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I know I should be updating Dark Minds, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head all week! As it is I have the next DM chappie almost done, along with the first full chapter of Animum.

On with the show!


I laughed at the pretty lights Papa was making with his stick.

Today had been so fun! Unca Pa'foo had come to talk with Papa earlier, and it must have been bad, 'cause Pa'foo wasn't laughing or smiling at all. He looked so sad that I decided to cheer him up. Pa'foo was always happy when I acted silly, so I dumped my pudding on my head. Pa'foo laughed at me, and he wasn't sad no more. He had gone away now, and Papa was making pretty lights for me.

I tried to grab the lights, but my hand went right through them and they popped like bubbles. Mummy was laughing so hard at us that her face was red.

Then, everything went wrong. There was a bad noise. It went 'Aieeeeeeeeee' and hurt my ears. I started crying. Papa jumped, handing me to Mummy. I heard Papa shouting at Mummy.

"Lily, take Harry and run!"

Mummy ran to my room and set me down in my crib. She waved her stick, tapping it on my head. All at once I felt warm and safe. Then, Mummy leaned over, smiling at me and whispering, "Be safe, my Harry. I love you." Her eyes looked wet.

The door banged open. Mummy stood in front of me as someone all in black came in. I stared at him in fascination. His hair was dark like mine, and he was very white and tall. His eyes were red just like my blankie and Mummy's hair. Mummy started talking to him.

"Please, not Harry! Not my son!"

Red-eyes answered her calmly. "Stand aside now, girl. I'm only here for the boy."

Mummy cried, "Please don't hurt him. Take me; kill me instead." I wondered why Mummy was so upset. What was kill?

"Stand aside now, girl!" Red-eyes said in a scary voice. It sounded like Papa's when I had stolen his stick. Was Mummy being naughty? She looked so sad.

"Please! Not Harry! Have mercy...have mercy..." Mummy was crying now. Why was she so sad?

The man, who looked mad now, answered her with silly words, pointing his stick at her. "Avada Kedavra!"

There was lots of green light, and when I could see again Mummy was gone. I looked around for her. Then I saw Mummy lying on the floor. What was she doing down there?

Red-eyes pointed his stick at my face. I looked up at him. The man smiled, saying, "So you are the child prophesied to defeat me? Ha! Goodbye, Harry Potter."

He whispered the silly words again. –Avada Kedavra-

I saw green light again, and then everything went black.