I grumbled as I listened to the leaves breaking whenever I walked. God how this place was so dark. so occult looking.

I looked behind me too see Pewds, just strolling along like he doesn't have a care in the world. My heart skipped a beat when he started to wave at me.

"Do you know where we go next?" I asked, turning behind me to see him more clearly.

He looked at me, confused, "Uh... Turn left...? No, no... Turn right! Wait... No."

I put my arm against a tree nearby and stared at him, "You don't know where we are...? Do you?"

He smiled shyly, "Uh... Nope."

I groaned and facepalmed my forehead, which was covered by my mask so it hurt both my head and my hand.

"Do you at least have the notes?" I asked.

He smiled again and put a hand through his blonde hair and laughed shyly, "Uh... Nu. I lost them."

I sighed angirly and walked away harshly, more like stomped though, "I'm going now to find them, stay here!"

Pewds ran up to me and grabbed me by the leg, "DON'T LEAVE ME CRY!"


Suddenly I looked behind me and saw the Slender Man, my heart jumped with fear and I almost let out a screech. He wasn't too close but enough to scare the hell out of anyone.

I looked at Pewds and he yelled the minute he saw him, I had to cover my ears for a second because he was too damn loud.

He hurried and jumped into my arms and I had too carry him... Bridal style. My face heated up as he did so.

"Run, Cry, Run!" Pewds yelled, pointing directly at the man.

I ran and ran for what felt like an hour or two, Pewds was still in my arms after all that time. He seemed to be quite... Quite happy and cozy there.

"Why can't you run?!" I asked him, looking straight down at his frail body.

He whimpered, "I'm scared. This place is scary, when can we leave?" He was acting like a small child now.

"I'm scared too, y'know! Do you think I want to be here?" I sighed.

He shook his head, indicating that meant a no, "Just hold me Cry. It will all be good."

Pewds smiled warmly, making my face heat up omce again.

"I-I can't feel my legs anymore..." I said quietly and sadly, "Do you know any places that we could stop at?"

Pewds nodded, "Yeah, we passed like... A lot. But you were running to fast to for me too say anthing."

"Oops." He added.

Suddenly anger filled my body and I stopped moving.

"...Cry?" Pewds asked scaredly.

I knew the perfect way to get revenge on him.

He was curled up into a ball and asked again, just a bit louder, "Cry...?"

I hurried and let go of him, watching him fall to the forest floor.