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Ch 6

The day went slowly by and Allen's headache turned into a real pain. Not only that he was feeling weak, he also felt nausea and could barely stand.

The last class was over and he knew he had to wait Kanda to take him to their room and so, after he convinced Lavi that he was feeling fine and didn't needed any assistance, he remained alone on the long and silent corridor.

The exhaustion and lost of focus forced Allen to slide and lean against the class wall and curl himself keeping his head in his hands.

He felt so miserable, because of, not only the hangover's effects that was still bothering him and the fact that he took nothing for it, but also for the whole situation he was finding himself in. The sentiment of hopelessness almost made him cry.

When did his life changed so suddenly? And in the worst possible way. He really thought he had a chance to find happiness in here but now all seemed just a shattered dream.

After a few moments of waiting, all the noises outside went still and only an unbearable silence was filling the air. It seemed Kanda was being late or maybe he was doing it on purpose, letting him there to wait, alone…

Allen sighted defeated, he felt much worse now. Tired and flabby. He knew he barely ate something during lunch due his general state of sickness and still he wasn't hungry at all. Just the thought of food made him gag.

Still keeping his head resting on his knees, hugged in his hands, he tried to keep his focus and listen to his surroundings, in searching for any signs of movement.

It took Allen a few moments to hear the footsteps that seemed so close. He may have missed them due to his still aching head. He wasn't sure for how long his mind was absent because by the heavy sounds, someone was really close by.

Each step he heard made his heart shrunk bit by bit. The echoing made it look like a monster was slowly approaching him, threatening to end his life at the mere move he dared to make. Allen was frozen, he knew it was Kanda, taking him in that cursed room and he feared that the devious boy was still upset for what he did and god knew what he'll have to endure. And now when his head was about to explode he just couldn't imagine how he'll survive another encounter with the crazy boy.

The pressure was slowly building in and Allen could barely breathe. Everything looked much worse now than it was in the morning.

Allen couldn't explain the feeling that took over him, was it due the overall sentiment of sick which amplified his dread or it was real that he indeed feared Kanda. He felt overwhelmed.

The sounds grew heavier and Allen had to cover his ears to suppress his trembling. He felt like his end was near and his heart stopped for a moment when suddenly all went black and he collapsed.

Darkness, cold and silence. The feeling of dread was heavy and Allen felt himself trapped and frightened. He tried to rise but he couldn't. More fear took over his trembling form and Allen suppressed his tears from falling. A small plea of help was all he could mutter when his body suddenly gave up and he felt himself falling.

Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around him and Allen found himself in a protective tight embrace. A deep, but calm voice reassuring him that he was safe and nothing else could harm him while he was there.

Slowly, Allen raised his eyes to see his savior but in all that darkness, he couldn't. Still, he knew that voice. Was it? No, it couldn't. However, as fast as he was caught he felt himself falling again. This time his senses took over and before he knew it Allen wake up shouting


"Kanda!" Allen suddenly screamed waking up in a white room. Scared he scanned the room and tried to rise only to be stopped by a calm voice.

"Welcome back." She said with a gentle smile.

A young woman was sitting on her chair near a light brown desk. Rising slowly she approached Allen and placed a hand on his forehead.

"It seems you're better." She said.

"Uhmm where am i? What happened?" Allen asked confused. He didn't know when he got there or why he couldn't remember anything before…Suddenly his eyes went wide. He was supposed to wait Kanda outside his class. What if he went there and didn't saw him. What if he thought that he did it on purpose?

Seeing his sudden reaction the woman took hold of his hand and directed his attention to her.

"Allen, it's ok, your friend knows you are here." She reassured him.

A deep blush covered Allen's face. Kanda wasn't his friend. Far from it.

"The one you mentioned earlier. What was his name again?" she asked.

At that realization, Allen was plain red now. Not only that she thought he was friend with that awful person, but he just woke up screaming his name and she heard him. Of course she did. He screamed like a frightened child. Why was his life so complicated? Why he had to say his name from all he knew.

"No …he's…he's not actually my friend." Allen said not looking at her. His hands tightening on the bed sheets. Kanda was just his nightmare. He could never call someone like that a friend or even human. He was just mental.

"Oh. I see." she said still looking at him.

Seeing that the boy seemed somehow sad she decided to change the topic.

" So. I guess you're the new kid. I receive all the data before the semester's starts. How do you like it so far?" She said smiling again.

"Eh. yeah. I just transferred…i..it's ok…I guess." Allen had to lie. He didn't thought it was ok. Not at all, but she seemed so nice and he couldn't say that it was pure hell for him. It would probably sound just stupid. And he didn't wanted to be more embarrassed than he already was.

"I'm glad you like it. Now. About what happened, it seems you collapsed due exhaustion and had a slight fever. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself more."" You should be more careful, if you're not feeling well or you feel exhausted, more than usual I mean, do come to the cabinet for a consultation. Staying like that isn't healthy.," she said more seriously as if she read his mind, knowing he could have avoided this situation if he went there in the first place. What she didn't know was the fact that a certain black haired guy thought it was better for him to suffer rather than to help with his pain.

"Yeah. I know. I'm sorry…"was all Allen could say, still not looking at her.

He was still wondering what did Kanda thought when he heard that he collapsed. Was he the one carrying him there? Maybe that was the reason for his nightmare and the embarrassing screaming.

"How long have I …well, been asleep?" Allen asked a little worried.

"Oh don't worry. It wasn't to long. And thank god you were found so fast before things got worse."

Allen had to suppress a small sarcastic smile at the idea. Thing were much worse already.

Sighing Allen tried to stand up but he was stopped yet again.

"You still need rest. It is better to remain in bed until you recover more strength, besides, you can't go out during this time. It's quite late."

"Late? What time is it?"

"Almost eleven."" But don't worry you can spend the night here." She suddenly said when she saw that Allen was about to speak

" It's quite common for students to spend the night in our infirmary. That's why I have my room not far from here, in the same building. To be close if someone needs me." She said, reassuring Allen that there was nothing to fear.

"But, but I thought I was out only for a few moments." Allen said in disbelieve.

"Well I can't actually call them moments, more like hours."

Sighing Allen dropped on the pillow his hands covering his eyes.

"Don't worry Allen. It's ok. You need rest and remaining in bed is the best way to receive it. I think it will make you feel better if you know that the lovely lady that found you, visited you every hour." She said winking at Allen.

"Eh? Who?" he asked confused. He didn't know any girl.

"Lenalee. Well…actually, you're not the first she rescued, but, you're the first to be visited so often by her." She said as if she reassured him of something.

"I…I …she found me?"

"Yes. She found you unconscious on the corridor and she went straight to me. You know, she's in charge with the school's peace and quiet. She checks if everything is in order after everyone leaves the classes, as in "the final call out", in this case she found you."

Therefore, if Lenalee found him, this means she was there before Kanda. Was that her? What he heard before collapsing? Or was it Kanda who then abandoned him there afterwards. That thought was bugging him more than the fact that the girl was checking if he was all right.

"Well. I guess I'll better go now. You need to sleep." She said preparing to leave.

"Oh. Also tomorrow, you will not be attending your classes. You're in no condition to force yourself more than necessarily and another day will do you good. I already informed your teachers about the absence. You can go to your room and rest. And eat, you need some proteins, you're to pale. Oh and my name is Miranda. If you feel sick during the night do press the button next to your bed and I'll know and come." She said before she suddenly left.

Again alone, Allen couldn't help but relax. He was safe now and far away from all those problems. Maybe the nurse was right; a day of rest might help him feel better.

The night went by fast and soon, before he even realized, Allen found himself the next day in front of his room. Looking at the cursed number above the door, he imagined how the said item was staring at him, promising only troubles.

Before leaving, he insisted that he was feeling better and that he could find his way home, alone, but now, being there, he wasn't so sure. Moreover, that was not because he might collapse again but due the fear of what the other might say when he'll see him.

During his rest, Allen decided to get back early before Kanda would leave to his own classes, because he knew he'll lock the door and he'll be forced to spend the day outside. If it was any ordinary day that would not be a problem, but now it was true that he wasn't in his top shape, and more rest was all he wanted right now.

Hesitantly he raised his hand to knock on the door. However, as on cue Kanda opened the door right then, startling Allen.

As usual, Kanda looked pissed. The dark glare he wore sent Allen chills upon his spine.

"Moyashi." He said in a dark voice.

Gulping, Allen just averted his eyes down and swallowing his fear, he passed by the older boy and went inside straight to his bed in which he covered himself with his blank, not letting an inch visible.

A second passed before he heard the door being slammed and the key locking his only way out. Then the dead silence being cut by the same annoying voice.

"And by hiding there you think you'll solve anything?" Kanda asked.

"The nurse said…" Allen slowly said, but was abruptly cut off by Kanda who finished his sentence.

"...that you have to stay in bed today. I know." He said annoyed.

Allen was a little startled at that. Kanda never visited him while he was knocked out or after, and he knew that because the nurse would have told him if he did. She mentioned only that girl, although she said he knew, she never said he came to see him. She must have known if he was there and she informed only his teachers, not the entire school that he'll be missing. Also all the classes started in one hour, so no one knew. Not yet at least. However, he didn't dare to ask him. He just wanted some peace.

"You should have said you weren't feeling well." Kanda said, in a less cold voice, if possible.

"… I did" Allen barely said.

"You should have mentioned you were sick not that slight headache."

"It was… in the beginning…"

"God you really are a weakling if you collapse from such a small pain."

"I …just leave me alone…please" was all that Allen could say, hoping that the other will keep his scolding for another time.

However, his prayers were listened, because after a few moments he could hear the door opening and closing in a loud thud, a sign that Kanda left, of course locking him inside.

At least now, he could uncover his head to breathe normally. Being around Kanda sure had a suffocating effect upon Allen.

The boy knew he would be stuck inside until the crazy youth will return, but it didn't mattered. He was glad that Kanda didn't insist in further questioning.

After a few hours of sleep, Allen felt more refreshed. He was feeling much better. Sitting in his bed, he scanned the room.

He never had the opportunity to proper look before. What was so special for Kanda anyway, in order to keep everyone out? Or that was just a reason to just be left alone. Allen couldn't blame him thought. Somehow, Kanda knew he was a deranged jerk and for the greater good of humanity, he wanted to stay alone so he will not make some unfortunate soul, as Lavi stated, a miserable life, so he protected his sanctuary with his sick personality. The mere thought amused Allen.

Well, it seemed that now he failed miserably. He was now that soul that should have never been there in the first place…At that Allen's smile dropped. The brat thought he could keep him locked there and under his finger the entire year.

Now that he was feeling better, Allen's lost will to fight was sparkled to life.

Still looking around the room a devious idea came in his mind. If Kanda was out all day and he was in, he could search for that bloody document in which the bastard stated his ownership over him and destroy it.

Not wasting more time, Allen started his search. He looked everywhere. In every inch of the bloody room. Still, nothing was found.

Damn Kanda and his hiding place. Where could that stupid paper be?

His hopes dropped suddenly as his heart when he heard a click at the door. Frozen in the middle of the room, Allen stared at the door as it opened, revealing Kanda standing there with his usual cold stare.

Allen felt he could faint right there due the lack of oxygen. He's been caught red handed while he was devastating their room. Scratch that, Kanda's room.

He was fucked. Literally fucked. How could he explain now? What was he doing? What was Kanda doing there at that hour? What hour was anyway? He was so lost in his searching that he lost track of how much time have passed.

Slowly gulping he looked around in searching for an explanation.

Kanda however, got in not minding him and went straight to his desk placing something on it.

Allen was to numb to move. He remained glued to the same spot, his heart caught in his throat. He knew he was about to die. He had no way out of this one. He just knew it. That not only he touched his things but he also made a mess.

Meanwhile Kanda returned to the door placing his hand on the doorknob ready to leave as if nothing happened. A second Allen thought he didn't saw him, or that the shock was too much and Kanda just didn't realized that it was indeed real.

Unfortunately, before he had the chance to a small breath, Kanda turned and faced him. Only that this time his eyes were on Allen.

"What are you doing, Allen?" Kanda said in a cold and dangerous voice.

Oh shit, he was in trouble. If his name was mentioned it meant he messed up. Big time.

"Uhmm…i…i….well…you see, it was…dust, yes, and then…I and I thought." Allen mumbled.

"Stop the mumbling and spill it out." Kanda almost shouted making Allen flinch at the sudden outburst.

"Cleaning." That was the only excuse the boy could find.

"Cleaning." said a skeptical Kanda.

"Uhmm yes. It was dusty and I wanted to clean the room. I like it clean" Allen said not betraying any emotions, his body still frozen on the same spot.

"Interesting. So you like to clean." Kanda said eyeing him.

"Yes. I do. Very much." Allen said with a little smile upon his face in order to fool Kanda.

"Well since you like it so much then this will be one of your chores. You'll clean the room every day and also clean all the laundry. I think it will suit you." Kanda said smirking.

"What?" Allen's mouth dropped at that. What was he? His servant?

"Why so shocked sprout? You said you like it. Or is there other reason you suddenly want to clean" He said.

"No. I …"

"Then there is no need to worry. It is after all my command and you will follow it without question." Kanda said waiting for the boy to protest.

Slightly ashamed that he was the one to blame in all this, the boy could only accept by slowly nodding defeated.

"Good. Also if you were searching for the document it isn't in here so don't bother and eat your lunch." Kanda said before he left like a storm.

Shocked Allen opened his mouth to speak but couldn't say anything because he was once again alone in the room. Locked as usual.

It took Allen a few moments to realize what just happened. He must have been so stupid to think he could fool Kanda into thinking he was cleaning and not looking for the darn paper. Moreover, not only that he was caught he also gave him a new idea how to torment him.

He had to serve him and clean for the entire year.

Feeling suddenly exhausted Allen moved and dropped on his bed, his head in his hands. God his head was starting to hurt again.

Sighing he looked toward the desk and spotted an odd item, which smelled quite good, lulling him to approach.

He remembered Kanda saying something about eating but he was too shocked to think or realize what he meant.

Slowly raising he went to the said desk and found a large plate with what seemed an odd mix of rice, vegetables and meat.

Allen couldn't move, mesmerized by the food. He was just staring, as if being afraid to touch it. Was it poisoned? That was the only real plausible thought that crossed his mind at the sight.

Why would Kanda bring him food? The crazy boy sure acted strange.

However, feeling hungry for not eating in a long time, he decided not to digest Kanda's gesture too much. He just felt grateful that he did. He was after all starving.

With no further moments to spare, Allen started eating, knowing that soon all his regained energy will be drained once more.

He had some cleaning to do after all and the mess was all his to deal with.


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