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Summary: Ball girl Bella Swan and tennis hotshot Edward Cullen don't seem to be the most likely couple. Will their romance last for more than just one evening? Lemons with plot, originally a oneshot, now extended


During the past week, I've been a ball girl at the Wimbledon tennis, on the smaller of the courts. However, today, I get to make my first appearance on centre court! I'm so happy, yet insanely nervous at the same time. Centre court is the one most people watch, with the best players, and while I haven't made a mistake yet, it would be worse if I did now.

The first two matches go fine, both female single players, and I make no mistakes. Although, I did nearly get hit by a ball. Twice.

Anyway, the next match is between Riley Biers, world number 57, and Edward Cullen, world number 1. Now, I don't mean to have favourites, but Edward is more likely to win. And he is fuck hot gorgeous. Seriously.

I take my place at the back of the court, and get the three balls I start with. I smile when I see Edward is on my side first, so that means I can stare at his bum a while. He has a nice bum.

All goes relatively smoothly in the first set, with Edward comfortably winning 6-2. And still, no mistakes have been made, and I get to watch Edward a lot. He probably hasn't even noticed me, I mean; he must see hundreds of ball girls, and hundreds that stare at him all of the time. It's probably very annoying.

At the end of the second set, the score was 6-1 to Edward, showing that it was likely that Edward would win in three straight sets. Shame, because, although I wanted him to win, I also wanted to be able to stare at him more. More specifically; his bum. Edward's match was the last on the court today, and I hope this doesn't then mean my last day on centre court. The thrill of it is so much better than the other courts.

In the 4th game of the third set, I hold up the ball, of which Edward takes. I place it on his racket, and then look up, to find his piercing emerald green eyes staring at me. I smile shyly at him, and then he winks, and walks off.

I so very nearly collapsed right then and there. He winked at me. Oh dear god, have mercy.

For the rest of the match, I actually can't take my eyes of Edward. Well, I couldn't before, but now, even more so. Maybe he had a twitch in his eye? Making him wink…

Edward, of course, wins the set, resulting in him winning the match. At the end, he is grunting as he hits the ball, and I can stop myself from wondering if he makes those sorts of sounds during sex. What, I can't help myself. He was the one who winking at me to begin with.

I hand him his towel at the end of the match, and he wipes his face before smirking at me. Again, I want to collapse, but, somehow, I manage to keep it together.

I walk off centre court, looking at it hopefully for not the last time. I walk into the hall, where all the other ball people had gone. We usually had some kind of meeting, assessing everything, but all the talking stopped. I looked around to see why, and saw Riley Biers walking off. Then, followed a little bit after, was Edward Cullen. He was still sweaty from the match, but that just made his shirt stick to his chest, highlighting his muscles.

He looks my way, and I try to look away, but he holds my gaze, and winks again. Then, he starts walking over, and I tell myself it's probably because I did something wrong, although I can't think what, so he's going to shout at me.

"Hey," he says casually, in his smooth velvety voice.

"Uh…hi," I stutter, and curse myself mentally for being nervous. He chuckles at my nervous, seeming to enjoy making girls nervous. Damn him and his hotness. "You had a good match," I say, trying to make conversation and sound less nervous.

"Yeah. I know Riley's game. So, you…uh…fancy getting a drink, or something?" Edward says, and I almost smile when he stutters. Ok, not almost, I do. He catches it, though, and mock glares at me.

"That would be nice. Don't you want to rest, or something, though?" I ask, and Edward leans down to, close to my ear.

"I have very good stamina," he whispers so incredibly seductively. My whole body shivers at his words, which he sees. He smiles, somewhat proudly of himself.

"Why don't we test that out?" I reply, hoping that I, too, sound as seductive as he does. It seems to work, as he takes a deep breathe in. I smile back at him, proud of myself, like he was of himself just moments ago.

"Follow me," he whispers, then begins to weave through the people, as they part for him. I follow behind, feeling like a lost puppy, although I don't mind. My legs are quaking at the thought of what this man, who can make a ball travel 120 mph, can do to me. And I can't wait.

Edward leads us to a small room, which he unlocks, then re-locks once we are both inside. I never knew this room existed. It has a sofa along the one wall, and a couple of other chairs dotted around the white, clean space. Edward sees my confused look, so he explains the room to me.

"It's for players to relax in before and after matches. But, I think it will suffice for other reasons," Edward says, giving me another one of his dazzling winks.

I nod dumbly, suddenly not really caring about what this room is used for, just what it is about to be used for. My back is resting against the wall next to the door, leaving me nowhere to go as he stalks towards. There's nowhere I want to go, though.

As soon as he comes close enough, he puts both his hands on either side of my face, caging me in. As if I would run away. His head quickly reaches down to mine, and his lips are just an inch away from mine.

"Just before we, you know, fuck, I wanted to say that you're really beautiful," Edward says, and I can't help but laugh. Although it turns me on when he says fuck, and makes my heart jump when he says I'm beautiful, it's just the way he said it. "What?" he asks, pulling away a bit, so I put my hands on the back of his head, stopping him from moving away anymore.

"The way you said it, and the way you put the sentence together. But, thanks," I say, and Edward smiles and relaxes at my words.

"You'll definitely be thanking me once I'm finished with you," Edward says, and then the talking is stopped as he presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back eagerly, and very soon his tongue is pressing against my lips. I open my mouth to him, and I moan into his mouth. As we make out, he presses me even more up against the wall. His hands move from the wall to my breasts, and, yet again, I moan.

He stops kissing me, but only to take off the t-shirt I have to wear. It leaves only my bra underneath, and I'm thankful I wore my confidence bra. It's black and lacy, and makes me feel sexy. Edward seems to appreciate my underwear choice, as his hands return to my breasts, and it feels so good.

"I like, wait, no, love this bra. But, I still think it would look better off," Edward whispers huskily as he unclasps my bra, and throws it to the other side of the room. His lips go straight to my breasts, and I moan again. He is seriously talented at this. Never mind tennis, this, sucking and licking my nipples, should be his new profession.

His lips return to mine after he's finished with my breasts, but they don't stay there long. I unbutton the two buttons on his polo shirt, and quickly take it off. My hands, of their own accord, run over his muscular chest. He smirks at my reaction, so I just point to my breasts in response. Which leads to another round of licking and sucking my nipples. Not that I'm disappointed about that by any means.

"Oh…Edward…that feels so good," I moan to him. I feel his hands run over my bare legs, and my panties become even more soaked. His hands tug at the top of my shorts, almost hesitantly, so I nod for him to push them down. He does so, and takes off my trainers at the same time.

I'm left, standing there, in just my tiny black lace panties. Yeah, they match my bra. Edward stands back up, and is about to kiss me, but I stop him. I lower myself, and slowly, very slowly, pull Edward's shorts down. I am met with a big, no, large bulge, and I can barely contain my moan. I pull his shorts off the rest of the way, and Edward steps out of them. Then, I take off his shoes, so we're both in just our underwear.

I run my finger very gently along his bulge, and Edward responds by thrusting himself into my hand. I look up at his, and see him staring intently at me.

"Please…Wait, what's your name? God, I'm such an asshole, I didn't even ask your name, and-" I cut him off by kissing him.

"It's Isabella, but everyone calls me Bella. And, I don't mind," I say, and then sink back to my knees so that I can tease him again.

"Isabella…please, I can't take your teasing." Edward moans, and I think I love the way he calls me Isabella. I, again, slowly pull down his boxers, revealing his large penis. It's massive, and I love it. I run my hand along it a couple of times, before I lick it. Edward tries to control his thrust, but it doesn't work. I take him into my mouth, and move him in and out. I hum around him, which he seems to like. I pick up the pace, he seems to like it rougher, like me, and I rub his balls in my hand.

"Oh…Isabella, I'm close…" Edward says, so I go even faster; rub his balls a bit rougher, trying to get him to cum. And when he does, I swallow it all, revelling in the taste. It tastes mostly salty, and although it's not the nicest of tastes, it shows what I can do to him.

I stand up again, and Edward quickly kisses me. He also picks me up, and I squeal a little bit when he does.

"What are you doing?" I squeal, and he just laughs at me.

"Taking you to the sofa. Only the best," Edward says, before kissing me as he lays me on the sofa. He quickly moves down my body, and practically rips off my panties. He runs a finger along my pussy, his finger returning the other end soaking. I should be embarrassed, but the sight of him between my legs is just so hot.

"You're so wet. For me," Edward growls; sounding so possessive. I can't help but nod eagerly and moan. He smiles, and instead of returning his finger, he puts his mouth on my pussy. I arch into him, and he sucks on my clit, while his finger enters me.

"Oh god…Edward…please don't stop, don't ever stop…" I moan, and he adds another finger, and picks up the pace. His hot mouth tastes so good on my sensitive pussy. I move my hips for more friction, as Edward's pace gets impossibly faster. He was right about his stamina.

"Edward, I'm close…" I say, and Edward keeps up his pace until I cum on his hand and mouth, while experiencing an incredibly intense orgasm. My whole body is a shuddering mess while I attempt to recover, but I'm not sure I want to. This feeling is too wonderful.

Edward lies beside me on the sofa while we both spend a few minutes recovering. Edward occasionally places gentle kisses on my shoulder, my arm, my face, or my neck. I never imaged a one-time fling to be so gentle and caring.

Soon, I feel Edward's erection pressing into the side of my thigh. I not-so-subtly move myself, so that it creates some friction. Edward notices this, of course, and quickly rearranges us. He lies on top of me, balancing himself so I don't take all of his weight. He pushes his very hard penis into me, and his large length stretches me.

"You're so tight," Edward groans as he fucks me harder. I push my hips up to meet his thrusts, and Edward leans down to kiss me. His hands reach for my breasts, and soon he lowers his mouth to them. I arch my back, pushing my breasts into his mouth. He starts nibbling my nipples, but then he stops as he starts thrusting quicker.

This feeling is unimaginably intense, and so unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Yes, I have had sex before, but it's never felt this good. It always just been about the man's pleasure, but with Edward, it feels like he wants to give me the same pleasure as he is getting. I love it.

"Oh, god, Edward…I'm so close…" I moan, but his pace doesn't alter. He does, however, lower his had to my clit, and rubs quick, small circles. I moan, yet again, and soon I'm having another orgasm.

Edward comes quickly after me, and I feel him pouring into my pussy. He moans as he lies down next to me on the sofa, and we're both breathing heavily. I turn my head to look at his face, and he kisses me when I do. It's sweet and gentle, not at all like our heated kisses from before. We pull apart, and I smile at him, and he returns my smile. His arms wrap around me, and he hugs me to him.

All I can think of in this moment is that, there's nowhere I'd rather be, than his peaceful, safe arms.

"Thank you," I whisper to him.

"You're welcome, beautiful Isabella."

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