"You did what?! With who?!" Alice exclaims, rather loudly.

"Shhhh!" I shout at her, glaring slightly.

"I just can't believe it! This is so...unlike you," Alice sighs, a disapproving look in her eyes.

"Edward freaking Cullen! I say good for you," My other friend, Rosalie, says. I blush and smile at her.

"What? We're supposed to be looking after her, not complimenting her!" Alice huffs, looking pointedly at Rose.

I sigh and tune out my friends' bickering, sipping at my large mug of coffee. I asked to meet Rose and Alice at our favourite cafe for breakfast, but mainly to tell them about what happened. I tell them everything.

It's been a week since everything happened with Edward and I, and I haven't even seen him. This afternoon, however, I'm back on centre court.

Yes, I'm thrilled, but this also means I'll be seeing Edward again, as it's the Wimbledon final. Which, of course, Edward is in.

He's against Roger Federer, world number 3 and four time winner of Wimbledon, compared to Edward's one time win.

I still have complete faith in him.

After all, I know all about his stamina.

"Earth to Bella!" Rose shouts, snapping her fingers in my face. "Edward induced haze?" Rose presumes, smirking.

"No, I was thinking about the final today, actually," I huff indignantly.

"Which Edward is part of. So, by default, you were thinking about him," Rose grins triumphantly, while I roll my eyes.

"Is it such a good idea for you to be part of this match?" Alice asks, looking worried.

"Yes! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! No man is gonna change that!" I tell her firmly.

"I'm just concerned for you," Alice begins. I sigh, anticipating her following speech. "Edward's an international star, who has thousands of girls throwing themselves at him. I just don't want you getting hurt."

"I know all that. Believe me, I do. I know that what happened between us was a one-time thing, and I shouldn't expect anything more. Which I don't. I'm a big girl, I can look after myself. I don't mean to sound rude, I am thankful for your sincerity, but I'm fine. Honestly," I tell both Alice and Rose, hoping they'll believe me.

Thankfully, they do. Conversation concerning a certain tennis player is dropped, then.

"So, we need to discuss our plans," Rose states, glancing at both Alice and I.

Though we're all currently living in London, we have bigger aspirations. Alice is originally from America, a place Rose and I want to move to. We met when we were at university, all of us attending Cambridge. And we all did English Literature degrees.

Now, we've all come up with a business idea. Our dream - whether or not it'll happen is a different matter - is to set up our own publishing company, in New York.

For the past couple of months we've been looking at offices in New York, and fairly cheap apartments. The main reason I have been a ball girl at Wimbledon is the pay-check. We're all saving up our money for our move to New York.

"Yes, I was looking at apartments the other day, and I found this really nice, two-bed place. It was within our price budget!" Alice exclaims excitedly.

"Sounds great…but two-bed? There's three of us," Rose, ever so smartly, points out.

"I don't think we're going to be able to find, or afford, a three-bed place," Alice sighs, taking a big gulp from her mug of tea.

"Maybe if we go for a two-bed place while we set ourselves up, and when we start making some money we'll rent somewhere larger," I suggest to both of them.

"Ok, we'll keep looking, but I can't promise anything," Alice announces.

We depart shortly afterwards, and I go home to prepare for the match this afternoon. Since it's the world number 1 versus the world number 3, it's highly likely it will go to 5 sets. I still believe in Edward, though.


I'm currently at Wimbledon, on centre court, with the other ball girls and boys. We're all handed the right amount of tennis balls, before we're told to where we'll be standing. This time, I'm by the net, on the right side of the umpire.

When Edward and Roger walk out, the crowd goes crazy. At the moment I'm standing up by the net, not yet in the crouching position. And, I'm only realising now that Edward is walking towards his seats. Which happen to be less than two metres away from me.

Oh shit.

I glance, probably at the wrong time, over at Edward. He looks up, causing our eyes to lock. His widen as realization dawns on him of who I am. I blush and look down, hoping he won't speak to me.

Or maybe I want him to speak to me.

I can't quite make up my mind.

The players are called to take their positions, so I change to a crouching position.

The first game of the set begins, with Edward serving first. I try to forget about him, instead focussing on the tennis balls.

The first set goes well, with Edward winning 6-4. Roger seems to be getting frustrated, which is making him less observant. Which all works in Edward's favour.

The following set, however, doesn't go so well, as Roger manages to win in a tie break. Everyone in the crowd is on edge, no one knowing who's going to win. I don't either.

Like I expected, the match goes to five sets. Edward won the first set, but then Roger won the next two, and Edward won the last set.

It could go either way.

During the set break, Edward glances over to me. I allow myself to look over his face, a face glistened with sweat, but still just as handsome as before. The small amount of facial hair makes him look more rugged, and indescribably handsome.

Even when he looks away I keep looking as he drinks from his water. How can he be so casual when I feel like I'm about to spontaneously combust?

Playing commences once again, so Edward moves to his side of the court. A small, confident smirk is evident on his face as Edward takes his serve, striking the ball with power.

As the set progresses, Edward begins to grunt when he hits the ball. Which only serves to ruin my panties, since those are the exact noises he makes during sex.


Edward, serving for the match, sends me a wink just before he serves an ace. Winning the fifth set, and therefore the match, the crowd goes crazy. I try to remain neutral, but a small smile emerges on my face.

All the ball girls and boys have to line up for the trophy giving ceremony at the end of the match. Both players go along the line and shake our hands, though when Edward gets to me he holds my hand a little longer, his eyes roaming my body.

"I would like to say a thank you to everyone who has helped me achieved this today. My trainer, Emmett McCarty, who pushed me when I wanted to give up. My parents, Carlisle and Esme, who have always been so supportive. Everyone at Wimbledon, which is probably my favourite place to play tennis. The crowds are always fantastic, as are the ball girl and boys," Edward thanks, sending me a glance as he speaks.

That man is indescribable.

Once the acceptance speeches are finished, everyone moves back into the changing rooms and the main hall. I stand around with the other ball girls and boys, when I see Edward beckoning me over.

"Beautiful Isabella, how would you feel about meeting me at the bar in my hotel?" Edward proposes.

"Are you asking me out?" I reply coyly.

"Give me half an hour to shower and change, then I'm all yours," Edward smirks, walking off.

Cocky, delicious man.

I make a quick departure, and practically run home to get changed. I put on my little black dress, and then make my way to the hotel Edward said he was staying in. I walk inside and round to the bar, quickly glancing around the area. I don't see him yet.

"Looking for someone?" A husky voice whispers in my ear, arms wrapping around my waist and lips gently grazing along my neck.

"It seems like they found me," I whimper, turning around to face Edward. My eyes take in his appearance. He's changed into a shirt, which hugs his muscles, and some fairly tight jeans.

To summarise, he looks hot.

I look up to his face and see he's doing the same to me – he's checking me out.

"You looking stunning, Isabella," Edward groans, pulling me closer to him. I feel just how much he approves. "Come on, let's go grab a drink," Edward says, taking me hand and leading me over to the bar. "What would you like?" Edward asks as we both take seats.

"I'm good with a beer," I tell him, smiling.

He orders us two beers, which we both take big gulps of.

"How old are you, Isabella?" Edward asks, turning slightly in his seat so that he's facing me, and his leg is brushing against mine.

"I'm 22. Why, making sure I'm legal?" I joke to him.

"I should have asked you before, sorry," Edward replies sincerely.

"Don't be. How old are you?" I ask him, curious now.

"So you haven't Googled me?" Edward asks in mock horror.

"That'd be a no," I giggle, rolling my eyes at him.

"I'm 27," Edward finally replies, resting his hand on my knee.

"Oh, shit! I never even said congratulations for winning!" I suddenly exclaim, mentally slapping myself.

"You heard about that?" Edward jokes, drinking some more of his beer.

We spend more time drinking and talking, but I start to realise this is probably a bad idea. Edward hardly wants a serious relationship with me, and now I'm acting like we're friends or something.

I'm brought back to reality when I feel Edward's hand slowly moving further up my leg. My eyes lock with his, his eyes twinkling in delight.

"How do you feel about moving things to my room?" Edward offers, what he's implying completely evident.

"I'd love to," I reply, feeling myself blush as I say this.

Edward takes my hand and leads me to the elevator, looking pretty eager. I am, too.

As soon as the doors to the elevator open Edward pushes me inside, kissing me hurriedly. He reaches over and presses the button before his hands return to me, roaming all over. His large hands rest on my ass, pulling me against him.

We barely register the ding of the elevator. Edward picks me up, wrapping me around him, and carries me towards his room.

"Edward!" I squeal, scared in case another guests comes out and sees us.

"It's best for you to be covering the front of my body," Edward chuckles huskily in my ear.

I briefly hear him unlock his door and slam it closed. His hands continue roaming all over my body, while I attach my lips to his neck. I suck and nibble on his neck, only breaking contact when Edward slips his fingers inside my panties.

"Fuck, Edward," I moan, arching into his hand. He roughly pushes two fingers inside me, all while I'm still wrapped around him.

"Just as tight as I remember," Edward hums, his thumb finding my clit.

I clench down hard on him, loving this feeling.

Edward, however, has other ideas, as he removes his fingers from me.

"No!" I whine, looking up at his face.

"I prefer it, Isabella, when you come on my cock," Edward breaths out huskily, gently kissing my lips.

His hands go behind my back, where he unzips my dress and pulls it off. He has to put me down to properly take off my dress, but I sway a bit, unsteady on my feet after almost having an orgasm.

Edward leaves me standing there for a couple of minutes while his eyes drink in my body. I reach forward and take off his top, and then begin unbuttoning his jeans. When I pull them down, I groan when I realise he'd been going commando.

"See how much I want you," Edward says, taking my hand and pulling me closer.

He reaches behind me and unfastens my bra, and then pulls down my panties.

"So wet…for me?" Edward asks, looking at my pussy.

"Of course," I moan, leaning forward to kiss him.

He breaks the kiss, turning me around so that I'm facing the wall. His hands take mine and place them against the wall. My thighs clench when I realise what's he going to do.

Quickly and roughly he thrusts inside me, filling me up and stretching me.

"Oh, Edward!" I moan, resting my forehead against the wall. There's no way I'll last long, not after how much he worked me up before.

"Touch yourself, Isabella," Edward commands, as his own hand reaches for my breast.

I reach down between us and touch my clit, finding it soaking wet. My finger makes slow circles on my clit as Edward continues pounding into me.

"Edward, I'm so fucking close!" I moan out, my legs shaking.

"Come, Isabella, come on my cock," Edward demands, his hand joining my own, pinching my clit. "Scream my name," Edward whispers in my ear just as I come.

"EDWARD!" I shout out, Edward's arm wrapping around my waist to hold me up. "Holy shit I think you just killed me," I whisper breathlessly.

I clench again, Edward groaning since he's still inside me. He slowly slides out of me, picking me up and carrying me over to the bed.

"You didn't…" I trail off, pointing towards his still very erect cock.

"I didn't what?" Edward smirks, leaning over to kiss me. "I'm sorry, I just love it when dirty things come out of your innocent mouth," Edward adds.

"You didn't come," I tell him, feeling guilty. "Was I not good enough, or something?" I ask.

"No, you were perfection," Edward smiles, kissing me again. "I plan on feeling you clench around me more than once tonight," Edward adds, winking at me.

Feeling extra confidence, I push Edward back on the bed, so that he's lying down. He raises an eyebrow at me, but I just wink at him. I straddle his waist, leaning down to kiss his lips.

I reach behind me and grab his cock, to position it at my entrance. I slowly sink down on him, sitting up more fully and using his legs for leverage.

"Fuck, you look so innocent, but…" Edward groans, eye staring at my body.

I begin moving a bit quicker up and down him. Edward's hands move to my hips, occasionally pulling me down harder. Edward sits up a bit, moving me faster on him.

"Oh god," I moan as Edward reaches down to play with my clit.

"Isabella, I'm so close," Edward grunts, pulling me down on him. I clench a little to drive him crazy, crushing my lips against his.

"Come inside me, Edward," I whisper against his lips, clenching one last time as my orgasm rocks through my body.

I move down on him one last time before I feel him coming inside me in long spurts.

We both collapse on the bed, with him still inside me, and me still on top of him.

We fall asleep like that, both of our arms wrapped around each other.

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