Luigi and Toadette were inside Koopa Troopa's green shell, being chased by the angry bees as Koopa ran after them, the group going into Toad Town, causing trouble as the Toad people were pushed to the side, some of them getting stung by the bees as they yelped in pain. The Koopa shell ricocheted amongst the street, causing several wooden planks to fall as Luigi and Toadette screamed, holding on dearly to each other. Koopa ran after them, jumping over the planks as the Koopa shell headed southward, with the bees trying to sting the shell, but not penetrating it at all.

"No! My shell! My wonderful, green shell!" Koopa exclaimed as he placed his yellow hands on his head, shaking his head in disbelief. "Why is this happening to me?"

As the green colored Koopa shell headed towards the train station, the train pulled in from the eastern direction, knocking the shell into the air. Koopa watched in horror as the shell went into the river heading towards the bay. Koopa ran up and headed west, heading to the port as he tried getting his shell back.

Luigi briefly popped his head out of the shell to see that they were sinking, his eyes widening as he went back immediately into the shell, trying to get it to spin as it started spinning, heading back to the surface. Koopa sighed of relief as he spotted his shell out of the water's depths, grabbing an unused yellow fishing rod and hooking his shell, getting it. The bees were homing in on the shell, spotting Koopa and going for him.

Koopa yelped as he ducked into the water to avoid being stung, only for Koopa to be dragged by the shell as the shell was gobbled up by a gigantic purple eel, who began sinking to the depths of the bay. Koopa hung on, feeling the water pressure getting harder as he was unable to withstand it, his body cramping as his eyes were ready to pop out of his head. Luigi and Toadette were both crying in horror, not realizing what was going on as the eel went deeper and deeper into the water, everything getting much darker.