By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Luigi is officially thirty years go. So is Koopa. And Toadette is ten years old. So I thought about it, and I considered... what's the best way to celebrate these three idiots? Hilarious hijinx, of course. Enjoy!

It was a fine day in the grassy outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom, just east of the Moo Moo Farms, at a prison where Luigi was being let out of by King Bob-omb and Goomboss after being held inside for thirty years.

"Well, you're free to go, Luigi. Hope you learned your lesson." King Bob-omb stated as he took the handcuffs off of Luigi.

Luigi nodded as he smiled, stretching his arms. "Believe me, I learned all the lessons I ever needed to learn."

"Good. Just remember, don't be a jerk!" Goomboss added as he stomped his left foot several times.

Luigi rolled his eyes as he began walking away from the jail, sighing as he muttered, "Yeah yeah, I know... I did my time."

As the jail disappeared behind the big green mountains with black cartoony eyes, Luigi began jogging a bit as he felt happy, the sun shining brightly on him.

"Finally, fresh freedom!" Luigi exclaimed as he took in a deep breath in stride, "Now I can go back home and have spaghetti... losta spaghetti... or maybe, have a bagel..."

"Cameo!" Dry Bowser exclaimed as he was selling random pieces of shit. "I got pieces of useless cameos here!"

" thanks." Luigi remarked as he shook his head at Dry Bowser, not bothering to give the boney reptile the time of day.

"Why am I not surprised..." Dry Bowser mumbled as he folded his boney arms together.

Suddenly Luigi tripped over a small stick on the top of the grassy hill, screaming as he fell down, rolling around at the speed of sound as he crashed head first into a beehive. Luigi chuckled nervously as the bees inside the beehive all buzzed violently, stinging Luigi as Luigi screamed, running around with the bees going at him all over his face as he ran about, having no clue where to go.

Toadette was skipping along in the grassy meadow, humming merrily to herself as she gasped, placing both hands over her mouth as she spotted Luigi in trouble.

"Oh my gosh! It's Luigi!" Toadette exclaimed as she shook her head, in shock. "I gotta help him!" She then spotted a lone green Koopa Troopa shell right by a pond, picking it up and hitting it at the beehive, causing it to crack open, revealing Luigi's face, which was inflated and red, the bees still buzzing around Luigi.

The bees then spotted Toadette, recognizing her as they all buzzed towards her. Toadette screamed in horror as she began running from the bees, with Luigi glancing at the green Koopa shell, calling out to Toadette.

"Toadette! Into the shell!" Luigi shouted as he crawled inside the shell, squeezing his way in.

Toadette screamed as she jumped into the shell, her cute plump butt sticking out as she moved her feet about, the bees all stinging her in the butt as she screamed in pain. Luigi pulled Toadette in, making the space inside the shell more cramp as Toadette started crying, feeling the intense sting from the stings.

"Owie... my poor tushie..." Toadette sniffled as she couldn't control her tears.

Luigi tried his best to comfort Toadette, but he too was in pain, arguably more. "It's... all right, Toadette... ow..." He coughed as his right eye twitched, feeling itchy. "Ack... these stupid bees...

Meanwhile, a lone yellow colored Koopa Troopa emerged from the pond, having enjoyed a swim as he looked around for his green shell. He gasped in horror as he noticed it wasn't there. "My shell! Where is it?"

He then turned his head to the right, to see his shell surrounded by bees. He screamed in horror as his jaw dropped to the ground, not believing it.

"MY SHELL! NO!" Koopa exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

"How do you work this thing?" Luigi muttered as he tried getting the controls for the shell, making it ricochet as it sped past the bees, heading westward.

The bees then proceeded to follow the shell, wanting to continue stinging Luigi and Toadette as Koopa followed his shell, still not believing what was happening. This poor, innocent Koopa.

"Wait! Come back!" Koopa shouted, not wanting to lose his shell. "I need my shell! It's vital to me!"

"I knew this would happen..." Dry Bowser stated as he passed by the scene on a golf cart, for some reason.