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My eyes suddenly shot open as I heard a buzz of my phone on the nightstand. I carefully shifted in my bed before grabbing the phone. Once I saw a name flashing on my phone screen, I quickly stepped out of my bedroom trying my best not to make any sound and closing the door quietly. I stared at my phone contemplating whether I should answer her call but finally I gave in. Taking a deep breath I whispered into the phone.


"Uh..um..hi…Paige." She stuttered.

"Did I awake you? I mean it's midnight now…I'm sorry….I shouldn't…I just" She said nervously and I subconsciously had a small smile at her ramble.

"Em, it's fine. Is everything ok? Why you're still up very late? Have you been drinking?" I worriedly asked.

I knew Emily would ramble and become touchy-feely when she had an alcoholic drink.

"I'm fine. I just went for a drink with Hanna." She slurred a little then added.

"And I'm not drunk. I know it's late but I just…wanna wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Paige." She said genuinely with her angelic voice.

"Thanks, Em." I smiled to myself. Somehow I knew she would make a call tonight because she always did it every single year on this day since we had broken up.

"How are you?" Both of us spoke in unison and with that we let out a chuckle.

"I'm good." I said smiling.

"Is she there?" Emily asked out of nowhere.

"Yes." I reluctantly stated in a low voice.

"Is she awake?" She asked again and I took a glance at the bedroom door to see that it's still closed.

"No. She's sleeping." My girlfriend stayed the night at my apartment after we celebrated my birthday together with a romantic dinner and stuff.

"In your bed, of course." She said with a sad voice and I bet she's now having a sad look on her face. It really made things more awkward for us when she mentioned about my new girlfriend.

"I've missed you so much, Paige."With that being said, my breath hitched. My throat felt tight. I struggled with my inner thoughts not wanting to show her my feeling. But hearing her saying those words made me feel so weak. Oh, how I missed this voice of an angel! It's so so sweet!

"I've missed you too, Emily." The words were slipped out before I knew it.

"You know what, till today I still see you in my dream. Sometimes I dreamt of us being so in love like when we're in high school. And there're nights that in my dream, you showed up at my door then we kissed and you took me back. After five years, I still dream of you…of us. Isn't it funny, huh?" She said with a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

As much as I hate to admit it but I'd got to say that even now the memory of us still haunted me in my dream. At times I had dreamt about her and she looked gorgeous like an angel in those stupid dreams of mine. I missed her warm brown eyes, her perfect silky hair and her angelic smile every now and then. Suddenly, I had the feelings of guilt. I cleared my throat immediately changing the subject.

"Um…Em, is your girlfriend with you? Does she know that you're talking to me? I don't wanna cause a problem." I said with a concerned voice. I had heard she's dating someone.

"I don't have a girlfriend. I dated on and off but I'm not in a serious relationship with anyone." She said nonchalantly.

"So, you're now officially a major player, huh?" I teased her hoping to lighten the atmosphere. She laughed slightly then said.

"No. I've been waiting for someone….I've been waiting for you actually." She shut me up with her remark and both of us weren't saying a word. All I could hear is her breathing softly on the other end of the line.

"Paige, can we go back to the way we used to be please?" She begged and I was totally caught off guard with her request.

"Just tell me what I need to do to have you back in my life again. I'd do anything." She pleaded with her voice and she really made things harder than it already was.

"I'm still in love with you, Paige McCullers." Her voice cracked then she started to cried and it completely made my heart wrench. Saying nothing, I swallowed hard. I held my phone tightly because my hands were starting to shake with emotion.

Did I just hear it right? Emily's still in love with me after all these years? The girl I had been in love with when I was sixteen, was now asking me to take her back? Did she have any idea on how hard it was for me? Did she know how terrible I had felt after the wreck of our relationship? I now moved on with my life. Why didn't she try to win me back sooner? Why now?

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath then let out a deep sigh. My jaw was clenched; my eyebrows were furrowed as I'd got the tight feeling in my stomach and my chest again. I looked up at the ceiling biting my lips while trying desperately to fight back the tears that started to well up in my eyes.

"Paige, are you there?" She sobbed.

"Emily, don't do this. I can't hurt her." It's very hard to control my voice since my emotions were so mixed up right now.

"I know. We can't hurt her. God damn it! I'm such an idiot! Cheating on you was the biggest mistake of my entire life!" She burst out. I think alcohol and all these emotions were beginning to get to her.


"Does she treat you well?" She cut me off still sobbing.

"Yes, she does. Too well sometimes." I chuckled at the thought of how my girlfriend treated me. She'd been so wonderful to me.

"Do you love her?" Her question was dropped to a whisper. I was hesitant before speaking softly into the phone.

"Yes, I do." With that, Emily began to sob again.

"I would never get through those hard times if it wasn't for her." That's so true. My girlfriend had helped me a lot back then. She's my rock. She had never left my side. She always brought out the best in me.

It's an extraordinary coincidence that we went to the same university. We started out as friends then we became best friends and we ended up being girlfriends in our senior year. She'd been in love with me for years and she finally plucked up the courage to confess her love to me in front of my classmates and my professor couple years ago. Wasn't she ballsy and romantic? I loved it when she always made me feel wanted.

"She's the luckiest girl. I hope she wouldn't screw thing up like I did." Again her voice was so sad that I wanted to hold her and soothe her like I always did when she had a bad day.

"Em, it's very late. You'd better get some sleep." I sincerely told her. Even if we'd broken up but deep down I still cared about her.

"I know." She made a pause trying to stifle a sob then continued.

"Happy Birthday again, Paige…and I wish you two the best." She genuinely said still sniffed.

"Paige?" A voice coming from my bedroom made me jump.

"Em, she's awake. I gotta go!" I anxiously whispered into the phone.

"Paige, do you still love me?" She whispered with a shaking voice.

"I gotta go. Bye!" With that being said, I immediately hung up as I heard the sound of my girlfriend's footsteps and my bedroom door was opened shortly afterwards.

"Babe, what're you doing? Why you're still up this late?" She worriedly asked as she made her way towards the couch I was sitting in.

I couldn't help grinning at the sight of her. She had a sexy bed hair and she was wearing an oversized white button up shirt without a bra or a pair of pants. There's only underwear under it I could tell. I shamelessly ran my eyes up and down her body and her long toned legs.

"Enjoy the view, McCullers?" She bantered with her husky voice before straddling me and draping her arms around my shoulders.

I loved it when she called me by my last name. She's the only person who always called me McCullers in our younger days.

Leaning in, I planted a kiss on her lips then smirked.

"Definitely Hastings."

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