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After my shower – in the most amazing shower I've ever been in – I call Rose. Well, I call her but tell her to put me on speakerphone, so that I can speak to both her and Alice at the same time.

"How's your hotshot tennis player, then?" Rose asks. I can tell from the tone of her voice that she's most probably smirking.

"As good as I remembered," I answer, waiting for their response to that statement.

"You didn't?" Alice gasps, giggling a little.

"We did!" I squeal, my mind drifting back to what we did.

Fuck me, he's a gifted man. And he can cook.

Cue drooling.

"Didn't you talk?" Alice says, sounding a bit more serious.

"We also did that," I sigh, before launching into an explanation. "I did what you suggested – be a bitch. We argued a bit outside the car, before he practically demanded I go to his house with him." Upon hearing a gasp on the other end I pause, hoping for dramatics and giving them time to digest the information. "He was so sweet, though. He explained that the second time he asked me out, he wanted to get to know me. Apparently, I was too tempting. Anyway, long story short, he told me he wanted a relationship with me, and is planning on taking me out on a date."

I wait patiently while they digest everything I've told them, and choose to think about Edward.

"So, where are you now?" Rose asks, breaking the silence.

"Sat in a towel in his bathroom. At first he didn't want us to have sex, because he didn't want me to doubt his intentions, so he insisted on making me dinner. He even asked me to stay the night!" I gush to my friends.

"I knew you liked him. More than just sex, anyway," Alice says, sounding happier now.

"I know. I don't think I ever looked at it as just sex. Even the first time," I admit, lowering my voice just in case Edward walks by.

"Awwww!" Alice coos.

"Did you get his trainer's number?" Rose asks, making me laugh.

"I'll text you it," I tell her, rolling my eyes.

"Alice has news, too!" Rose shouts. In the background, I hear Alice shushing her. A little too late.

"What news, Ali?" I ask, curious.

"I'll tell you tomorrow," Alice sighs, and I can tell she's glaring at Rose.

"Ok…" I trail off, bemused.

"Anyway, we'll let you get back to your tennis player," Alice giggles.

Once we've all said goodbye, the call is ended, and I head back to the bedroom. During the phone call my hair has mostly dried, so I towel dry the rest as I put on my underwear, as per Edward's request.

I chuckle just remembering his crazy rules.

I wander through the house and as I'm walking downstairs, I see Edward in the kitchen. He hasn't seen me, so I sit on the staircase and watch him. He's just wearing his boxers so, naturally, I admire his muscular body. His abs capture most of my admiration, but I do stare at his fine ass for a while.

Eventually I make my way down the rest of the stairs, and join him in the kitchen. I sneak up on him, wrapping my arms and legs around him from behind. I kiss the top of his back and his neck, hearing him laugh.

"Well you certainly know how to make an entrance," he chuckles.

I clamber off him and move around to stand in front of him, reaching up on my tip toes to kiss him.

"You're so short!" Edward exclaims as I sit at the breakfast bar he has, watching as he finishes cooking.

"No, you're just ridiculously tall," I retort, resting on my elbows. "What are we having for dinner?" I ask, sniffing the air.

"Pasta with homemade pasta sauce," Edward declares, stirring something in a pot.

"Is there anything you can't do?" I huff.

"What?" he asks, turning towards me with an amused smirk.

"You win tonnes of major tennis tournaments, you're handsome, you're amazing at sex, and you cook!" I point out, watching as his grin widens. "Oh, and your ego is out of this world," I add.

"What can I say, I'm a full package!" Edward teases, walking over and leaning across the counter to kiss me.

"How have you stayed single so long?" I ask, brushing some of his hair away from his face.

"I'm picky," Edward shrugs. "And I've never really had time to look for a girlfriend," he adds. "What about you?" he asks, still trying to act casual.

He doesn't really want to discuss exes, does he?

"Over dinner," I tell him.

Once he's finished, we sit across from each other as we tuck into the dinner he made. He truly is an excellent chef.

"So…" Edward trails off. "Tell me about your exes, Isabella." I shiver at him calling me Isabella.

"There's not much to tell…" I begin, trailing off and gaging his reaction. "There's been two exes. I broke up with my first boyfriend because we went to different universities, and then the second cheated on me." Edward nods, taking in what I'm saying. "I haven't had a serious boyfriend in just over a year," I admit, watching as Edward's eyes widen a bit.

"Before me…when did you last…?" Edward trails off.

"When did I last have sex? Before the Wimbledon match it had been about nine months," I tell him. "I don't do one night stands," I also tell him.

While I'm telling him personal stuff, why not tell him everything else?

"Right…fuck," Edward mutters.

I resist the urge to laugh.

"Um, since you've told me about your past, I should probably tell you about mine?" Edward nods, seemingly trying to find confidence. "The relationships you've had seem pretty serious. I, uh, I've never actually had a relationship that's lasted longer than 6 months. I've never been in love, or lived with a girl, or…yeah," Edward finishes.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shocked.

I have so many questions. Why not? Is he afraid of commitment? How many past girlfriends has he had?

"Most past girlfriends got fed up of my tennis career. They didn't like that I dedicated so much time towards it, they didn't understand it, and they didn't like the fact I travelled all over the world," Edward explains, clearly sensing the questions I had.

"You don't have to worry about that with me. I understand tennis completely, I even used to play a bit when I was younger," I assure him. "As for travelling the world, I'd go with you," I admit shyly but honestly. "If you'd want that. I mean, you might not want my constant presence."

Edward looks up me, his eyes large and full of emotion.

"I'd want that," he says, grinning. He reaches across the table to take my hand in his, smiling.

"Considering my job is an editor, I can work from anywhere," I tell him.

"Good, because I do a lot of travelling," Edward grins, kissing the back of my hand. Smooth.

"I've always wanted to travel the world," I inform him.

We've both finished dinner, so I decide to flirt with him a bit. Work him up.

"If I'm with you, I can congratulate you after your matches," I add, leaning forward and subtly pushing my breasts together. I know it works as his eyes glance down at my cleavage.

"Oh yeah?" he says gruffly. "You wear me out, Isabella," Edward mutters.

Clearly my plan is working.

"I do? I'm so sorry about that," I smirk, not sorry at all.

"Don't be," Edward quickly says, shifting in his seat.

"Since we've covered rule number two, and part of rule number three, how about we move on to the second part of that rule?" I suggest.

"Living room," Edward just about gets out, before standing up and leading me to the living room. The tent in his boxers doesn't go unnoticed by me.

When we get to the living room, I push Edward down onto the sofa, straddling his waist. I waste no time in kissing him, pushing my tongue against his whilst moving my hips over his. I stop the kiss and start kissing down his body, flicking my tongue against his nipple.

He groans loudly.

I push him down so that he's lying on the sofa, as I continue kissing down his chest. When I reach the edge of his boxers I glance up at him, delighting in the look on his face. He's so sexy.

I pull down his boxers and free his cock, hard and ready for me.

I still want to tease him a bit, though.

I kiss around his cock, though I don't actually touch it. I'm guessing Edward will say something about it soon.

"Isabella, you're such a fucking tease," Edward groans, his hand making its way into my hair.

As I look up at him I smirk, knowing full well what I'm doing.

I lean back a bit, glancing down at his large cock. There's some precum on the tip, so I reach forward and lick it off.

"Fuck!" Edward shouts, his hips bucking up.

I lick his length a few times before I take him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip. His grip on my hair tightens, my hand touching the part of him that I can't fit in my mouth. I move up and down on him, moaning and humming around him. Occasionally he thrusts up ever so slightly, which I encourage by moaning.

"You like it rough, don't you, Isabella?" Edward murmurs, caressing my cheek with his spare hand. I nod and moan around him in response. "Oh, fuck, you're really not innocent at all," he groans.

I look up and our eyes meet, his hooded eyes making me rub my thighs together. I moan as I think about the orgasm he gave me before, which made me ejaculate.

My hand tugs on his balls, something I'm learning that he loves, as I move my mouth quicker on him. His hips thrust up into my mouth more now, as he gets closer to his orgasm. He also begins grunting, just like when he plays tennis.

When he's deep inside my mouth he comes down my throat in several long streams. I swallow it all, releasing him from my mouth to lick him clean.

Once that's finished, I climb up his body and snuggle into his embrace, kissing his cheek. His hands wrap around my waist, holding me against him as he breathes heavily.

"You know the grunts you make?" I murmur. Edward frowns slightly, but nods. "They're the same grunts you make when you play tennis," I smirk, kissing his cheek again.

It's like my lips are addicted to his body. Drawn towards it like a magnet.

"Yeah?" Edward says, also smirking. "Does it turn you on when I play tennis?" Fuck, he knows me too well. "I bet if I was to put my hand inside your panties I'd find you soaking wet," he whispers in my ear.

He definitely knows me too well.

"You wish, Cullen," I reply, just as his phone starts ringing.

"Ugh, this better be important," he sighs, leaving me lying on the sofa as he goes to answer the phone.

I watch his naked form walk away, ogling his ass.

As he's on the phone I turn on the TV, wondering if there's anything interesting on. I catch the end of the news, which just so happens to be reporting about a certain tennis players victory.

"I know I left you for a few minutes, but that doesn't mean you have to get your fix by watching me on TV," Edward grins as he saunters back into the room, still naked.

"Yes, because I regularly 'get my fix' watching you on the news," I reply sarcastically, moving so that Edward can sit next to me in the sofa. "Who was on the phone?" I ask, shuffling closer to him.

"My mum. Wanted to know why we didn't go out to dinner after my win," Edward shrugs.

"Please don't tell me you told her it was because you were fucking someone?" I ask, turning to face him.

"No, I said I was talking to a friend," Edward tells me. "She was still pissed, and wants me to go out with her and the family tomorrow night." I nod in response to his words, snuggling closer to him. "You could come, if you want?" he offers.

I start choking on air.

"Don't you think it's a bit soon? For me to meet your family?" I finally gasp out, much to Edward's amusement.

I hit him in the chest to shut him up.

"They already kinda know about you," Edward says casually.

"What? You told them you had a two-time fling with a girl, who you'll then introduce as your girlfriend?" I ask, outraged.

Oh god, his mum's going to hate me; his dad's going to think I'm a slut! This cannot be happening!

"Hey, woah, calm down," Edward says, holding his hands up. "My mum had a copy of that magazine. I told her you were just a friend, but she didn't believe me. Ange, my sister, she spoke to me the other day. Realised I liked you a lot," Edward reassures me. "So, actually, my mum only thinks it was a one-time occurrence."

Men. Seriously, he thinks that makes it better? That she only thought we screwed once.

"So? Will you come?" Edward asks, a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Ok," I sigh, resting my head on his chest.

"Great!" Edward beams at me, leaning down to kiss me.

For the rest of the evening we watch a film, both of us remaining in our underwear. I'm actually kinda thrilled about spending the night, and I can't wait to sleep in Edward's bed. It's so damn comfy!

We finally get into bed at just after 11, Edward letting me borrow one of his t-shirts to sleep in, along with some of his boxer shorts.

"You look so sexy in my clothes," Edward mutters, pulling me into bed.

All Edward's wearing is some sweatpants. He's not even wearing boxers! Or a top.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Edward says playfully.

"Like what?" I ask, snuggling closer to him.

It's good, though, because I've learnt that Edward loves to snuggle, too. He's very cuddly.

"Like you wanna tear off my clothes!" Edward chuckles, kissing my forehead.

But I do! I think in my head.

"You do?" Edward asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

Oops, maybe I wasn't so silent with that thought...

"You're blushing, beautiful," Edward smirks, rolling onto his side.

"That thought was meant to stay inside my head."

Edward pretends to look shocked at this, pulling my body flush against his. "But then how would I have found out about these desires?" he asks in mock horror.

"You're such a dork!" I laugh, ruffling his hair.

"A dork, who's hard," Edward corrects me, proving his point by grinding into me. "Now, roll over," he adds in his commanding voice.

I love it when he's in charge.

"I'm not a dog," I reply, though I still do what he asks.

"How come you like doggy style so much?" he whispers in my ear, sliding his hands under the top I'm wearing.

He plays with my nipples as he grinds against my ass, causing me to moan loudly. His other hand slips inside the boxers of his that I'm wearing, and he begins touching me teasingly. One finger slips inside me, the palm of his hand pressing against my clit, all while he continues grinding into me.

His hand leaves my breasts to tug down the boxer shorts slightly. The position on my legs prevents me from moving them too much. I also know that Edward's moved his sweatpants down, as I can feel his bare cock against my ass.

Edward teases my slit by lightly pressing his cock against it, all while his finger is still inside me. It all feels so good, but I still want more.

"More, Edward," I beg wantonly.

He slides his finger out of my pussy, keeping it pressed against my clit as he eases himself inside me, all the way in. With the way my legs are restricted and this position, it feels like he's stretching me so much more.

His pace is slow to begin with, but it feels just as good as when he's pounding inside me roughly. I turn my face and our lips meet briefly, his finger pressing down a little harder on my clit.

Next, he moves his finger all over my soaking pussy, before moving it away completely. I almost groan at the loss of contact, but he makes up for it by kissing my shoulder and neck, sucking gently.

I tense around him when I feel his wet finger poking gently at my asshole. He, of course, feels this, since he's inside me.

"How do you feel about anal?" he asks, stopping the movement in and out of me.

"I've never tried it, but..." I trail off, a little embarrassed. And completely distracted by his cock still inside me.

"But what?" he prompts, kissing my shoulder again and helping to soothe me.

With the knowledge that he can't see my face, I find some confidence before answering his question. "It's always intrigued me, but neither of my other partners were as…open, as we are," I admit.

I swear I feel his cock twitch inside me.

"So you'd be willing to try? Willing to let me push my finger inside you while I fuck your pussy?" he asks.

I moan loudly at his dirty talk, nodding while clenching around him.

He slowly starts moving again, gathering wetness on his finger like before. When he moves his finger back to my ass, I tense once again, scared that it'll hurt.

"Relax, Isabella," he coos in my ear. "Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop straight away," Edward promises, kissing my neck and moving in and out of me.

I focus on that feeling as he pushes his finger inside me. God, it feels so good! There's a slightly pain, but it only seems to add to the pleasure.

I clench around his cock and let out a long, drawn out moan as he fucks both of my holes. Edward groans, speeding up the movement of his cock and his finger.

Suddenly he withdraws both from me, making me whine pretty loudly.

"Get on all fours. I need to see my fingers fucking your ass," he grits out.

It doesn't escape my notice that he said fingers. As in, plural; more than one.

I get up and onto my arms and legs, leaning down to give him a better view of my ass. It also gives me more stability.

"You're utter perfection, Isabella," Edward groans, hands palming my ass. "How do you feel about two fingers?" he adds, leaning down to kiss my back.

"Yes, please," I beg unashamedly.

"Begging already?" I can hear the smirk in his voice.

He pushes two fingers into my soaking pussy, lubricating them, before replacing them with his cock. He starts by putting one finger in my ass, getting me used to the feeling again, before slowly pushing in his second finger.

Fuck. This brings more of a sting, though it's still pleasurable. I can't help but clench around his cock, the feeling so incredible. It also makes me wonder what it would feel like to have his cock fuck my ass.

"Your ass is so fucking tight," Edward groans, fucking me a little harder with his cock and moving his fingers faster. I moan at his words, pushing my hips back to meet his thrusts.

I feel so full with fingers in my ass and his cock in my pussy, and I know when I orgasm it's going to be fucking spectacular.

Edward's other hand suddenly starts touching my clit, the pleasure rapidly increasing.

"Edward! Feels so fucking good," I moan.

He fucks me harder, twisting his fingers to provide more of the pleasurable sting. His other hand pinches and presses on my clit, leaving me a moaning mess. Sweat covers my body as I try to fight my orgasm.

"I'm so close!" I gasp out, trying to hold off a little longer because it feels so good!

He pulls his fingers out of my ass before slamming them back in again, sending me rocketing over the edge and clamping down on him, screaming out his name along with multiple expletives.

Edward removes his fingers and pumps into me a few more times before coming. I collapse on the bed, still shaking after the intense orgasm.

"Holy fuck," I mutter as Edward pulls up the boxers I'm wearing, and then his sweatpants. I attempt to take off the t-shirt, too hot now to want to wear it.

My limbs are still achy, so in the end Edward does in for me.

I fall asleep quickly, my body completely spent.

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