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Chapter 1


Moving to a new high school wasn't the best idea but he had to, moreover his guardian had to move him. This wasn't something Allen wanted but it seemed this new place was better for his education and he wanted all the best for his little protégé or he just wanted to get rid of him, the new school having the biggest campus he ever saw. He'll have to share a room with a stranger and see his guardian just on holydays, this wasn't to bad actually; maybe he'll finally get a best friend after all those years and many other buddies with whom he can enjoy the years of studies.

Thinking that he didn't have to see his so-called mentor for a long time made him happy and excited.

He knew he received a room and had a room mate, though he didn't know who he was. His belongings, not many, were sent there waiting for him to unpack, but for now all he had was the map of the campus and school and a note that informed him what room he had and with who he shared it.

It was already late and the map didn't help him to much in finding his first class and because the bell rang a while ago meant that his chances of finding someone to guide him were slim.

Running desperately looking on the map and from side to side he didn't noticed the figure that was coming his way.

With his attention on the map and still running not watching where he headed, he bumped into someone.

"What the fuck…" the other boy suddenly said.

Allen felt like he hit a rock who didn't bulged but made him stumble backwards almost losing his balance. Good thing the other caught him just in time before he met the hardness of the ground with his bottom.

Regaining his breath, he quickly took one-step back and bowed in front of the older boy to apologize. He looked like he was older, maybe from the second year or maybe the 3rd. He definitely could help him.

"Uhm excuse me…, I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going…can you help me? It seems I am lost and.." he said not looking at him, his eyes glued to the ground.

"And why the hell would I help you out?" the older boy spat with rage.

This took Allen by surprise making him rise looking at the other questioningly.

"Ah? Well I apologized already, I am just new and I got lost … I thought that.."

"Oh so if you're new I should baby-sit your ass to your class or what?" "Get lost sprout I 'll be late because of you." Said the nervous teen. Who already was late, angry and this pissed him off even more.

"Fine, I don't need your help; I will find someone who might give some help." The white boy said frowning. Turning around he added in a lower voice " Jerk."

"What was that?" he suddenly lashed pointing his blade to the boys' throat in a menacing manner, obviously disturbed by the remark

"Whoa, that's dangerous, are you even allowed to have that in a school?" Allen asked in disbelieve his silver eyes wide open.

"Che" was all the other said before backing one-step and returning the blade in her socket. "Brainless kid, get lost before I lose my temper with you" he said in a threatening tone.

"Is it? Or you are breaking some rules?" Allen said grinning, a glimpse of interest sparkling in his eyes.

"Won't work sprout, you can't blackmail me into showing you the tour just by telling everyone I have a katana with me. You'll just make a fool out of yourself." The other said with a smug upon his face. Everyone knew he had his katana with him all the time; no one could take that away without risking his life. This was something not many were allowed but he wore it proudly because that was his most precious thing and all that mattered to him.

Allen could just stare at him not believing that students were allowed to have weapons not to mention about those so deranged like the one in front of him who were better locked up somewhere.

"Fine I don't care." He said turning again to leave, hoping he'll find some normal students to help him.

Scanning the area, he spotted someone in the distance. This made him extremely happy now that he could rub this in the others face. He didn't need his help.

"I'm sure that guy will help out more than you ever could." He pointed towards a guy who was sitting under a tree, resting his head on the back of the bench.

"Che, sure go on, get yourself into trouble." was all the other said before turning and storming to his business.

Not minding him Allen walked to the new student hoping he'll get some help and finally reach his classes.

Allen approached him slowly this time not wanting to disturb him.

He was smoking relaxed with his eyes closed, arms spread over the bench's back and legs crossed. He looked older than the other did; maybe he was just better developed he thought watching him.

"Uhh excuse me"Allen said a little cautious this time. "I was wondering if you could help me with some directions…i…ehh"

The other slowly opened his eyes, sharp eyes looking at him with interest.

"Ahh if I disturbed you I am sorry…I just …eh ..got lost." Those eyes were scarring him, chills running up his spine. He looked like he was ready to charge in any moment. God. Why all people around there were so scary, he thought not daring to say anything else. First was that guy with the sword and now this one who could kill just by looking at you.

"Eh never mind. Please excuse me." he quickly said turning to leave only to be caught by his wrist by a strong hand making him yelp in surprise.

"Who were you again?" he asked releasing another puff of smoke

"Ah I am sorry I didn't introduce myself. I am Allen. I am new here, this is my first day and…"but he couldn't finish his sentence that a big grin spread on the others face which stopped him in his tracks.

"Ohh so you're new." With the same grin, he pulled him closer.

"Should I show you the tour of the dorms?" The grin turning into a wide leer, his eyes hungrily scanning him.

"Yes please if you can I'd be grateful." Allen said relieved. He finally found someone who could help out; there were normal students after all.

"No problem it will be my pleasure and maybe yours to." He added practically eating the poor boy with his intense stare.

"Che spare me of this rubbish." Allen froze at the remark turning his head slowly he saw Kanda who was coming towards them, the same pissed attitude as before.

Tyki just watched him approaching, now getting slightly annoyed by the interruption. Letting go of his newly found prey he took another sip from his cigarette.

"And what gives you the right to interrupt us Kanda?" Tyki said his eyes somehow bored but still cold and sharp.

Allen could just watch them both, stunned, what was the deal with those? They seemed like in any second could jump into a fight. The tension could be sensed in the air.

"Che. Moyashi what was your name again?" Kanda said not taking his eyes from Tyki who was still on the bench watching him.

"Eh? What's that suppose to mean?" Allen was sudden brought back to reality.

"Answer" Kanda commanded in a harsh tone not minding that he made Allen flinch at the demand.

Allen gulped not knowing what to do; he didn't want to upset the older boy more than he already was, and the fact that those two seemed somehow enemies and that he was caught between them didn't helped at all.

"A..Allen Walker."

"Che that's why. That idiotic moyashi is my responsibility due to Komuis' sense of humor."

"Hmm so this is your room mate?" Tyki said in a monotone voice looking at the boy raising an eyebrow. Turning to Kanda he said bored.

"So this was the reason your all "up-tight mood" intensified more than usual."

Of course, he knew about the roommate deal, all school found out as soon as Komui decided it, the outburst was heard in all campus but everyone wondered who the unfortunate soul who had to live with him was.

Still making fun of him was better and hearing that the new guy was the one made him somehow happy. It will be a challenge to get this boy now that he was with Kanda. Everyone knew him well and the best way to annoy the hysterical Kanda was to mess with his things. Knowing how crazy he was about his possessions and especially his room he will definitely make his mark over Allen to, which was better when he'll get him.

Taking some time to process what he just heard Allen stated shocked turning abruptly towards Kanda

"What? I am staying in the same room with you?"

"Can't I change?" he suddenly asked the other boy in desperation. Although he just met Kanda he was sure he wasn't someone who needed friends, you could tell he had a bad personality.

"Che like it will be possible, I already tried and I am stuck with you for the rest of the year. That's if you don't change school" he said smirking

"The hell I will, just because it will be convenient for you." Allen said annoyed. This guy had the guts to threaten him and there was no way he could leave even if he wanted to.

He had to relax and not mind him, it will be better if he'll just ignore Kanda.

"Now could you leave, my new friend here has offered to help me."

"See Kanda" Tyki said in a more serious tone "We all want you. To get lost." The last words were quite harsh and his attitude changed suddenly, his eyes daring him to make a move.

"Like I give a fuck on what all of you want." and with that he suddenly grabbed Allen by his upper hand and started to drag him away, letting Tyki to resume his smoking, alone.

"Hey stop, let go you jerk…" the poor boy could only protest unable to release himself from the strong grip.

"Oh shut up, you are late anyway and so am I; I'll get your sorry ass to your class. Now stop struggling brat" Kanda said annoyed dragging a shocked Allen

"I found help already let go…" he kept trying, struggling but seeing that it was pointless he shouted an apology to Tyki before he got out of his sight.

"Oi stop, Kanda, let go. It hurts damn it" This didn't mattered to Kanda, he was still dragging an unwilling Allen mumbling this time something about killing and problems. Something that Allen didn't understand to well.

After a few min he was shoved to the school wall facing his pissed of room mate.

"You're so troublesome already. Are you that shallow? He just wanted to give you a drive test through all the beds in this fucking campus and I will not be having a whore as room mate."

Allens' eyes grew wide. What was he talking about?

"Whoaa. Heyy What's that?I'd never …What?"he asked confused

"Don't you even know what being fucked means?"

"Eh? Of course I do, I mean why do you … would he do that?" this was to much, was Kanda referring to the other guy and him. He couldn't… "I don't believe you, you're just lying"

"How can you be so stupid, didn't you saw the look on his face?" Kanda said exasperated, that was all he needed, a stupid, naïve and girly looking room mate. Just great. Fucking great, he had to be careful with this boy who seemed to be only a big pain in the ass.

" Are you so blind, the only tour he'll show will be all the beds in the campus, then he'll move to the next furniture pieces he can use."

"No, how can you think about something like that? You're sick. How can he…when I'm…You…No way" Allen was sure he was just making fun of him, somehow out of revenge for being his mate or that he ignored him earlier, not that it was his fault. He was just trying to compromise his friendship with that guy just because they had a grudge or something one against the other.

"Oh spare me with this crap. If you have a hole that can be used it will be, and there are many out there that will do it, and your face doesn't help you at all."

"Huh? Hey! What's that suppose to mean?"

"Che…so naïve and stupid, why it had to be you?" He knew that now he was a target because the others will want to corrupt Allen into getting in his sanctuary and damn it Allen was too easy to fool. Staring at him, he realized he was in for to many problems.

Allen was pouting trying to hold back his anger, he felt so insulted. He didn't even do anything. Looking at Kanda with teary big eyes, he said letting some of his rage shown,

"Oh yeah then leave me alone what is the point in helping me out if you hate me already. I don't need you for anything."

But this only made him look … cute. All teary and angry and with those eyes… God, look at him, how would he keep this under control Kanda thought

"Oh stop it, what you're doing now is dangerous and I already told the reason."

"And that was?"

"God moyashi are you that daft?"

"What? Are you mocking me or something?"

"Never mind just lets go. You already skipped first class and that is also an intolerable deed for someone with whom I will share my room."

Allen could just watch as he was dragged again, hopefully he'll get to his class and get rid of this guy as soon as possible.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was roommate with a hysterical order obsessed jerk who already set rules over him, he missed his first class and he just found out his ass will be hunted. That was just perfect for his first day and it was not over.

After a few min of walking, they reached the next class where Kanda eventually let go of the white boy before turning to him.

" This is your next class, stay here until it ends, then I'll get you to the next one. At the end of the day, you'll wait me in front of the class. Don't move from there and I'll get you at 5pm sharp." His tone was serious and he was looking at the poor boy as if he would snap in any second if he said anything, still this didn't scared Allen who could not hold back any longer. Rubbing his now numb hand Allen snapped annoyed of this whole situation.

"Since when are you making my program? You are nuts if you think I'll listen to you."

"Do you have a death wish moyashi?" he said showing him to the wall rather harsh, his blade at the boys' neck once again threatening to pierce that white skin. Gulping Allen stared at him, fear swimming in his grey orbs this time.

"You stay in my room you follow my rules. I have only one key for the door, and it will stay like that, I don't trust anyone near it. I don't trust you either but seeing the circumstances I have to pass over." "Got it?" He threatened leaning slowly towards the frozen boy, the blade never leaving her place.

"That's just sick, what if I want to go out of the room and you're not there or I need to go in to change or something, how would I do that? I don't need to ask your permission, that's just crazy." The poor boy could only say his eyes not leaving Kandas' black ones.

"Well then you just need to listen and behave so I won't be forced to lock you out or in." he said grinning


"Now get to the class, I won't tolerate skipping classes as I've mentioned before." He added before showing him inside the room closing the door behind him in a rather violently way.

Inside Allen froze staring at those inside who were all watching him eyes wide open at the sudden intrusion.

"Damn him." He said between his teeth.


Well this is it...if you like it i can continue...dnk how long it will be ...