickly averted it onto the female saint.

"I'll be on the heliport" The female saint said, before leaving Shaundi and I.

"Are you alright?" Shaundi asked me in a soft tone of voice (a tone she didn't use often), and gently put a hand on my shoulder.

I gazed into her eyes which were filled with worry…and love? I pondered about whether I should tell her or not. Eventually I came to the conclusion that telling her the truth wouldn't be a big deal, since…well Patrick's dead, and she's trustworthy when it comes to keeping secrets; Pierce on the other hand…not so much…

I exhaled slowly. "Patrick…he is umm…well, he was my brother…"

Shaundi raised an eyebrow, and then quickly got into concern mode, and lightly hugged me.

I returned it. I'm not the hugging type at all, they feel awkward to me, and they put you in a very vulnerable position; but somehow this one in particular felt like one of the most natural things in the world.

"I-I'm sorry" Shaundi said lowly, while glancing at Patrick's body.

"It's alright" I waved her off and gently released her. "It's not like I knew him or anything"

After a moment of impeccable silence, the elevator doors opened, and out came a grim Pierce. His eyes scanned all around the room; his eyes lingering on the deceased. He frowned and let out a small sad sigh.

Later that night…

Pierce, Shaundi and I were sitting on the couches in complete utter silence; silence so severe, that the mere drop of a pen would catch our attention. My eyes were set on the ground, as my mind drifted through various thoughts of Patrick; the bewildered look in his eyes when the bullet was shot, the look of hurt and shock that was daubed onto his face, the words he spoke, and the way he would avert his gaze to Victoria from time to time; He obviously had some feelings for her, and she knew it. Why? Why would she have done what she did? How could she have done what she did? I'm no stranger to being stabbed in the back, but it never ceased to amaze me how someone could cold-bloodedly end one of their so called 'friends' life. I may be a psychotic killer, but I would never and I mean never betray my friends. As cheesy as it sounds…they're like…family…

My deep thoughts were interjected when the sound of footsteps approached, and the three of us looked toward the sound, which came from a foot-soldier.

"Sir, she's awake" He said, seriously.

With no response, I stormed into the basement, with Pierce and Shaundi following behind. Victoria was strapped into a chair, with a blank face. No sign of guilt present, just a blank emotionless stare. I felt my fists clench as well as my jaw.

"Listen, you worthless f***, I'm going to ask the questions, and you're going to answer them!"

She scoffed. "I'm not telling you a damn thing!"

"F*** you say!" I stepped closer to her.

"I didn't stutter" She said. "Besides, you're going to kill me anyway"

"You can either die the slow and painful way, or you can die quickly. Your choice"

"You might as well just kill me now, because my decision is final. I'm not saying anything!"

"You're loyal to your leader, I'll give you that much." I admitted. "Loyalty, that isn't mutual…"

"What the f*** are you talking about!?"

"You're leader didn't accept my trade offer. He didn't think it was fair. Apparently, my hackers are more important to him, than you two ever were."

"F*** you! You're lying!" She spat, accusingly. I hit a nerve.

"Believe what you want" I shrugged. "I don't care"

No answer came.

"So, are you going to spill or what?"

"No" She murmured.

Shaundi unrolled a case onto the table, revealing all the various torcher tools.

"Last chance" I said.

She eyed them with the slightest hint of fear, a look that could be mistaken for a blank expression.

"Are you going to tell me where my hackers are?"

She lowly murmured something inaudible.


She repeated herself again. She murmured an address.

"Good girl" I patronized with a wry smirk.

She scowled at me, menacingly. With her brows furrowed and her jaw clamped.

"I'm a man of my word" I nodded towards Pierce, and he tossed me a pistol, in which I caught with ease. I cocked it, and pressed it firmly against her forehead.

She closed her eyes, ready. My finger lingered over the trigger, but somehow I couldn't pull it. I had an immensely strong gut feeling that I shouldn't kill her, or I should at least wait a while longer…I couldn't believe that after all the sh** she gave me I couldn't pull the trigger and end her pitiful life. Weakness, something I refused to let show on the surface; so I quickly came up with a valid excuse not to, as I removed the gun from her head.

"Actually, I'll wait. We'll see if you actually deserve the easy way out"

I'll be ready to end her life later, but for now…it's time for me to save my hackers.

I pulled into an abandoned warehouse. That looked like the typical gang spot that they used in movies. I would've expected something more professional, judging by their HQ (which we attempted to take over, but failed), which was very professional and had the look of power. Then again, I guess they needed a place more secluded, but an abandoned warehouse is cliché, and practically screams "crime."

"An abandoned warehouse" I shook my head. "Isn't that cliché as hell," I scoffed.

"You would expect them to be smarter than that, considering all that high-tech they were using" Pierce estimated. "Plus they're no cameras!"

"Tech doesn't make someone smart!" I disagreed.

"Keep telling yourself that" Pierce patted my shoulder.

I glared at him, and Shaundi rolled her eyes at us.

"Let's just get the two nerds, and get the f*** out of here!" Shaundi commanded.

"That's my girl" I said approvingly. "Keeping the plans nice and simple"

"Let's hurry, this place is giving me the creeps" Pierce said, out of nowhere.

Shaundi and I looked back at him with "What the f*** looks."

"I'm kidding" Pierce chuckled. "Gosh, take a joke"

"Now's not the time for joking, Pierce" I said, sternly.

The three of us neared a corner, and when I heard voices, I gestured for them to stop. I carefully peaked past the corner to see two men and one woman (who I assumed was a lieutenant), guarding the doors carefully, and with a watchful eye. I turned back to Shaundi and Pierce, who were seeking the status of security.

"Two men, one female lieutenant, all armed," I said. "We'll have to take em' out quietly, and one by one."

"How are we going to lure them over here, one at a time?" Pierce questioned.

I opened my mouth to respond, when someone's phone went off. So much for trying to be stealthy, it never works out for us. The guards were discreetly walking over to check out the sound.

"Pierce!" I yelled. "What the f***?"

"Boss, it isn't me!"

"Well it's not me!" I said.

We both turned to look at Shaundi, who had the slight look of guilt on her face, as she silenced her phone.

"What?! I'm not perfect!" Shaundi defended.

I shook my head. "It's alright, we can take em', but it'll be a bit harder"

Pierce narrowed his eyes at me, with his mouth slightly agape.

"What?" I asked.

"You were about ready to bite my head off, when you thought it was me, but when you find out it's her…you let it go! That's just f***ed up!"

I ignored his comment, as the guards revealed themselves, and instantly let out gunfire. I looked at their masks, and I had an idea. Shaundi and Pierce aimed their guns at them.

"Wait!" I shouted over the gunfire. "Don't shoot them, I have an idea!"

They looked confused, but they listened nonetheless. As one of the men rapidly shot bullets, I took the opportunity, to kick him hard in his 'area'. He groaned in pain, and fell to the floor, gripping his 'boys,' in pain. I kneeled beside him, and punched his face fist by fist, as Shaundi and Pierce were working on taking out the other two. With a final punch, the guy was out. Pierce and Shaundi quickly finished off their opponents, and turned to me for further instruction.

A few minutes later…

"I cannot believe I'm wearing this get-up, I mean look at me, and I look ridiculous!" Pierce exclaimed.

"Quit complaining!" Shaundi said.

"Well you're not complaining since you're disguised as a lieutenant!" Pierce said.

"Pierce, just shut the f*** up already!" I said, annoyed.

The uniforms Pierce and I had on were kind of fugly, Shaundi's on the other hand, looked hot on her… Then again anything looks hot on her…even nothing at all… After a moment, Pierce waved a hand in front of me.

"Hello, earth to boss, we've gotta situation to deal with"

I snapped out of my Shaundi-filled thoughts. "R-right, of course, I was umm…planning"

Perce and Shaundi raised their eyebrows at me, with looks of amazement. Before they or I could speak guards busted out the door; the door hitting Pierce in the back, making him lose his balance, and groan. I bit back a laugh, as Pierce gave them the stink eye. They eyed us suspiciously, ignoring Pierce's dirty looks. Two of them looked like foot-soldiers, and one looked like a lieutenant.

"You guys called?" The lieutenant said, looking at Shaundi.

"Yeah, but it's fine now. We took care of the 'issue'" I said.

"I was talking to the lieutenant!" He yelled.

I so wanted to beat the sh** out of him, but I withheld my anger.

"Good, I knew you guys wouldn't let me down, you're the best at guarding this dump, after all."

"Totally" Pierce agreed.

The lieutenant turned his gaze from Shaundi, onto Pierce. He inched closer to Pierce's face, making Pierce look uncomfortable. Why can't Pierce ever just shut up?

"You're arrogance, is not welcomed. I can help keep you grounded." The lieutenant said, while cracking his knuckles. Pierce backed away from him.

"It's alright, I'll handle it," Shaundi interrupted.

"Alright then" He shrugged. "Anyway, your shift's over. Head inside, there's more work for you in there"

The three of us nodded, and headed inside.

"That was close" Pierce said relieved.

"Too close" I said. "Pierce, do me a favor…and shut your damn mouth!"

"All I did was agree with him!"

I ignored him, and called over a woman who looked of importance.

"Uh…hey, do you know where the captives are being held?"

"Their location shouldn't be of your concern. You're not authorized to go down there" She turned to look at Shaundi. "You on the other hand, you've been authorized. I hear you've just been promoted to a lieutenant, congrats. You should have received a keycard…"

Shaundi checked her pockets, and pulled out a keycard. "Uh…yeah I got it…"

"Good, I'll take you there, at once, you two go find some other work to do" She said. "…Unless you chose to take them with you?" She turned to Shaundi.

"Yeah, they can come" Shaundi answered.

The lady left us in an isolated part of the warehouse, and no one was around, which was good. There was a single door, and only God knows what's behind it. I inwardly flinched at the thought of a battered up, wounded Kinzie…and Matt. I took in a deep subtle breath, before slowly opening the door. The room looked very dull and plain. It contained two twin-sized beds, a couch, and another door, which I assumed was the bathroom. Occupying one of the two beds was Matt. He looked dead, and emotionless, as he tossed a ball against a nearby wall in front of him; he looked like a zombie. He turned to look at me, and scoffed.

"What do you guys want?" Matt scoffed.

"Where's Kinzie?"

"She's peeing" He answered, nonchalantly. "Now, do have something to tell me? If not, please bugger off"

"I'm getting you guys out of here" I said.

"Wait a minute…that accent…Boss?" Matt said with astonishment.

"Yes it's me… and Shaundi; and Pierce."

His eyes narrowed, and he scoffed. "More figments of my imagination"

"I'm not a f***ing figment of your imagination!" Pierce objected.

"Of course you are"

Pierce and Matt were arguing back and forth, like children, about whether or not we were figments of Matt's imagination. I rolled my eyes as did Shaundi. I was about to tell them to "Shut the f*ck up and listen," but Shaundi spoke before I could.

"Can a 'figment of your imagination', do this?" Shaundi said, before smacking him.

"Ow" He frowned, while rubbing his cheek. His face brightened. "You're real!"

He leaped up from the bed, and pulled Shaundi into a tight hug; Shaundi looked very uncomfortable, and I restrained a laugh.

"You're here to rescue me from this awful tech-less hell!" Matt said, with gladness

"Kid, release me, before I smack you again!" Shaundi threatened.

He let go of Shaundi, and apologized. In that moment, Kinzie walked out of the restroom looking gloomy, and just as dead as Matt looked when we first arrived.

"Chin up, girl. We're breaking you outta this sh**hole" Pierce announced'

"He's right" I affirmed.

"Boss?! Pierce!?" Kinzie questioned, confused.

"Yup, and Shaundi" I said.

"Thank heavens! I didn't think I could last another minute in this sh**hole!" Kinzie said.

"Glad you two are okay" I said, relieved. "Now, let's get out of here"

Kinzie and Matt nodded and the five of us were out the door.

"So now what?" Pierce concluded. "How're we going to get these two out of here?"

I recognized there was no way in hell we were getting out of here peacefully, with the two hackers. I contemplated for a plan, as I stared out into space. My pondering session was interrupted when a member came out of nowhere.

"Why are the captives out!?" He said, with a demanding tone.

"The Boss wants to…uh…transfer them to another location" Pierce tried.

"Where?" He pushed.

"It's not to be disclosed" Shaundi answered.

"Why wasn't I informed of this?" He pressed.

"We're informing you now" I answered, confidently.

The member narrowed his eyes, and inched closer to my face. His eyes never leaving mine as he challenged me to look away from his steely gaze, in which I imagined he had successfully done to others before. I didn't look away tough, and instead gave him a steely gaze of my own.

"You must have huge balls, to be smart-mouthing me" He asserted.

"And you are in desperate need of a breath mint," I ridiculed.

His forehead wrinkled, as his eyebrows creased. His hands latched tightly onto my shirt, as he pulled me closer to his face, staring me dead into my eyes.

"That mouth of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble" He declared, through gritted teeth.

I ripped his hands from my shirt, and pushed him back.

"Put your hands on me again, and I swear, I will f***ing kill you!"

He didn't take my threat well, and after tossing his gun aside he lunged at me. With ease, I caught his fist, clasped it hard, and twisted; he let out small mute groans, before using his other hand to punch me. In that moment, Pierce got in between us.

"Out of the way, sh**head!" The member said, while pushing Pierce aside harshly. Reflexively, I pulled out my pistol, and put a bullet in his forehead.

Shaundi let out a breath and pinched the bridge of her nose, as she looked down at the body.

"Did it occur to you that they're going to come over here to see what the hell's going on?" Shaundi estimated.

"Nope" I answered, nonchalantly.

"Am I the only one who thinks these things through?!" Shaundi said as a statement, rather than a question.

A couple of members rushed in, just as Shaundi predicted.

'What the f*** is going on here?!" One of them yelled, before looking down at the dead body.

"Explain, now. Before I blow your brains now" The other man said, with his gun pointed.

"Well, he…umm" I said, before putting bullets in their foreheads in a swift movement.

"What the f***?!" Pierce exclaimed.

"What the f*** is right! Are you trying to get us killed?!" Shaundi agreed.

"Great. Two Pierces. Just what I needed."

Shaundi lowered her eyes at me.

"We are not alike!" Pierce and Shaundi said in unison.

"That doesn't prove anything!" They exclaimed at the same time.

They looked at each other.

"Damn it" They said at the same time, once again.

I smirked.

"The only thing Pierce and I have in common is that we both care for our lives. There, end of discussion."

"Case closed" Pierce added.

"Well, actually, you're both-" Kinzie started.

Pierce put a hand up. "Don't even think about it girl"

"Whatever," Kinzie shrugged. "Just a suggestion, but maybe we should, oh, I don't know…Get the f*** out of here!" Kinzie exclaimed with irritation.

"Relax, Love, we've got it all covered…" I assured.

"Do you really?" Matt rolled his eyes, and scoffed.

I ignored Matt, as I walked toward the exit of the secluded area.

"We're just going to walk out of here!?" Matt exclaimed. "That's absurd!"

"You got a better idea, Mattie-boy?" I mocked.

His eyebrows wrinkled. "Don't call me that!"

"Or what?" I challenged, stepping closer to him.

"I don't think you realize how much power's at my fingertips, when my computer's at hand!" He stated, with arrogance.

"Well, I don't think you realize how much power's at my fingertips, when my gun's at hand!" I stated, raising my gun at Matt.

Matt went wide-eyed with fear. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I knew who it was.

"Boss, relax" Shaundi said, softly.

I let out an exasperated breath, before lowering my gun, and handing it to Kinzie. She looked at it, and raised her eyebrows.

"What about you?"

I pulled out another pistol from my holster. "Spare"

She nodded.

"You do know how to use that…right?"

She cocked it. "Of course, I do"

"Good, now let's get moving" I said, proceeding forward once again.

"What about me?" Matt said, his voice fuming with jealousy.

"Oh, right…try not to get shot" I mused.

"Why don't I get a gun?" Matt whined.

Pierce and I chuckled.

"Kid, you wouldn't be able to handle it" Pierce laughed.

"I could too! It doesn't look all that hard to shoot a gun!"

Pierce opened his mouth to object, but I put a hand up to stop him.

"Let's give the squirt a chance" I tossed him my gun; and he stared at it, confused. "Go on… shoot it"

He hesitantly cocked it. His finger loitered over the trigger. I decided he wasn't going to do it, so I got in front of him to take the gun back; but in that moment he pulled it. I tried to dodge the bullet, but felt it graze my chest; as Matt flew back. I gripped my chest, it didn't really hurt much. Shaundi, Kinzie, and Pierce were at my side instantly.

"Boss! Are you alright!?" Shaundi asked, worried.

"I'm fine, the bullet merely grazed me" I reassured them.

"I-I'm s-sorry" Matt stuttered.

He offered me the gun, and I took it. "Stick to tactics, I need you in one piece"

I realized that that was a line I had used before, when Shaundi looked as if she was recalling a memory. I was a jerk to her, and to everyone else back then; I was under a lot of stress. I shook the thoughts of the past from my head, and came back to the situation at hand.

"Let's go" I said.

The four of us shot our way through large crowds of members, while Matt dodged bullets, and cowered in fear. We shooting at the current crowd at hand, and it caught my attention when Pierce stopped shooting.

"Sh** I'm out of ammo, cover me!" Pierce shouted over the gunfire.

"I got your back!" I responded, before covering Pierce while he reloaded.

"Thanks" He said, signaling to me that he finished reloading.

I nodded. One member got to close, so I kicked him back. Another got too close to my side, so I smacked him with my pistol, breaking his nose. He screamed, as he held his nose, and was finished off, with a bullet to the head by me. As the crowd got smaller, and the bullet sounds started to subside, I heard a bullet behind me. I quickly turned around, to see a smirking Shaundi. I looked at the ground to see a dead member

"Thanks, love"

She winked, before capping another member in the head. When the crowd was no more, it wasn't a second, before an even bigger (five-times bigger) crowd started shooting at us.

"Oh no! I can't survive all that gunfire!" Matt shouted, out of breath.

"The kid's right, there's too many of 'em!" Pierce agreed.

"Are you serious?!" I said, before the crowd multiplied again. "Wow"

"Weapons down, everyone!" A voice yelled, making all the members lower their weapons.

It was revealed to be the woman from earlier (the important looking one). She noticed us still armed.

"That goes for the four of you, as well" She said.

"And if we refuse?" I derided.

"Then, I'll tell my members to open fire"

Kinzie and Pierce dropped their weapons, and kicked them aside.

"Good" She said, and turned to Shaundi and me.

We did the same, hesitantly. "You the leader of this gang?" I asked, angrily.

"I'll ask the questions, Saint"

My eyes went wide. How did she know?! Actually it's obvious, who else would try to take Kinzie and Matt… I removed my mask, and tossed it on the ground.

"Well, I ain't answering 'em!"

"Oh yes you will…unless you want your friends to die?"

I turned to find Kinzie, Matt, Pierce, and Shaundi with guns to the backs of their heads.

She smiled. "What is it that you were saying?"

I didn't answer.


I don't like to put anything about my personal life on here, and I know this is irrelevant to this chapter; but I feel that this is a very important issue that I should address. Recently, one of my cousins decided that he didn't want to live anymore. Luckily, he was unsuccessful, and was taken to a hospital. So, what I wanted to say is...suicide is selfish. When someone takes their own life, it affects those that loved and cared for that person. The suicidal person may think no one gives a damn about them, but in reality, there is someone who does care. Also, suicide isn't fair to those with terminal diseases, who are fighting to live, and someone who commits suicide justs gives up, instead of fighting. Suicide is a permanent decision. What doesn't kill you really does make you stronger; it gives you character, as well. Things get better, and everyone has their own unique purpose in this life to fulfill.