Chapter One

The air ripped through Gaston's hair as he fell faster and faster towards the ravine below. He didn't care that he was about to die. He was just glad that he had taken the Beast with him. If Gaston couldn't have Belle, no one could. The Beast was a thief who stolen Belle behind Gaston's back. He had to die, even if it meant that Gaston had to sacrifice his own life. He heard a small splash as his body finally hit the shallow ravine and, for a few brief seconds, he felt the most awful pain he had ever felt in his life before he completely blacked out.

The first thing that Gaston saw when he regained consciousness was a pair of refulgent green eyes peering down at him inquisitively.

"Are you alright?" the owner of the eyes asked in a deep, orotund, yet obviously feminine voice.

Gaston sat up and blinked. It took a few moments for him to realise that he was sitting in his own bed back at his house. Standing by his bedside was easily the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She had an elegant face, with high cheekbones, a long nose, and thick, full red lips. Long, wavy, golden hair fell down her back and stopped at her ankles. Her slim yet perfectly proportioned body was encased in a flowing, velvet robe that matched the colour of her eyes.

"Are you alright?" the woman repeated.

"I am now," said Gaston, flashing her his most charming smile. "My clothes are still wet, though."

The hunter peeled back his blankets and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, threw it to the floor and flexed his muscles.

"I must apologise," the woman said, raising an eyebrow as Gaston seductively ran a hand through his chest hair. "I just wanted to teach the young prince a lesson, I never meant for anyone to get hurt."

Gaston looked up at her, confused.

"What prince?" he asked.

"I am an enchantress," the woman explained. "Ten years ago I transformed the prince of this region into a beast to punish him for his selfish ways."

"So that beast that I just killed, he was really a prince?" asked Gaston, grinning from ear to ear.

Gaston couldn't help but swell with pride at this news. His father had despised nobility. He had considered the king and queen to be lazy, greedy tyrants who cared little for their people. He had often talked of starting a resistance group and rising up against the monarchy. If only he were alive today.

"Yes," confirmed the enchantress. "Fortunately the spell was broken just in time and the magic not only transformed the prince back into a man but also returned him to full health."

Gaston cursed under his breath and looked up into the enchantress's forest green eyes. He immediately perked up. The prince could keep Belle, he decided. This woman was far more beautiful. The enchantress thing could cause a few problems, but Gaston liked a challenge.

"I must confess, I didn't just bring you back here to heal you," continued the enchantress. "You see, I specialise in doling out punishments for those who I believe have been especially wicked. In the prince's case, I transformed him into a beast, not because he was vain and narcissistic, though that certainly was part of the reason, but rather because he had no love in his heart. In order to win back his human body, he had to learn to love another. I have been watching you these past few months and-"

"You don't need to say any more," said Gaston, holding up one of his large hands. "I know what you're here for. I mean, that punishing the wicked nonsense? That's no life for a beautiful woman like you and I'm glad you have finally realised it."

He pulled the enchantress onto his lap and grinned at her. The enchantress stared back at him, utterly dumbstruck.

"You're in luck," he continued. "I've been waiting for someone just like you to come along. It will take me an hour or two, but I should be able to organise a wedding today if you don't mind wearing what you've got on now. What a life we will have together. I can see it now. Me relaxing in the living room after a long day of hunting as you cook our dinner in the kitchen. Our first child should be born before the year is out. I used to think I wanted six or seven sons, but we are so beautiful I think we owe it to the world to have at least a dozen."

"And what if we don't just have sons?" asked the enchantress, pulling herself away from Gaston. "What would happen if I gave birth to a daughter?"

Gaston roared with laughter.

"No child of mine would dare come out a girl," he said when he was finally able to contain himself. "Now I know what you're thinking. You are worried that after giving birth to twelve children, your body will no longer be fit to pleasure mine. Fortunately our house will be large enough to accommodate a mistress or three. No doubt they will have four or five of my sons themselves, so even though your old, worn out body will no longer be able bear children you will still have the honour of raising the boys that they produce."

The enchantress could only shake her head.

"You are unbelievable," she told him.

"Thank you," said Gaston proudly.

"You really are a pathetic man. I was going to turn you into a frog," she said. "But I believe I have a far more apt punishment for you."

The enchantress waved her hands and the room filled with a thick, foul-smelling, green smoke. Pain gripped Gaston's entire body as he felt it radically change shape.

"What did you do to me?" Gaston demanded as the smoke cleared. His voice was decidedly more high-pitched and feminine than usual.

He looked down at his bare chest and almost fell off the bed in shock. His enormous, muscular chest was gone. In its place were two very large, pink breasts that rivalled even those of Emma Rey, whose own bosoms had once caused two travelling merchants to crash wagons carrying their entire stock into each other.

"This isn't my body. I-I'm a woman," he stammered, unable to take his eyes off his breasts.

"That's right," murmured the enchantress. "And you will remain in this body until I feel that you deserve your old body back."

"What do I have to do?" asked Gaston, still in shock.

"I could tell you, but I think it is best you work that out for yourself," the enchantress told him. "I will not set you a time limit, nor a specific task, but I will be watching you. I will change you back when and if I feel you have learned your lesson."

She waved her hands once again and disappeared into thin air.

"Get back here, you vile woman," Gaston screamed. "Change me back this instant."

Gaston was not able to work up the courage to look in the mirror for another twenty minutes. This was a particularly amazing occurrence as, prior to being cursed, staring at himself in the mirror had been his favourite past time.

At least the enchantress had made him an attractive woman, he thought to himself as he stared at his reflection. His hips were as wide as his breasts were large, but his waist was almost as narrow as Belle's. Together they formed a perfect hourglass shape. His facial features were no longer rough and stern, but rather strikingly attractive. His cheekbones were just high as the enchantress's cheekbones, and his lips were just as plump and pouty as Belle's lips. His shiny black hair now reached the middle of his back and curled up at the ends. His impressively large chin cleft had been replaced by a comparatively smaller one. In fact, it had taken Gaston a few moments to even notice it. Nevertheless, Gaston's female body was just as majestic as his male one. He looked exactly like the type of woman Gaston had often fantasised about.

At least the enchantress had set the prince a specific task, Gaston thought bitterly to himself. What was the enchantress trying to accomplish anyway? What was he supposed to learn from this experience? How to be a lazy, useless weakling? Women didn't have to work or think or worry. They just had to keep their houses clean and their husbands fed. They were the most fortunate creatures in the land.

I would like to thank the users on the Bittersweet and Strange forum(TrudiRose, samoaphoenix9, Julie-Jeanette, Answer, Nyxity, and So-crates Johnson) who encouraged me to write this story and have been an enormous help to me. Unfortunately I do not know how often I will be able to update this story as I am busy with university(the semester hasn't even started yet and I've already got three assignments), and I am working on a number of other stories, but I will do my best.